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  1. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    This is my blog , I was not very familiar with this platform at that time, the system put Watermarks automatically but I didn't know about it, if necessary I will delete this post, sorry about that.
  2. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Israeli AFVs

    In short: The text in PDF says that the structure of the special armor is unknown, and only the hull base armor layout and the performance of some modules are known. Because Merkava's special armor is modular design, maybe it was presumed that the LFP also can be fitted with additional armor. No idea about those illustrations' original source, It may be the author's record during his visit to Israel.
  3. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Israeli AFVs

    P 179 & P 240
  4. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Israeli AFVs

    Yes, it is a useful course book and very easy to be found in Chinese Internet, however its hardcover is very rare now. Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/18QXkATK6JEAH6Sy4RT27SA Code:yde9
  5. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Israeli AFVs

    But its angle looks very strange.
  6. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Israeli AFVs

    Sure, you can download it from here https://drive.google.com/file/d/19zgh1r1ULfYJLfwNlOEpBywqXh4igTLu/view?usp=sharing
  7. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Israeli AFVs

    Something interesting about Merkava III's armor protection(in Chinese): Some of these images are come from Chinese course book《装甲防护技术基础》(The basic technology of armor protection), and others are come from this issue: http://www.cnki.com.cn/Article/CJFDTotal-BQZS200108004.htm The main author of these two sources is one of the chief tank designers in China. Mr.Zhang has presided over a design of front-engine tank scheme under the frame of Chinese 3rd gen MBT, but there was little info refer to these history) Photo of Mr.Zhang and General Tal. The cast turret base and weld frame. Special armor covered, those colored parts most likely are heavy NERA or Built-in-ERA structure modules, while others are lighter module I guess. T-3/4 module before shooting by a HEAT warhead of HOT missile. According to previous picture, it should be the side armor of the turret. So we can assume that the front arc of Merkava III's turret, looks likely ±30°,which can withstand more than 700mm even 800mm penetration from CE threat. Still the T-3/4 module,before hitting by a RPG warhead. I am confused this number as T-9/4 at my first look, but it is more likely a distorted "3". There are some reasons: (1) Its thickness doesn't seem to fit on top of the turret. (2) In this pic the threat is RPG warhead, moreover, its incidence normal angle is smaller than the previous HOT warhead, which can be used as a useful basis for judging. Built-in ERA structure, the left side is Israeli scheme, and Russian scheme at right side. The armor layout of tank Merkava Mk III. The solid line is base steel armor's equivalent thickness, including spaced armor array inside the hull( The table above shows the thickness and inclination of the base steel armor, unfortunately many notes are missing in the PDF) and the dotted line is the special armor's protection capability against KE ammunition, up to 450mm RHA on turret front and 350-400mm on the UFP. Hope you guys will enjoy this post
  8. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Looks like the ceramic T-80UD
  9. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    But there is no need for a repeat offender.
  10. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Realy Big News,Just AWESOME
  11. Molotav_DIGITANK

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    DTW-125=125-II(Export version code is BTA-4) DTC-10=125-III(which has been in services since 2010),AFAIK, it can pen not less than 700mm RHA in 2000m(V90),but, no more details. BTW, The photo marked @Object-477 is from my blog, all the APFSDSs shown in pics are WHA. DU round I have never seen. SH-MM is right, the 125-III has a longer rod without head structure in order to increase the length of penetrator.
  12. Molotav_DIGITANK


    I think it should be this. http://www.freepatent.ru/patents/2263268
  13. In my opinion, the ''projectile mass'' of 3BM32/42/48 and Vaccum should include their sabots.
  14. Anybody know where the chart come from?Can someone introduce the LP-91? The soviet prospective 152mm tank guns puzzle me very much... Did the Ob.477A equip with LP-91?