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  1. just ruski things

    some source claims early SVK prototype is a gas trap design which i found hard to believe
  2. just ruski things

    I see the 2 under AV, damn it i am blind
  3. just ruski things

    what about Bolt Catch? is the Bolt Catch mechanism from old AK-12 still available?
  4. just ruski things

    What kind of better performs? also does the new AK-12 cancel the burst firing mode entirely?
  5. BMP-3-57 now receive official GRAU code 2S38 i have no idea why they give SPG code to an SPAAG,well, we have 2S6 before....guess no more 2K
  6. just ruski things

    well probably yes, these topic with 100+ page is painful to looking for something
  7. just ruski things

    sekreit weaponez
  8. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    OKB Aviaavtomatika guided munitions for UCAV unveiled Army-2017. The munition weight:17-50kg; range up to 100km & feature x-shaped or folded fins/wings. One of them are confirmed thermal imaging guide missile for such tinny UAV it's not bad
  9. just ruski things

    this thing literally gives me Vietnam/Afghanistan/Stalingrad flashback
  10. just ruski things

    some size comparison between SVDM and SVCh
  11. just ruski things

    GShG-7.62 the undead
  12. just ruski things

    beautiful SVCh-338
  13. just ruski things

    Vityaz-SN the sports version
  14. just ruski things

    more SVCh display on army2017 with both 7.62x54r and 7.62x51
  15. just ruski things

    new 12.7mm prototype 'KK' go home, HS50, you are drunk