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  1. WoT v WT effort-thread

    I got really angry at him for a while until I realized his freestyle editing leads him to repeat points at least 3 times a video He does freely admit that he's crap though
  2. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    Not sure where to fit this. Hope it's sufficiently relevant. I came across something that sprung up while surfing one of the Gun subreddits: Michael Moore has a new plan to Save America(TM). You've heard of smart cars, now to announce the age of Smart(TM) Guns! To save yourselves from the brain vomit his "28th Amendment" to replace the "outdated" 2nd amendment made "before bullets and revolvers were even invented" features: All auto and semi auto guns are banned The gun can't hold more than 6 shots The gun needs to be able to identify the person pulling the trigger and only operate for authorized users Citizens guns must be stored at a licensed gun club or a government regulated facility To own a gun you must have a license backed by a thorough background check, training and safety courses Increase funding to mental healthcare There's a spiel about the CDC getting blocked from studying gun deaths, I think Moore was trying to reference lifting restrictions on the CDC so they can do that. Oh and requiring all gun purchases must have the written consent of the buyer's spouse(or significant other if not married) Mulling on it more, I like how Moore criticizes the 2A for applying to old and outdated forms of weaponry and then in his "better" version demand a technological standard of identifying the user that is not implemented on most firearms, invalidating nearly every weapon since the 2A and even the ones he claims it actually applies to
  3. Knowing they have two completely different motivations for bringing it up, who do you think is going to resurrect this joke of a dead horse last, American MSM or Putin?
  4. They even got a repeat author for one of those I'm surprised a left wing type could even articulate to say that there's a state where the KKK isn't racist
  5. From an uninformed opinion I would guess it depends on the city/department and budgeting. Then there's training, and practices to equip it when on called. If the call to the station goes out for an "armed assailant", local police probably are going to err on the side of facing something more dangerous with their sidearm than be caught underarmed with a taser
  6. Styxhexenhammer has been busy posting recently about this
  7. Maybe they rely on the Warhammer 40k Accuracy Principle? Can't miss a target if the air is completely saturated in bullets
  8. WoT v WT effort-thread

    The Blitz team also recently secured a license to 40K materials
  9. The sad thing is that basically this line of logic was pulled on me yesterday because I mentioned I had heard the term "CTRL Left"
  10. I do not recall such a term used when I went through US History in middle school around '06-07 or when I took AP US History in '09-10 I do recall there was a push about the "New South" which rose out of Reconstruction, but we blew over that pretty quick
  11. Well since Asians are considered "sometimes white" by SJWs, then by twisted logic the answer would be "Yes"
  12. I think I'm a hairs breadth away from explaining to a few associates that even though they carry the tradition of a failed ideology they do have rights too as American citizens(provided they don't impede another's), and if there's a question on why these guys deserve rights even when they carry the wrong ideology in the first place then we're genuinely drifting into obliterating a core pillar of American stability
  13. Somehow I'd envisage it as Spencer at least having some socialist argument to present in the name of ethnonationalism while the antifa guy would just reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in his face before trying to assault him again