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  1. Probably the closest we'll ever get to a full scale Panzer III/IV(E), ironically enough
  2. Blackpill moment: Banning assault weapons, even if you had a magic genie in a bottle to wish away every single rifle that falls under that category, will not eliminate mass shootings in America and will have a painfully minimal level of impact on the gun related death rate, because as already mentioned the primary instrument of gun homocide and suicide is a pistol with a handful of rounds loaded into it. Even pointing to something like magazine bans, the Parkland shooter specifically chose smaller magazines(10 rounders) for his AR because he could fit more in his backpack And that's not
  3. EDIT - the forum ate the embed, here's the URL https://twitter.com/stevesingiser/status/1157037079273979904
  4. I was wondering if I should go see it in theaters, but yeah I should save my money for that instead
  5. Going by the Youtube video's runtime, not nearly as bad as Star Wars but.....almost enough room to list off dumb ideas in this movie to *make your own movie*
  6. I see some claim by Peter Chamberlain that it was used on Jagdpanther(Originally for Panther II) but Spielberger and Jentz don't seem to back that up
  7. Pluralist is reporting on a document published from the DoD which lists almost $13 billion in yet-to-be-spent funds stretching back to FY2015 which could be used to fund Trump's emergency declaration to build the wall The direct link to the 20 page report is here
  8. One of the guy(s?) posted a manifesto It's 87 pages of "We must secure a future..." With sprinklings of tidbits like on Page 15
  9. There's CCP and Putin iconography on his armor, I'm leaning toward the artist making it satirical and the shitlords just taking it straight
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