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  1. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    Sounds like the Chair Force isn't the only department to fuck up in it's filing processes in the past 5 months
  2. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    From what I hear of my old hometown in inland SoCal, that's basically already happened at the high school I would have gone to had I not moved across the country. Mainly due to encroachment of gangs flushed out of the Los Angeles sewer into what used to be a quiet senior citizen city 20 years ago More to the topic at hand, it appears this kid is setup for some kind of insanity plea
  3. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    The previously mentioned MAGA hat instagram account is probably a different Nicolas Cruz. Florida Voting Records for an individual who identifies at Nicolas De Jesus Cruz(use the CTRL + F function) of 19 years age is a registered Democrat before and after the Trump election
  4. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    Seen a separate claim that a separate instagram account with the guy's name had the user wearing a MAGA hat in the avatar. So it's unclear if they're even looking at the right accounts
  5. Calling it right now, if it goes off completely then Trump wins points for supporting the military. If the Pentagon doesn't pull through then Trump can wheel around to congress and tell them how ragged our military apparatus has become that it can't support a single parade
  6. It's because in Leftist Media land, since Trump's government is a Russian puppet, it's both sensitive state secrets AND Russian lies
  7. The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    The dude who posted the play by play rant of TLJ I shared on the forum earlier finished an in depth teardown of the film in a 3 part series. Altogether it's the longest review I've seen on the film.
  8. Apparently the FBI pulled a Hillary
  9. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Haven't touched it in 7 months, waiting until the big engine update this March
  10. Even some of Breitbart's commenters are saying Bannon lost the plot
  11. The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    Bonus articles: The Last Jedi's plot elements might have hit so low as to bear similiarity to Fanfiction tier writing On the other hand, holy fuck 1 million words written over the course of (probably a bit over) a year. That guy must have been spitballing plot ideas left and right nonstop
  12. The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    A play-by-play rant of TLJ
  13. The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    Does the forum have a spoiler tag?
  14. The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    The more time I spend thinking about that character the higher my blood pressure goes
  15. Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

    "Panther or P26/40? You be the judge"
  16. Fuck does this post editor suck at removing quotes sometimes. Was going to mention @Scolopax that a Mega Man movie is also in pre-production In other news, is it time to bring up Star Wars yet, or does The Mouse' money make it "Good" enough to stay out of here?
  17. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    He was as old as MkUltra was officially a thing, though it was reduced in operational scope the project had 20 years to run it's course
  18. This is also why we have Teflon Don'. He's got plenty of reasons for people to call him an ass, but then they pile all this crap onto the accusations and when they're called out for their bull it all gets wiped off the table
  19. I'm in the circuit for another month, so I guess I'm pretty qualified to answer this one. The Typical American Education Track Preschool: Up to Age 4-5 Kindergarten: Age 5-6 Elementary School(Grades 1-5): Age 6-12(Roughly) Middle School(Grades 6-8): 12-14 High School(Grades 9-12): At least until 16 or 17, then dropping out is permitted though looked down upon. Typically graduates are 17-18 High School Content High School content is generalized largely. Students that graduate are expected to take away at least basic knowledge about Sciences: Earth Science, Basic Biology, Organic Chemistry, Mechanical Physics Mathematics: Algebra(2 years) & Geometry(1 year), Pre-Calculus if they’re sharp, Algebra III if they’re not(or lazy) English: Four years of English, most of it spent on mechanics such as grammar and syntax, with the last year spent on synthesizing thoughts in Essays and reading some older books each year Foreign Language: At least a year of experience. In America this typically means taking Spanish, either by cliché or because it’s the only option. I decided to be different and speak the language of Krauts instead. Some elective experiences in the arts or computer fields is also required. Students are expected to search for future education options and financial assistance under their own prerogative, though some schools may offer some guidance and minor assistance. For example, my high school budgeted three days to each student per school year for visits to college. Your Future After Highschool Where I live, typically if you drop out or are “low GPA” or "Low ACT/SAT" then you hop onto the military track(National Guard or Federal Military branches), and after a time in service the GI Bill can cover your college costs when you complete your service contract. If you’re sharp enough to graduate with decent grades, the general sense is that you go ahead to community college and get a 2 year Associates Degree, though many kids don’t have the direction to pick something they can really build on and many of the 4-year colleges look down on the community college’s degrees due to their teaching discipline(In a sense, several of the classes are basically just High School Plus, a rubber stamp factory so to speak) If you’re really on top of things, you’ve either been scouted and invited to a 4 year college based on your SAT/ACT scores, or you’ve applied to one and been accepted. Tuition costs in my experience are triple the community college rate, applied to a student’s bill based on credit hours(i.e. community college tuition in my state was $123 in 2015, it was $324 at the state college 50 minutes down the road. Bear in mind this is prior to textbook, travel, or boarding costs. A standard class at a state college can run you over $1000, a full time student is expected to take 12-18 credit hours or 4-6 classes per semester, and the costs are continually inflating each year). A Bachelor’s program typically requires 120-128 credit hours applicable to the degree before it can be awarded. Once you graduate your bachelors program, typically the college has some office to help you find a job and sharpen yourself for interviews and networking, but the hiring is up to you and it depends on how “saucy” your resume is on if you can be hired sooner rather than later. In the background to all of this, your probable student loans are ticking away(though you can file to delay payments for a few months and consolidate them). If you’re REALLY, REALLY on top of things, you hop into a trade school, take a 2 year program where you'll probably net an internship while you learn and come out already hired and earning a good 5 figure salary with job security in the long term. Your Future After College After a Bachelor’s degree, you can join a Masters degree program, for another 2-4 years(depending on the field), and further that still for a Doctorate(another 4 or so years). The costs of these courses is progressively higher for each level. If you’re chasing a higher degree, it’s either because: - You got fucked by your bachelor’s program, which only offered the theory side and all the real skills are in the masters program(Or you get double fucked, where the bachelors program didn't qualify you for entering a masters level program) - Someone else is paying for your trip - You have more time and money than sense - You already have a strong paying job and you’re taking the program to raise your pay grade(Teachers for example take a Masters program on the side because upon completion it automatically raises their annual income by a sizeable chunk)
  20. Joe Biden has decided to make an appearance on TV to tell his loyal Democratic viewers that the guy who shot the Texas church shooter should not have a "semi-automatic assault rifle" Then again, this is Joe "Buy a shotgun" Biden
  21. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    In case you didn't know >_>
  22. That brings up a memory from last week during Rush Limbaugh's show, talking about this one woman author's plan to get Hillary into the "Big Chair" of the Oval Office. It was this convoluted sequence of: Mueller's special counsel finds hard evidence of Trump-Russia collusion Trump resigns or is impeached Pence, becoming president, is to resign since he benefited from the collusion Pence, in resigning before appointing a VP, allows Ryan to become President Ryan would then name Hillary his VP since she is the most deserving in light of the 2016 election Ryan, knowing his party's honor was stained by Russia, would then step down on Day 1 Thus Hillary would become president They just do not want to let it go, do they?