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  1. Heh, somebody translated Zvezda old episode about Armata from several years ago. Ladies and gentelman, enjoy...
  2. Because mainland Armenia is in the way, not NKR.
  3. Unknown place/date, claimed to be abandoned Azeri APCs Claimed that this is Armenian UAV Azeri drone claimed to be shot down
  4. And more strikes https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2706251983024229
  5. Southern defences of NKR is falling appart. Azeri troops hit mines during advance
  6. AN-2 remains examinded by ANNA news. Apparently, those UAVs are not just AN-2 with equipment put in them to make them UAV, but they also carry bombs under wings.
  7. Well, those are good news.
  8. Hey, i was expecting Andrew Hulshult to be summoned as Indie-games version of Mick Gordon.
  9. I don't see situation in nearby future where French army will need high amount of AA systems.
  10. Interesting planes and destinations. Several Smerch rocket boosters found in Iran Armenian claims are completely bonkers
  11. Boba Soltanli is under control of Azeri troops Michivan under control (near Zangilan)
  12. Terter being shelled by Armenian/NKR forces Dead Armenian/NKR soldiers Azeri artillery at work
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