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  1. Syrian conflict.

  2. Not 100% sure what you mean by mobility demo, but i guess this video of the VT-4 driving around will maybe atleast partly satisfy you

    IIRC they wanted to integrate a 57mm autocanon as main armament in the future, though i am not so sure if that is actually true.
  4. Slightly longer version (or just a few clips put togheter) of the video LoooSeR has posted, does anybody know which rifle is used at 0:00 - 0:50?
  5. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Swiss ALR Piranha, there are only models of it since the Swiss gov. had no interest in it. This was, AFAIK the last developement work on an indigenous swiss fighter jet.
  6. Bash the ATD-X thread

    25th Test flight (the channel has more of them) And some engine Details i guess
  7. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    APFSDS round used by the Type-10, google translate didnĀ“t get me far but it seems it is similar to the DM33 or DM53. (from here: http://eaglet.skr.jp/MILITARY/TK-X.htm )
  8. Yes AFT-10 from the PLA 72nd Group Army