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  1. United States Gun Control Megathread

    I wish I could see the source data for that last graph. It's been floating around since the parkland shooting but while there is data on Wikipedia from 2013 that seems like it could back the graph, it places the per capita ownership rate of American firearms much lower which makes it seem less concrete. I would believe the graph for modern per capita ownership, but where on Wikipedia that data came from is unclear.
  2. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Voices of a generation. Fuck.
  3. United States Gun Control Megathread

    The day after the Florida shooting, a complete separate deputy from Broward County's Sheriff's Office shot himself in the leg at a private school
  4. The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    She's also a manifestation of the cosmic force like Anakin was, apparently So now there's grounds she might take the helm in the chosen one prophecy as well
  5. The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    So the explanation Disney is pushing in their new book as to why Rey has such skills with a lightsaber and the force in TLJ is because she basically downloaded them from Kylo's brain when they had Force Skype calls
  6. There's also the fact that the DNC is barely skimming by on campaign funds ATM Whereas the RNC is breaking records with donations
  7. So, turns out 70% of the draftable populace is unfit for immediate recruitment
  8. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Better watch out Luckily...
  9. United States Gun Control Megathread

    He's not in jail yet, the Crown is still kicking him around the courtroom. His sentencing day has been several dates just this year, and then the prosecution keeps bouncing it down the road. The basis for one of the arguments against him was that by using his girlfriend's pug's "cuteness" to underscore Nazi related phrases and imagery on the internet, it was like he was radicalizing entire football stadiums The "final" court day is scheduled for March 20th currently
  10. America's view on Monarchies.

    Adding to this, there was a chance for an American monarchy when Washington(As in George, not the place filled with leftists or the other place filled with leftists) was setting precedent. But there have been very few figures that have been so polarizing in a universal and positive manner as him, and even then it was also because it was unsure if such a large Democratic Republic could maintain it's integrity the way the sprawling European Empire's claimed territories were. With some variation of the republican model becoming the status quo for most of the world, the advancement of genetics and the knowledge of the consequences of inbreeding, an incredibly high response rate to favoring individualism in the US, and perhaps also the general secularization of the developed world, I don't think the establishment of a monarchy in a massive nation like the United States could possibly maintain effective political rule. I suppose it depends on where the central authority is placed? Thinking back through the major nations in or around Europe, the things that spring to mind are: Subordinate princes/states under one king. Maybe the King on the biggest throne and the Princes on lesser ones. Or something like the Roman assimilation/semi-colonization of lesser kingdoms in it's domain One king with multiple hats/chairs. The Austria-Hungary after the reforms I suppose, but going so far back as Ancient Egypt with the conflicts between Upper and Lower Egypt A confederation of equal authorities with an elected leader like the HRE An alliance of equal authorities
  11. Came across this through Discord, not familiar with the site. Anyone seeing anything to corroborate the claim put up through Google Translate that Russia has deployed 6 nukes to the region?
  12. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    The "first" deputy that we knew about that resigned has lawyered up against his former boss for basically slandering his actions There's a bunch of CNN tweet videos but near the bottom there's the legalspeak statement by his lawyer outlining his actions and justifications for "not going in"
  13. United States Gun Control Megathread

    I wonder if it would actually sink in with leftist millenials EDIT - Blah, keep getting the two threads mixed up
  14. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Different strokes for different folks, but my dad as a former highschool teacher(both primary circuit, and Juvenile Detention) supports the option to arm teachers. One experience he cited was when he used to teach at one of those minute southern California native american tribal areas(Too small for a casino like a nearby tribe, but big enough to have their own mountain area) back in the early 90's. Living up on their mountain valley, it was rural enough and displaced from urban sprawl that many families owned ranches and some students rode on horseback to school. The key point that got my dad's attention however was that it's a 40 minute drive, one-way, to get down the hill to the nearest hospital or the valley's police department. So if there was ever a problem, it had to be settled pretty frickin quick. Luckily two of the teachers on staff were retired police, and open carried, and as far as my dad knew everyone felt just that much safer for it. I suppose it's a different matter of priorities when you're in the depths of urban sprawl of a major city, but having it as an option instead of a mandate I think could still be useful.
  15. Is this the proper thread to ask for opinions of Creedmoor vs Grendel?
  16. They've expanded their services outside of the US, which led to them making a surprise revenue uptick this past quarter
  17. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Since it's being floated on my Facebook news feed, an alleged plot for a school shooting in the Los Angeles area was thwarted when school security overhead a potential threat and reported through the proper channels with school authorities and the local Sheriff's office that led to the student being arrested Basically the "connected the dots" model that should have happened in Florida Of course the kid could have been talking full of shit, but they're going to pin him for possessing an unregistered AR-15 anyway(the other belonged to his Army vet brother)
  18. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Regarding the "Why won't you do something?!" calls from foreign peers, this is what "gun control" proposals look like when they percolate in Congress(Granted this was for the Vegas shooter, but still)
  19. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    Sounds like the Chair Force isn't the only department to fuck up in it's filing processes in the past 5 months
  20. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    From what I hear of my old hometown in inland SoCal, that's basically already happened at the high school I would have gone to had I not moved across the country. Mainly due to encroachment of gangs flushed out of the Los Angeles sewer into what used to be a quiet senior citizen city 20 years ago More to the topic at hand, it appears this kid is setup for some kind of insanity plea
  21. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    The previously mentioned MAGA hat instagram account is probably a different Nicolas Cruz. Florida Voting Records for an individual who identifies at Nicolas De Jesus Cruz(use the CTRL + F function) of 19 years age is a registered Democrat before and after the Trump election
  22. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    Seen a separate claim that a separate instagram account with the guy's name had the user wearing a MAGA hat in the avatar. So it's unclear if they're even looking at the right accounts
  23. Calling it right now, if it goes off completely then Trump wins points for supporting the military. If the Pentagon doesn't pull through then Trump can wheel around to congress and tell them how ragged our military apparatus has become that it can't support a single parade