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  1. Our subway system is one of the most deepest because of those Striders. Hard to get to workplace when stuck on one of his legs.
  2. Some info about Izdelie 305/LMUR/Prefix ATGM from otvaga.
  3. I guess only our Polish superhero, @Militarysta, can give an answer for those questions above my post.
  4. Different models of 80s in storage area of one of armor repair factory. https://zen.yandex.ru/media/pod_gorod/obnarujil-otstoinik-tankov-na-zasnejennom-pole-5d4bb9bc86c4a900ae01d9df Kharkovite-80UDs
  5. Igla-S MANPADS test fire in slow-mo. Moment of explosion and fragmentation damage is visible.
  6. Egyptian nearly-jihad design bureau SPG - 122-mm D-30 howitzers on a Ural-4320-1911-30 truck chassis
  7. Exercises of the engineer-sapper regiment of the Southern Military District in the Krasnodar Territory. OVR-3Sh suits on pics.
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