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  1. In my opinion, the ''projectile mass'' of 3BM32/42/48 and Vaccum should include their sabots.
  2. Anybody know where the chart come from?Can someone introduce the LP-91? The soviet prospective 152mm tank guns puzzle me very much... Did the Ob.477A equip with LP-91?
  3. The depression of both Type 59 (100mm gun)and 59-2(105mm) is -5°. Here is a data sheet:
  4. Very good article , Can I translate this article into Chinese and share to Chinese Forum?
  5. Though, I found these fresh photos of T-72 Ural scrapped in China. Someone have uploaded them into public networks. (Also,there is someone said that there are still available T-72M and T-72B collected in Plant 617, but have no more photo infos can prove that we have the second T-72. BTW, The T-80U might be located in Beijing Tank museum but do not show to public )
  6. 617厂内的大佬吗?
  7. I only know it was an actually theoretical scheme for higher fire rate, but I also heard that the prototype had been tested in NJUST's institute, I have been there though I found nothing, may be the machine had been already transfered. This pic of the model came from a thesis of North University of China. Actually the gun barrels are not rotating but rotating the automatic loading machine behind the gun breech.
  8. AFAIK,we also have made a six barrels version called 676..
  9. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    What're the S1/ S2 and G1 stand for? Svinets-1/2 and Grifel?