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  1. The narratives are all out of balance since Woodward was specifically asked about Russian collusion 3 times and he said he couldn't find any wisp of evidence towards it
  2. Legiondude

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Well as NPR showed us, it all depends on how you count data
  3. Legiondude

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Feinstein is trying to reinterpret "in common use" used in DC v. Heller to mean not "common possession" but the "act of using [a firearm]" Ergo, if you aren't pulling the trigger, you don't have a right to bear [an "assault weapon"]
  4. Legiondude

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Journo: Hey, did you hear about those guys who indoctrinate kids to pick up guns so they can shoot things? Me: You mean those jagoffs from New Mexi- Journo: No! I'm talking about the Civilian Marksmanship Program! Me: No Bloomberg, I did not. You whale dorks Text below for those who don't want to give them a click
  5. Tweet for historical perspective on Florida
  6. Legiondude

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Looks appropriate for a San Franciscan crew BTW, sorry if I missed it earlier in the thread, what design software are you using for this?
  7. Almost seems to imply that you can be subconsciously treasonous.
  8. Remind me again why these people have National Security clearances after they're no longer employed by the Big G?
  9. Aha, you see. This is not a real antifa story because the speaker didn't punch and kick the trashcan vociferously first before setting it on fire and running off
  10. Legiondude

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    I don't see anything in Panzer Tracts 6-3 about those plates thicknesses. It's possible they weren't armor steel and considered semi-disposable, like the plates on the Tigers Skimming Google, there looks to be a US Intel profile of the armor on a Roblox wiki of all things, but it only lists the armor angles. That angle measurement may have been misinterpreted in the decades following, as this more modern image assumes 60mm armor thickness instead of 60 degrees angle on the upper side. This profile from a Russian publication seems to suggest in the ballpark though, at 55mm. Looking in Special Panzer Variants by Spielberger, there doesn't seem mention of the plates thicknesses either. There could be information gleaned from the blueprints though. But the originals were lost or buried in the archives(AFAIK, Yuri Pasholok does have one of the design prints for the turret assembly though). As Spielberger tells, after the war, one of the guys behind the E-100's assembly was roped in Operation Paperclip and offered to recreate the blueprints from memory, which is this thing. It's large, but still too low resolution to properly read it. Luckily, Spielberger has a copy in his book spread over two pages and is quite legible. We can utilize the front or rear image faces to scale things properly and try to get an estimate at least to the bottom lip thickness of the side plates. tl;dr - Running an estimate on the forward face, I got an estimate on the lip just before it meets the front corner of the hull of about 71mm. Running a separate estimate based on the top view, with the hull width run against the plate thickness that is vertical and parallel to the hull, I got 68mm. I could probably get more specific if I had a better copy of the plans, or a more precise measuring tool than MS Paint's coordinate system assisted with some number crunching in Excel.
  11. You don't have to do that, the US 3rd Infantry Regiment is perfectly prepared to muster arms against British encroachment again
  12. Speaking of 2nd Amendment, Cody Wilson finished his suit against the State Department for the right to publish the design plans for 3D printing or milling major components or complete sets of his open-source firearm designs under 1st Amendment protections
  13. They seemed just itching for Trump to pick Barrett so they could scream about her Catholicism bringing the hammer on Roe v. Wade EDIT - Ah, forgot Kavenaugh is also Catholic, well the show goes on then
  14. Legiondude

    The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    The girl who played Rose still hasn't made a statement about deleting her social media and so far I've only seen allegations of racist harassment. No photographic evidence. Daisy Ridley from what I heard proactively hopped off social media because she knew it was inherently toxic. Not familiar with John Boyega's problem, was that a Chinese thing?
  15. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/mars-nasa-announcement-latest-organic-matter-red-planet-a8388591.html Basically we found ancient space poop But it means something was around to make that, recently or in the far distant past
  16. IIRC there was also a 1951 or '52 Supreme Court case that does permit grounds to armed revolt, though only if there's evidence of suppressing voting rights by the federal government(i.e. clear evidence of tyrannical government). Similar to the preceding but then contemporary Battle of Athens, Tennessee Cannot remember the name of it though
  17. Legiondude

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Reminds me of a point I saw regarding this incident brought up on one of the pro-gun subreddits. It was a comment made by a pro-gun user (who was recalling an argument they had with an anti-gunner) about the whole "good guy with a gun stops mass shootings" thing, and the definition of mass shootings is flexed in such a manner in the media that by the definition there's a significant amount of victims as the baseline. So incidents like in Oklahoma are just single actors stopping individual criminals, but as school shootings continue the "good guys with guns" will "forever" fail to protect the many children harmed in these incidents. Ergo, gun proliferation in the general population is useless for protecting people.
  18. I liked the first few movies, but this franchise needs to be put out to pasture
  19. Legiondude

    The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    TL;DW - It tried. It failed.
  20. Legiondude

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    The attribution line at the end
  21. Which is why startup minded types are trying to head east of the Rockies and start up a "Blue Collar tech" version in various points out in the heartland
  22. Legiondude

    Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    Apparently the guy had tried jumping the fence at the White House last year, so his guns were seized by Illinois police His dad asked them back nicely and promised he wouldn't let his son get em, and apparently....let him have em anyways
  23. Russia Today is pushing a claim from a Swiss lab that the nerve agent used on that former Russian spy in Britain is actually a US/UK developed compound Of course, it's Russia Today so...where would you like me to place the jar of salt?