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  1. Zyklon

    General AFV Thread

    Anyone got an idea which AFV that is?
  2. Zyklon

    Bash the Pak-Fa thread

    Apparently now it seems 15 Su-57s are expected, and serial (full scale) production is expected to start in 2023 when izd.30 is ready http://uacrussia.ru/ru/press-center/news/oak-i-ministerstvo-oborony-rossii-podpisali-kontrakty-na-postavku-su-57-i-mig-35
  3. Zyklon

    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Naval LCA Prototype, its hideous
  4. Zyklon

    Microfighters and other Air stuff coming from Romania

    While the idea seems good, i think its just too small to work well, especially since they also want to have an internal weapons bay on it which just kills its range. And also while LO is going to shorten engangement ranges by a bit, it surely isn't sparing you from BVR
  5. Zyklon

    General AFV Thread

    Ha-Go, though only used for ceremonial purposes.
  6. Welp, i got bored, so now i may introduce to the Passanger 2 and 3, don´t ask what happened to 1! The planes are designed for 96 Passengers and have Intercontinental range. As you may have seen by now there are not 2, but actually 4 "different" planes, this is because i tried to develope a kind of family of planes which basicly use mostly the same components and just differ a bit in engine configuration and amount Both P2s don´t require any airbrakes since you can slow down pretty well with flaps but if you are incompetent like me just use thrust reverse. Both jets have an MTOW of around 121 tons and take off and land smoothly at around 85 [m/s] (190 [mph]) They also turn pretty well sometimes soo well that your wings will snap off. The P3 series is a bit heavier overhaul but it also carries a bit more fuel and also adds some air breaks since when kick on the Thrust-Reverse mid landing since you are on a too fast approach things can get nasty. Overhaul they have pretty much the same performance as the P2s when it comes to take off and landing aswell as their flight qualities though they obviously have a bit better range. All planes can reach around mach 0.95 though the P2 ME is the fastest accelerating one, also for a small build i just look into for around 1hr after school they turned out pretty well, from a shitty ksp player persperctive like mine atleast.
  7. Zyklon


    Is this somewhat a BMPT Kurganets then? Or a TD variant with an unusual secondary layout
  8. Fire Dragon 480, seems like something similar to ATACMS
  9. Zyklon

    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Some Mirage 2K Testbed for some rafale sensor?
  10. Production of some of the Newer Chinese IFVs, maybe ZBD 08??