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  1. Zyklon

    Bash the Pak-Fa thread

    Would you be kind enough to post the original source, i have some people nagging me already with that.
  2. Zyklon

    Turkish touch

    Well BMC, which is contracted for developing a new powerpack might get technical assistance from perkins, similar to what AVL List did to Tumosan before the sanctions
  3. Zyklon

    Turkish touch

    "Altai-T2 (210 tanks) - Improved armor/protection - Ammunition isolation - Ability to work with guided weapons [GL-ATGMs ?] - Crew training mode - mobile camouflage net" Soo the initial 40 vehicles will not have amunition isolation?? Their indiginous engine efforts have been hampered, but AFAIK MTU is offering them a MTU 880/870? https://www.mtu-online.com/mtu/anwendungen/militaerische-fahrzeuge/schwere-fahrzeuge-baureihe-870-880/index.de.html
  4. Zyklon

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Well due to its weight constriction it just wasn´t able to keep up with its heavier opponents, we speak about having wayy less armour, less upgradeability in terms of firepower FCS etc. It all in all is a fine vehicle if you have the limitations that air mobility has in your mind.
  5. Zyklon

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Well here goes the light tank round i hope i got everyone! Light tanks: Sturgeons Sandys: E4: his one is a very neat idea and would have been a very good winning candidate if this competition would have been about airdroppable tanks even though the MG on the loaders side is a bit of a hazard. Sadly, however its competitors just outclass it E6: Well at the first glance this awesome turret armour combined with a pretty decent main and secondary armament is looking pretty good, the big problem however is that the hull is so lightly armed that probably a decent HE shot form an enemy tank on the turret is going to shred the hull. Then the 20mm gun is is probably better to do away with it because in general in combat the gunner is engaging anything remotely tank looking, be it IFV, MBT or just some crazy jihadyota with his main gun due to visibility and target ID aswell as to make sure you really destroy the target since 20mm is not exactly all that powerfull NLM: I got to be honest, I really liked that wheeled death trap for some reason but sadly it has some problems with its cross-country mobility due to it being a wheeled vehicle. Also your choice of Armament while cool is not exactly that powerful as for example sturgeons entry, sure your ATGM is going to be a lot better against heavy armour but due to it being MCLOS for now it really is hard to hit anything, and while the 35mm gun is a well balanced system it does not provide as much single shot HE potential as heavier gun from the opponents. A.T. Mahans: First of all, bold text is pretty straining to read, especially on mobile but well i guess since these were your first posts its not that big of a deal and now you know The tank is pretty solid though it ofcourse does have problems aswell, first the idea with RR is not that bad though with only 2 shots and risky reloading from the outside does not make it as effective as for example the ATGM solution or gun solution of other competitors. Applesauce Bandits: While it is a very pretty boy it sadly never made it into the judging area since there was basically very sparse info. Toxns: Even though the MG is on the wrong side this tank was choose because it basicly is the best allrounder, decent armour, mobility, gun and if shit really hits the fan you can make nearly the same tank but just in heavy. Another great advantage of this tank was that its upgradeability was emphasized, since the initial version does lack things like rangefinder etc. it however is designed to use tech that will become available in the near future. What I personally really like (which i will explain more in the heavy tank section) is that your engine is very service friendly.
  6. Zyklon

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Update: The key official who was responible for this unacceptable delay was found drunken in a barn and is, appart from a severe hangover, fine and ready to work again!
  7. Zyklon

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Double grenade launchers and Manpads should definatly be a requirement in the next competition
  8. Zyklon

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    I don´t really have a problem with that, and i don´t think any of the other judges has a problem with that either.
  9. Zyklon

    General AFV Thread

    Anyone got an idea which AFV that is?