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  1. As far as I am aware, you simply use a longer swing arm if you want longer travel. However, considering that you can't have 1000 mm of travel because of obvious reasons, you need better dampening, which is where the actual performance of the suspension comes in. The reason why the Challenger II has less travel is because it does not need it. The better dampening compensates for it. Think about how the recoil mechanism of a gun works. Thanks for explaining! How? As long as you can adjust the pressure of the hydraulic line, it should not really add anything to the system. AFV manufactures keep advertising their "open architecture high speed networked" AFVs. This means that all the subsystems are networked together. No additional wiring needed between the FCS and main computer, and no extra needed wiring between the main computer and suspension control unit. If not, I would honestly fire the engineer in charge of these systems for incompetency. Or straight out reject the AFV as a costumer. The rest is just code: def suspension_temperature_compensation(temp_value, adjust_value): """ Program for adjusting the suspension after the ambient temperature. """ sus_adjust = temp_value * adjust_value return sus_adjust suspension_temperature_compensation(80, 0.1) By inputting the value 80, meaning 30 degrees C ( -50 C becomes 50, and 30 C becomes 30, 50 + 30 = 80), and the adjustment value, which would be the expansion ratio of the gas compered to the temperature. I set it to a arbitrary 0.1, which would make the function output 8, as in 8 mm increase in the suspension height. This would then be feed into a the controller of the suspension, which would adjust accordingly. Actually, the entire code above would probably be integrated into the ride height programming. This was coded in Python, for those who want to know the syntax. This is not really complex. Digital programming does not really break down faster because of more complexity. Or you can use a virtual PID regulator. It would be better.
  2. Use nitrogen? Like a valve? Welcome to SH! Has any tank designer considered moving most of the working elements out of the suspension unit? Simply move the accumulator inside the hull, or away. Then you have a simple hydraulic actuator and a swing arm outside the hull, which should not really be much bigger than torsion bar. To vary the dampening, add a valve between the accumulator and the hydraulic line. Something like this:
  3. Not sure how comparing the suspension travel of two different suspensions makes sense here? You could simply make a Hydropneumatic suspension with more travel right? So you are saying that the hydropneumatic suspension is heavier than torsion bar, and that it is lighter is a myth? What was the weight of the vehicle? Why not just tell the suspension to adjust to the temperature? The FCS has a temperature sensor last I checked, simply share that with the main computer and tell the suspension to adjust accordingly. Or take the next step and go for active suspension. Won't the springs and their equivalent suffer the same fate? Spring can break under high localized pressure, they also wear out faster this way. It is just another mechanism of wear. Leaf spring suspension is also lighter, less complex and cheaper too, why are we not using it? The same argument was used in the 1940s against torsion bar. Simply begin kneeling before reaching the prepared firing spot? It should not really make a difference on relatively flat terrain.
  4. Xoon

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    Damn, correct. I would also add that it had a domestic turret and used ordinary steel plates.
  5. Xoon

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    Finally got some internet again. So I have a hard one for you guys. What makes this Landsverk L-120 unusual?
  6. Xoon

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    IKV 90:
  7. This is genius. Using Neural networks to make ads. Using the virtual space of the internet to do millions of simulations a day. This is just GENIUS. You can't do this in reality, as every sheet of paper costs money, but in virtual reality, you can make trillions of copies without costing a dime. The possibilities are just endless.
  8. Xoon

    The UK Brave Space For Shitposting and Other Opinions Thread

    I am highly skeptical to this law. Considering all the policing, witch hunts, smear campaigns and the "It is a automated system, therefor, we are not actually acting like a Totalitarian police state with very vague rules to allow us to ban indiscreetly anyone we like , it is just some bugs ;)" we see in mayor social media platforms. Most youtubers are switching to patron type income because they are shut down for questionable reasons. The Nazi's just wanted to clean out the inferior, degenerate part of humanity. To make sure only the best suited would lead on the next era of humanity. They only had good intentions right? Well, history speaks for itself. If they pull it off as they claim. Kudos to them. But I am sure they have a few hidden intentions. And if not, then the next generation will exploit it.
  9. Xoon

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    A question to the guys here that have experience with repairing cars. I got a Volvo V50 2007, 1,6L TDI, FWD. 190 000 Km. Sometimes, when the car runs at right below 2000RPM, usually in fourth gear going 60-70Kp/h, up a slight hill, engine running a little heavy, the steering wheel begins to shake and the car loses power slowly. When I press the accelerator, the steering wheel begins to shake more and more, and it feel like the engine begins to shake a lot, though I have not dared to give too much gas, in fear of damaging the engine. The engine gains in practice zero power, fuel usage stays almost the same. What seems to temporarily fix the issue, is the downshift, rev the engine, and the problem is gone. Sometimes I need to downshift two gears. Fuel consumption usually sits around 6,0L per 100km, when it happens. It has happened once in second gear. The engine also has had issues with small "coughs" where it loses power for a very short periods, usually 1-3 in a row, then gone. In some very bad cases, the engine loses all power for a second, feeling like someone slammed the brakes for a second. About, three months ago, a yellow engine lamp also appeared for about a week, then went away. It has also been on service in that time, nothing bad found apart from a broken heater. The problem has bothered the car for a couple of years now, but recently it has gotten progressively worse, happening more and more often. The mechanics have not found anything.
  10. Xoon

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Basically a large push switch connected to a relay that activates one or two shaped charges? Seems to me like it.
  11. My bad, but wasn't it one of the prototypes also for the Europanzer? This image is commonly used for the Europanzer.
  12. Side view of Europanzer, a failed Franco-German tank project, predecessor to the Leopard 1 and AMX-30. Same tank that Zuk posted.
  13. Xoon

    European Union common defense thread

    According to this guy, that wrong call already came. Thoughts @Alzoc? Also, does anyone have a link to the new directive he is talking about in this video?