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  1. 3 hours ago, Meplat said:

    It's still, the concept of a razor wire topped fence around a supposed place of learning, with a metal detector and armed security at points of entry.

    From what I hear of my old hometown in inland SoCal, that's basically already happened at the high school I would have gone to had I not moved across the country. Mainly due to encroachment of gangs flushed out of the Los Angeles sewer into what used to be a quiet senior citizen city 20 years ago


    More to the topic at hand, it appears this kid is setup for some kind of insanity plea


    According to authorities, the gunman who killed 17 people inside a school in Florida told police he heard voices in his head that gave him instructions for the attack.  

    The voices were described as 'demons' by law enforcement sources, reports ABC News


    Meanwhile, police were called to Nikolas Cruz family's Parkland home 39 times since 2010, according to police records obtained by CNN.  


    The sheriff's office received a range of emergency calls that included: 'mentally ill person,' 'child/elderly abuse,' 'domestic disturbance,' 'missing person,' and several others.


  2. 6 minutes ago, Ramlaen said:


    Calling it right now, if it goes off completely then Trump wins points for supporting the military. If the Pentagon doesn't pull through then Trump can wheel around to congress and tell them how ragged our military apparatus has become that it can't support a single parade

  3. 9 hours ago, ApplesauceBandit said:

    Someone help me out here because I'm confused.  Before the memo's release, the news was telling me that the memo is full of sensitive information that would threaten the security of our nation, revealing top-secret FBI methods and sources.  Now they're telling me that the memo is a big nothingburger, its only substance being lies and misinformation.  Is the memo supposed to hold important state secrets or is it supposed to be a bunch of Russian lies?  Maybe the reason the story has changed is because Nunes illegally changed the memo right before its release.  Any suggestions on what I should be thinking now are appreciated.

    It's because in Leftist Media land, since Trump's government is a Russian puppet, it's both sensitive state secrets AND Russian lies

  4. 12 hours ago, Xlucine said:

    HR lady had to stay behind to pilot the ship, but just swanned about the bridge melodramatically until it was her turn to an hero

    30 ships carrying 400 or so people left the cruiser, I counted around 5-7 ish(strangely, 5 in a shot where they're flying away from the viewer and then 7 when they're moving across the viewer's screen towards their right shoulder immediately following) when she actually got in the pilot's seat to turn the thing around


    12 hours ago, Xlucine said:

    - The empire seems to have an endless supply of ever larger triangles

    I was griping on Discord a week or two ago about how basically The First Order has an infinite money RTS cheat code hidden somewhere. Since the "defeat" at Jakku, it has basically gone out and colonized the Unknown Regions(Basically 1/4 of The Galaxy and off limits to common astronavigation), mobilized a new interstellar civilization and fully encapsulated economy in the span of 30 years, handled a counterintel campaign to discredit and mitigate political forces in the New Republic's Senate, and organized a galaxy spanning child kidnapping ring to create a new Stormtrooper Corps and an interstellar navy that, according to Battlefront II(which is part of Disney Canon), basically has all the Star Destroyers(30% bigger than Imperial models) it needs to conquer The Galaxy. Securing Luke was just tying up a loose end.


    12 hours ago, Xlucine said:

    Also fin used to dust the maguffin, but never mentioned it to anyone and was just as surprised as everyone else when the maguffin was used.

    Another thing, what is with the Almighty Janitors(Rose and Finn) knowing about ALL of this tech?


    12 hours ago, Xlucine said:

    Whatever happened to snoke's ship, that rey purloined? It'd probably have been useful on not-hoth, with rey piloting one and a team of porgs manning the guns on the falcon.

    IIRC that was just an "escape pod", not even an armed shuttle or anything


  5. Does the forum have a spoiler tag?


    1. "Buy the books" - Disney 2017
    2. Kylo cuts him in half in the 2nd act, then teams up with Rey to kill all of his Praetorians. Basically nothing more is said about Snoke.
    3. The opening scene has a handful of fighters escort five to seven heavy bombers WWII style to bomb the heart of a Star Dreadnought(It has two big planet bombarding guns on the bottom side). There's basically no space combat after this 5 minute scene
    4. Rey's parents are irrelevant. The Knights of Ren are irrelevant. Whether or not they're the padawans Kylo took with him from Luke's temple are irrelevant. The vision of Kylo and others standing in the rain that Rey sees during the lightsaber vision are irrelevant. The significance of Anakin's lightsaber is irrelevant for this film at least. The destruction of Starkiller Base is irrelevant. The Republic is irrelevant. How and when Snoke drew Kylo to the dark side is irrelevant. How Rey is so Force sensitive is irrelevant. How Rey is so good at everything is irrelevant. Why Obi-Wan was speaking through the Force to Rey when she picked up Anakin's lightsaber is irrelevant. Captain Phasma is irrelevant. Finally, as far as the Galaxy is concerned, The Resistance and their fight against The First Order is irrelevant.

  6. 2 hours ago, Donward said:


    Game over for the accusers. 


    Now the thing is, if they had just stuck to the original story that Judge Roy courted high school teenagers in the 1970s, I believe the claims would have stuck because he actually kind of sort-of admitted to doing just that when interviewed by Sean Hannity.


    But that wasn't good enough, so they had to make the story better by claiming that he was kicked out of a mall for stalking little girls (he wasn't, multiple witnesses including the mall manager don't recall that happening), that police protection was needed to keep him from perving on the high school cheerleading squad (it didn't happen, the only witness was a woman with an axe to grind because Judge Roy helped put away her drug peddling brother), and now this yearbook signature which is a forgery.


    When you have a story this explosive, the truth is the best weapon. 


    After this election, if I were Roy Moore, I'd sue the Washington Post, Gloria Allred and her client for libel and slander. 

    This is also why we have Teflon Don'. He's got plenty of reasons for people to call him an ass, but then they pile all this crap onto the accusations and when they're called out for their bull it all gets wiped off the table

  7. 5 hours ago, Xoon said:


    I'm in the circuit for another month, so I guess I'm pretty qualified to answer this one.


    The Typical American Education Track 

    Preschool: Up to Age 4-5
    Kindergarten: Age 5-6
    Elementary School(Grades 1-5): Age 6-12(Roughly)
    Middle School(Grades 6-8): 12-14
    High School(Grades 9-12): At least until 16 or 17, then dropping out is permitted though looked down upon. Typically graduates are 17-18


    High School Content

    High School content is generalized largely. Students that graduate are expected to take away at least basic knowledge about

    • Sciences: Earth Science, Basic Biology, Organic Chemistry, Mechanical Physics
    • Mathematics: Algebra(2 years) & Geometry(1 year), Pre-Calculus if they’re sharp, Algebra III if they’re not(or lazy)
    • English: Four years of English, most of it spent on mechanics such as grammar and syntax, with the last year spent on synthesizing thoughts in Essays and reading some older books each year
    • Foreign Language: At least a year of experience. In America this typically means taking Spanish, either by cliché or because it’s the only option. I decided to be different and speak the language of Krauts instead.
    • Some elective experiences in the arts or computer fields is also required.

    Students are expected to search for future education options and financial assistance under their own prerogative, though some schools may offer some guidance and minor assistance. For example, my high school budgeted three days to each student per school year for visits to college.


    Your Future After Highschool

    Where I live, typically if you drop out or are “low GPA” or "Low ACT/SAT" then you hop onto the military track(National Guard or Federal Military branches), and after a time in service the GI Bill can cover your college costs when you complete your service contract.

    If you’re sharp enough to graduate with decent grades, the general sense is that you go ahead to community college and get a 2 year Associates Degree, though many kids don’t have the direction to pick something they can really build on and many of the 4-year colleges look down on the community college’s degrees due to their teaching discipline(In a sense, several of the classes are basically just High School Plus, a rubber stamp factory so to speak)

    If you’re really on top of things, you’ve either been scouted and invited to a 4 year college based on your SAT/ACT scores, or you’ve applied to one and been accepted. Tuition costs in my experience are triple the community college rate, applied to a student’s bill based on credit hours(i.e. community college tuition in my state was $123 in 2015, it was $324 at the state college 50 minutes down the road. Bear in mind this is prior to textbook, travel, or boarding costs. A standard class at a state college can run you over $1000, a full time student is expected to take 12-18 credit hours or 4-6 classes per semester, and the costs are continually inflating each year). A Bachelor’s program typically requires 120-128 credit hours applicable to the degree before it can be awarded.

    Once you graduate your bachelors program, typically the college has some office to help you find a job and sharpen yourself for interviews and networking, but the hiring is up to you and it depends on how “saucy” your resume is on if you can be hired sooner rather than later. In the background to all of this, your probable student loans are ticking away(though you can file to delay payments for a few months and consolidate them).

    If you’re REALLY, REALLY on top of things, you hop into a trade school, take a 2 year program where you'll probably net an internship while you learn and come out already hired and earning a good 5 figure salary with job security in the long term.


    Your Future After College

    After a Bachelor’s degree, you can join a Masters degree program, for another 2-4 years(depending on the field), and further that still for a Doctorate(another 4 or so years). The costs of these courses is progressively higher for each level.

    If you’re chasing a higher degree, it’s either because:
    - You got fucked by your bachelor’s program, which only offered the theory side and all the real skills are in the masters program(Or you get double fucked, where the bachelors program didn't qualify you for entering a masters level program)
    - Someone else is paying for your trip
    - You have more time and money than sense
    - You already have a strong paying job and you’re taking the program to raise your pay grade(Teachers for example take a Masters program on the side because upon completion it automatically raises their annual income by a sizeable chunk)

  8. That brings up a memory from last week during Rush Limbaugh's show, talking about this one woman author's plan to get Hillary into the "Big Chair" of the Oval Office. It was this convoluted sequence of:

    1. Mueller's special counsel finds hard evidence of Trump-Russia collusion
    2. Trump resigns or is impeached
    3. Pence, becoming president, is to resign since he benefited from the collusion
    4. Pence, in resigning before appointing a VP, allows Ryan to become President
    5. Ryan would then name Hillary his VP since she is the most deserving in light of the 2016 election
    6. Ryan, knowing his party's honor was stained by Russia, would then step down on Day 1
    7. Thus Hillary would become president


    They just do not want to let it go, do they?