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  1. Really doubt how a ''30mm'' can cause such damage.
  2. To clarify this point, I post these schemes in weibo for easy illustration purpose, I don't want to post original source pics because the weibo platform is a place full of marketing accounts, if you do not make any process in your posts then they will turn into other peoples money, that's what I dont want to see,and my blog is non-profit account, I only post message to my readers and if any one is interested in details can make comments below posts or PM me. In short, it is made by environment. As for MILAN, I know its core dia is 95mm, if you mean this point why you don't str
  3. Of course from real documents. Not very old, there're some files varied from 1985 to 1990.
  4. hmm, I see, I will take care on such thing later. 200mm is based on the table of Chieftain Burlington report, but not accurate value so I just estimated it. For now I only post them on Chinese speaking platform, and have noted about it.
  5. BTW, 480/750 was based on anther RARDE Report about ENT, and the report with options comparison did wrote some data of protection level of CR1 if you have the report you can find it in annex of Leo 2.
  6. Britain used 105mm L64 to simulate 115mm KE threat(tungsten cored APFSDS),and 120mm XL23 to simulate 125mm threat ( tungsten cored APFSDS) in early 1980s.
  7. Thank you! Pretty sure it is. This photo is from the book of CR1 Owners' workshop manual, p29.
  8. Thanks,I 'll try to find. Yes the 78013 dated on April, and the 78020 dated on June.
  9. I don't know where it said, can you give some hints? All my data come from MVEE Report 78013 and 78020, their time frame is 1978.
  10. Indeed the requirement data can not represent the implemented protection level, the GSR3574 had already restricted the weight is 62 tonnes. Edit: There are some interesting armor weight data of MBT80 here: To against the 430mm KE threat(Original GSR 3572), the turret armor weight —— 6045kg As for 480mm KE threat—— 6880kg And 540mm KE threat —— 7495kg While Challenger only estimated to have 5498kg of armor on the turret.
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