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  1. Last American operation - bridge defense 2nd attack group moving to Eastern bridge Flanking group is going to secure left flank
  2. Kurs and SAA armor
  3. Some cave pictures left by Americans in their base near Manbij
  4. Yeah, when i first heard about it i expected a few more capabilities. I feel like this system will have problems with laser beam riding ATGMs, but this is just my opinion.
  5. Oleg Blokhin from ANNA news at American base near Manbij https://vk.com/id36327961?w=wall36327961_7954 https://vk.com/milinfolive?z=video-123538639_456256043%2F5d10ab4dc5224a9e71%2Fpl_wall_-123538639
  6. Operation number 4 in US campaign. This one is smaller scale, we need to silence German artillery in our sector. We wll clear this area to stage attack on HQ building. Artillery is located to N-E/N-W from us. Using small bump between me and QRF to sneak closer. Quite risky, there are patrols going on the road to the left from Robert.
  7. Advances of SNA and Turkish forces so far Ru MoD map showing camps and jails in Kurdish-controlled territories of Syria. 7 black dots - jails with ISIS scum. Map also shows some major diseases areas (Hepatitis A and intestinal infections)
  8. You know, there is a feeling that all this is kind of coordinated. At least it looks like here, for now.
  9. SNA scumbags are near Manbij also... Race for Manbij?
  10. SAA enters Tabqa AB
  11. ISIS shitters escaping kurdish jail
  12. T-80Us during exercises this year, Western military district
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