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  1. Styxhexenhammer has been busy posting recently about this
  2. Maybe they rely on the Warhammer 40k Accuracy Principle? Can't miss a target if the air is completely saturated in bullets
  3. Legiondude

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    The Blitz team also recently secured a license to 40K materials
  4. The sad thing is that basically this line of logic was pulled on me yesterday because I mentioned I had heard the term "CTRL Left"
  5. I do not recall such a term used when I went through US History in middle school around '06-07 or when I took AP US History in '09-10 I do recall there was a push about the "New South" which rose out of Reconstruction, but we blew over that pretty quick
  6. Well since Asians are considered "sometimes white" by SJWs, then by twisted logic the answer would be "Yes"
  7. I think I'm a hairs breadth away from explaining to a few associates that even though they carry the tradition of a failed ideology they do have rights too as American citizens(provided they don't impede another's), and if there's a question on why these guys deserve rights even when they carry the wrong ideology in the first place then we're genuinely drifting into obliterating a core pillar of American stability
  8. Somehow I'd envisage it as Spencer at least having some socialist argument to present in the name of ethnonationalism while the antifa guy would just reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in his face before trying to assault him again
  9. Legiondude

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    IIRC the Japanese at least entertained buying one They also bought a Panzer III
  10. Judging by the bit at the end of the barrel I'm guessing this is just some kind of through-the-motions type drill?
  11. If I hear the word 'bombshell' outside of the context of munitions manufacture or it's associated history, it'll be too soon
  12. Apparently there's a guy on /pol/ claiming he's the one who made the actual gif, but holds that CNN wouldn't report on that because he's a pro-Trump Mexican national The guy also claims he's not afraid of revealing himself, since he lives alone and has nothing to lose
  13. I've seen "Justin from Canada" described as basically a sock puppet by Canadian youtubers I'm subscribed to, in the near literal sense of the word
  14. The official statement was per curiam, so the decision was rendered as a single group But among the dissenting(partial for, partial against) judges, it was Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch listed. So Sotomayor and RBG apparently did not oppose the action.
  15. Legiondude

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Well damn, now I'm curious why EDIT - Referencing Sturgeon's opinion
  16. Interesting form factor on the T2, it has that "brick-gun" look like the AA-12
  17. I take it you've seen that one Harvard professor Ted Cruz skewered on Twitter the other day?
  18. Implying that Millenials are worth saving Speaking as a '93 baby </innercynic>
  19. The day they passed the bill in the House, my mother got a call informing her that because our household makes too much money compared to the previous year(A bump from just under $50K to just over it, 75% is based on my father's C&P/SS/retirement funds) she has to pay back to the IRS some subsidy she received to the tune of an amount that exceeds her current annual income as an adjunct professor at the local community college. Oh, and the escalating premiums will also exceed her annual income in the next year. Violating the individual mandate as an option also happens to exceed her annual income. So staying or going, she's about to be nuked financially unless something changes.
  20. Just the 21st century? That's some groundbreaking data pool they got there
  21. Legiondude

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    There was a meeting in early January 1943 where Hitler looked at the upcoming panzers for the summer offensives and demanded even more powerful weapons be explored. Thus the 75mm and 88mm L/100's for the Panther and Ferdinand respectively were "born" and died behind Hitler's back basically. There was a bit of past history to this decision making process to note however: Hitler had ordered the 5cm L/60 be developed and deployed to Panzer III's prior to the invasion of Russia and threw a real fit when his Generals ignored the order thinking the 5cm L/42 was sufficient. He was informed about the reality of the situation on his birthday review of the Panzerwaffe
  22. Part of what made that article so funny IIRC was that a couple months earlier they were decrying Trump's declared intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Like everyone else was on that train and we were just holding back the saving of the world. Suddenly there's no hope no matter what we do for the next several centuries.
  23. Reminds me of the time I used to follow the Facebook page of the website "I Fucking Love Science" until about last October. They published an article talking about how we've basically hit the point of no return on climate change. There's no more hope to be had. It's a done deal and we'll all have to live with the consequences. Since the issue was now "settled", I thought now was a good a time as any to unsub from that page.