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  1. T-80UA(some said UK) equipped an interesting air-burst tank shell any info Looser?
  2. lol,even i knew they are propaganda purpose but people of Nanchang really enjoy those praise leader and extol shit. No wonder,Hongdu is like the unliked son in family, the truth they can build L-15 series successful is basically a miracle
  3. also some abandoned vector thruster plan for J-8 modernization engine baffle plan two-dimensional thrust vectoring plan and the test prototype some back fuselage design of the 2D TVC replace the horizontal stablizer and elevator of the 90s well,guess they don't need that anymore
  4. early J-10 vector thrust model showing in the picture. very weird 360 degree design btw,anyone here in paralay's forum? @LoooSeR"Стелс машины'' i try to post something there but it just won't do anything, like a ip restrict or something
  5. The Cartridge Collecting Thread

    The first ever real cut-off of 5.8x42 DVC-12 AP rounds bullet weight 5.47g penetrator is tungsten carbide 3.5g that little BB is made by lead
  6. The Cartridge Collecting Thread

    Two type of Chinese made 7.62x51 round for sniper rifle use Probably M118LR clone made by factory791
  7. notice the W-15 helmet and 95B are seems getting revived from death
  8. ‘合作-2017’"Сотрудничество-2017" Joint anti-terror exercises Boys from 604 special tactical center and SOBR Lynx are having the true Chinese experience.
  9. A leak picture from a private exhibition of new PLA spec-ops night vision device one on the left basically is PLA version of GPNVG-18 for both day and night using the one on the right says pyro-magnetic imaging device the earlier leaked three bino head mount night vision seems like didn't make it after all
  10. Blum is died with the Vya-14.5 and the PTRB anti tank gun so forget about it, it's not ww2 anymore
  11. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    welcome to SH,i checked SP forum later on and finds them so yes, but still have no idea the original source. i should just cancel my AIAA membership...
  12. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    one more picture of one of the three Have Dash II FTV
  13. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    A lot of picture of HAVE DASH II aka stealth AAM,and the picture of a model of it i never seen these picture before and it makes me ashamed to even just to ask where did the guy find these..... anyone have any idea?