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    General AFV Thread

    3 barrel MG as coaxial weapon is visible here. Lithuania's Boxers
  2. LoooSeR

    Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

    A lot of photos of our SFs in Syria. https://lostarmour.info/articles/voennosluzhaschie-chastey-razvedki-i-spn-v-sirii/
  3. We should have such thread as those weapons were used a lot in conflicts of last 2 years, and are used now. New Best Korean 300mm MLRS, it was shown at a parade in Oct of 2015. I saw claims that it can reach 160-180 km.
  4. Koalitsiya-SV's cannon is rumored to be tested as separate artillery piece ("D-400")
  5. LoooSeR

    What are we playing?

    After victory against Eurotrash army attack on Reagan Seabase JSF command sended one of JSF battalion to conduct a counter attack against one of last European Army-held regions, in British islands. They managed to push leftovers of Enforcer corps out of Scotland. What left of EU Army are now trying to re-take lost territory and our battalion was tasked to smash the attacking troops. In this operation with have all supports we need, while Euros have almost nothing. They only have 2 regions in their hand, defeating Enforcer corps troops here will leave Bedford without proper defences, and we will attack it. "Hot" phase of this battle: Results: Last battle of Euro army leftovers. Euros are doing desperate attack on Bedford. If they will lose, no troops will be left to defend Ireland from JSF forces. This is the last fight for Enforcer corps. They lost vast majority of their units at this point and have nothing to provide support to them. We need to finish them quickly in order to start pressing SGB hard and drive them back to Moscow. Operation begins: Eurotrash onslaught. Results:
  6. This thread shall be our general thread about interactive entertainment - "games". News, gameplay, predictions, reviews, links to interesting games, videos are welcomed in this thread! I will begin with gameplay videos - TheBeef channel is pretty funny and have a little bit unusual content. Short videos that don't eat much of your time: His recent cool Mechwarrior videoguide to how to make game more interesting that it is - This one is just gold Here is something for those, who have too much free time now - Gyle. He almost always cast Supreme Commander FAF battles: His shorter vids:
  7. LoooSeR

    The Whirlybird Thread

    Mi-28 and -26
  8. LoooSeR

    Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Al'tius UAV moved somewhere in Kazan'.
  9. LoooSeR

    Bash the Pak-Fa thread

    @Collimatrix lol
  10. LoooSeR

    Syrian conflict.

  11. LoooSeR

    Syrian conflict.

    Well, we have thread about Yemen conflict and Ukrainian war, so in light of recent changes in situation in Syria, this thread became relevant enough, IMO.
  12. HAMAS with ATGMs, some of them could be rather rare North Korean Bulsae-2. Some could be Soviet/Russian or even Iranian copies.
  13. This is general thread for all infantry-carried (or semi-infantry-carried) ATGMs. Here we will collect all the data on ATGMs and their combat use. Short information on ATGMs - ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) is a type of precision weapon that can be used by vehicles, helicopters and infantry. Main difference between them are type of guidance, warhead, range, weight (important for infantry). Konkurs-M ATGM and 9M113M missile for it. Vehicle-based Konkurs ATGM system. 2 type of warheads are most common among ATGMs - HEAT and thermobaric. HEAT is anti-tank/anti-vehicle warhead, while thermobaric is anti-infantry/soft targets warhead. There's 3 types of guidance systems that are used in ATGM systems in use by infantry - MCLOS, SACLOS and fire and forget. SACLOS is most common type of guidance, while fire and forget is most advanced that gained a lot in recent decade. MCLOS is almost non-existant today. Some systems like several models of Spike family use combined type of guidance (fire and forget or via operator using missile's warhead optics and controls on launching module to guide missile by himself). SACLOS and fire and forget are pretty accurate and reliable methods of missile control, which is a reason for popularity of them between different designs. I don't think there is a need to explain RPGs. Will begin combat use section with this - from Syrian, Lattakia province - close ATGM support (looks like Konkurs). TOW-2A vs T-90 (early model) Kurds with Javelin ("Fck you, Ukraine, no Javs for you!" lol)
  14. It is funny to see Soviet "Rain" APS getting re-resold to NATO member.
  15. LoooSeR

    What are we playing?

    2nd battle for Ramstein - Eurotrash tries to attack Ramstein base once again. We will have all kind of support in this operation, while Eurotrash will have none, other than ability to hack uplinks to do EMP strikes. Hot phase, first assault of Ramstein: 2nd attack: Results: Europeans are still trying to regain initiative in this war, so they are launching another attack on US military base. Our battalion was called to defend Uncle Sam's property from socialist Eurotrash. They are assaulting Reagan seabase that we were using to assault Europe. In this operation we will have all kinds of support, while attackers will have nearly none. Eurohordes assault: After Laser from SPAAAAACE attack: Karl have no escape from this. Results:
  16. We have thread about old Soviet cars and Americal cars (that also tend to be about older and top models). This thread is general thread about any cars - new and old, racing or for work. Car news also can be posted here. I begin this topic with this - Studebaker Sceptre, created by italian Sibona-Bassano company. Never produced, it is a hell of a looker.