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  1. New trophy in Patriot Park Suheil in Idlibostan at positions of 25th division.
  2. Part 2 We are going to sabotage this defense line. On right flank we are clearing area from enemies in hardened positions. Central part is captured. Main forces are storming railroad station, all frontal defense line were smashed through. Germans are goint to conduct counter-attack from somewhere, i suspect they will push from the bridge or right flank. Moving Pak 40 to a place to good overwatch position.
  3. SLAM (S.L.A. Marshall) Weapon Shield
  4. Uknown. It is possible that military found barrel change feature useless for them, so they want to delete it and save weight (like ~0.5-1kg). Maybe there is something else, hard to say for sure.
  5. News about Armata. Translation of this article: https://ria.ru/20200701/1573690648.html Most interesting parts are Victor Murakhovksiy comments. Journalists crap is spread across whole article here and there, sadly (like Armata using Krasnopol laser guided artillery rounds), i will try to throw it away. So in short - looks like UVZ implemented changes and fixes to problems found during testing of the vehicle. Engine sounds like received some changes as well and now have 2 modes of operation. New Russian-made thermal imagers were put into production for Armata. Ammunition for main gun sounds like was also brought to serial-production stage (or ready to be produced).
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