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  1. The ammo box for new 5.8mm ball possibly called DBP-18 Some say it is the DBP-10 bullet with new DBeF-3/1 propellant and it seems most likely is
  2. goddamn,the armor for the new warthunder Type90 is a joke,it used that Korean's "historical data" just kill me now with dat 380mm KE protect
  3. Akula_941

    just ruski things

    eh..sry )))) the picture is post by @Sturgeon later found the second on otvaga LMG thread 7
  4. Akula_941

    just ruski things

    6.7x51 round and the LMG OS-124, this new rounds can be see as the russian's response to the .264USA the program is called "“Alatau”" and the 6.7x51 rounds is aim to become the new marksman rifle and LMG rounds according to maxim.p
  5. Akula_941

    Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    【Akula break news report】 The attack on junior high school in China https://mbd.baidu.com/newspage/data/landingshare?pageType=1&isBdboxFrom=1&context={"nid"%3A"news_9080773373206920657"} 陕西多名初中生放学路上遭遇歹徒袭击 目前已致7人死亡19人受伤 Multiple junior high school student get attack after school in Shaanxi,China, cause 7 died and 19 injuries 华商报04-27 22:22 【陕西榆林米脂县刚刚发生恶性砍学生事件!】刚刚,米脂县第三中学附近刚刚发生恶性事件,多名初中学生在放学路上被人砍伤,有学生被砍身亡。目前,嫌疑人已被警方控制。当地市县两级公安部门正在紧急处理。 据榆林市人民政府值班信息:目前已造成19名学生受伤,多人重伤,其中7人确认死亡。目前,犯罪嫌疑人已被控制,受伤学生正在全力救治中。 the Malignant events happens in Mizhi county in Yulin Shaanxi China ,around Mizhi 3rd junior high school multiple student get slashed at their way home,some students has been confirmed died on the spot. The suspect has been controlled by the police, according to Yulin local government, the event has cause 19 students injured,some of them were injured badly,and 7 of them were died. ban guns solves nothing, i mean even all the guns. this is what's happening in China today. hope this can wake up someone in north america.
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    The interesting ship photos/art thread.

    north korea behemoth
  7. wait,is Curtis count as Chinese member?
  8. Akula_941

    Advanced MiG-3 Variants

    also here is some picture support of I-231 that i just scanned She was prevented from entering production by the unavailability of it's intended AM-39 engine That's why people can't have nice things mikulin, you had one job.....
  9. Akula_941

    Advanced MiG-3 Variants

    talk about interesting mig-3, sorry about the garbage image quality by my single hand scan...
  10. Akula_941

    Advanced MiG-3 Variants

    there is some flaw,I-220 is first powered by AM-37 early 1942 ,and later switch to AM-39 not because it was planned but because the development of AM-37 was ceased,and then AM-39 were not ready so the first prototype installed AM-38F
  11. Akula_941

    Is here anybody from "thesovietarmourblog"?

    I made a huge mistake, the mark on object 432 are not support structure at all, it simly just a fill inlet. I‘ve asked Alexei Klopotov and such 'reinforcement bar' were unheared by him. If that marking on the top of the turret is 'filler plugs' , i think it is believable. well...no actual document or assembly drawings.... maybe we have to call @Andrei_bt to help
  12. Akula_941

    Is here anybody from "thesovietarmourblog"?

    the guy who wrote Tankograd?hmm anyway... object432 has the similar support structure.but i'm not so familiar about the actual sequence of casting and product in detail.
  13. this is fucking LIT!