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  1. Xoon

    CV-90, why so much love ?

    the new mortar carrier?
  2. Xoon

    General news thread

    yeah, I got LoooSeR'ed
  3. This is honestly incompetent beyond belief. The warship had several warnings well in advance and said that "it was under control". This is a disaster for sjøforsvaret. Russia's northern fleet might as well be scuttled and then invest in some old cargo ships with reinforced bows.
  4. Xoon

    General news thread

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but Norway recently lost a Frigate in a collision with a oil tanker during operation trident: The Frigate apparently did not yield as it was supposed to do and collided with the oil tanker, tearing a 10m long tear in the side. This effectively sunk 20% of Norway's active frigate fleet and costs the armed forces millions. The media absolutely loves this, and can't stop talking about the damn warship. Even the got damn engineering magazines talk about it. Source: https://www.nrk.no/hordaland/nato_-knm-_helge-ingstad_-drev-navigasjonstrening-da-ulykken-skjedde-1.14287721
  5. Xoon

    European Union common defense thread

    I am curious about how the US could collapse? Would a Kaiserreich esc thing happen? Pacific States of America, Cascadia, New England, Texas and the US. Only thing I could imagine would be a economic collapse that would hit critical mass on the political divide. California breaking lose with Washington and Oregon, forming a sort of Pacific States of America, could be a possibility, but they would have to secure a sustainable water source to have a chance. Cascadia could declare independence, being isolated from the US by PSA. New England could break lose with the states between North Carolina and itself. Excluding Washington DC. A nationalist Texas movement could take advantage of the situation and break lose and regain their lost territories. A invasion from Mexico or Canada would probably be unlikely. Though, if the US lost a war, it could be artificial divided to weaken it. Like the plan for Germany after WWII: To be honest though, apart from being divided by war, this sound a bit insane.
  6. More likely to centralize power. Loss of a proper military for the states means loss of sovereignty, which benefits the goal of unifying Europe.
  7. Xoon

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    A road trip video a friend of mine made:
  8. Here in Norway everything is slow as hell outside the capitol. In my region, the highest road standard is "motor traffic road" which is a two lane road separated in the middle by a barrier, with sometimes a bypass/hill clime lane. The highest speed limit is 80km/h, but usually 70km/h. Only around the capitol do we have freeways with a incredible 110km/h speed limit! Still the easterners complain about their four lane, 110km/h excellently maintained roads with excellent bus and train coverage is not good enough. Meanwhile, where I live, out main artery is a two-lane 70km/h speed limit road, which alternates sometimes to 50km/h, with traffic jams running through the municipalities in the area. I can physically feel when I drive into Norway, from Europe, and then again, when I enter my district. It takes 41 hours (3000km) to drive North to south in Norway, from kirkenes to Stavanger, unless cutting through Sweden.
  9. if disagree == True: person = "small penis" * Just had to.
  10. Damn Americans can't stay away from our bacon hot dogs! Just don't get massacred by cocky elementary school children with snowballs....
  11. Taking the 50mm in the griffin and installing it in the CV90?
  12. Wasn't one of the big selling points of the Bushmaster III that changing from 35 to 50mm was easy? Also, I am speaking about the CV90, not the Griffin.
  13. Not sure how showing a CV90 with a bushmaster 50mm would change anything. The US has already tested the gun on the Bradley. And if you thinking about the recoil or similar, the CV90 is capable of fitting the Bofors 57mm gun. Source: http://www.ointres.se/projekt_strf90.htm
  14. That's pretty comprehensive. Though, I find it weird. Do you know if Ethercat or Ethernet/IP was considered? I think it would make a lot more sense in a military application.
  15. Xoon

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify. I really appreciate it.