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  1. Israeli AFVs

    Not sure if you have seen these, so I will just drop these here, apparently Merkava 4 suspension:
  2. General AFV Thread

    Looks like it failed to cross.
  3. Get Away, Damnit. (The Camping Thread)

    As you all know, I am Norwegian. And I think we do camping a bit different from the average person from the US. Here in Norway we have the allemannsretten law, which in simplified terms means anyone can go anywhere. No need to concern about private property when hiking. So how most Norwegians hike, is by driving/walking to the foot of the mountain/area they wish to hike and then traveling to your destination. We have no designated camping spots in the same manner as in the US. So you have to find a good spot yourself. We also lack prepared trails usually, unless it is heavily used. We can also chop down trees and vegetation to make a campsite or a fire, as long as you don't leave a big scar. Campfire rules are simple, don't light them between the specified months, except in mountainous terrain or besides lakes/oceans. And also try and stay at least 200m from trails or cabins. I have friends in the US that laughed at me about how much equipment I usually carried while camping, saying you could just sleep on the hood. I find it hard however to get a truck up here: What you see here is heavy fog obscuring a steep drop into a river, probably a 50m fall. We have a use a set of chains bolted into the cliff face to get past this area. Here is good view of the valley further up when the fog is gone: The weather was kinda meh this day, demonstrated by my friend: For those that wonder, we went to a place called Molladalen, very beautiful place. You ascend about 800m I believe, so a easy trip. I sometimes go hiking in the mountains when I am bored, usually I don't need more than a jacket or a par of sunglasses if the weather is not shitty. Anyone interested in winter hiking? It is by far my favorite: I love it, well as long as I remember to check my hands and feet once in awhile, almost lost my hand once.
  4. Israeli AFVs

    What is the bustle for?
  5. Modern Tank Destroyers / Gun Carriers

    What is that on the exhaust of the Stryker? What is the name of this vehicle?
  6. Transmissions and final drives

    Feel free to share it as much as you want, anything I find for that matter. It's not mine anyways. Found it at Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt's site (Norwegian Military Science Institute).
  7. Transmissions and final drives

    It just struck me, but, does AFVs use ABS?
  8. General AFV Thread

    Should this be categorized as misinformation or just very bad research at the topic? Also, the amount of inaccurate depictions and misconceptions is staggering. Pretty sure the artist just reused old assets.
  9. General AFV Thread

    Good points, just wanted to add my two cents.
  10. General AFV Thread

    I see what you are saying. But I feel the egg shape falls flat because of this: Yes, a circle provides the most volume alone, followed by the hexagon when grouped together. But the thing is, most equipment is usually square, some with rounded edges. Radios, engines, ammo racks, seats, the turret basket/floor in the horizontal plane. This makes it really hard to use the extra volume created by a circle, as visualized above. All this volume becomes wasted and may add more weight to the vehicle. You could, of course, use fuel tanks, hydraulic lines, cabling or specially made equipment to better utilize the volume. Though this is not very optimal. The egg shape also removes some useful volume where it angles inwards, before it angles out again. Considering the wasted volume, the need for casting for because of the complex shapes and the added height of the vehicle, it is really hard to say if this shape really pays off. The angled side can be thinner, but it also has to be thicker than a similar RHA plate, since it is cast. And with the lost volume, you might end up finding the flat RHA plate lighter. It is a little unfair to compare the bottom of the hulls, since the egg shape could still be flat, at the cost of less blast mine protection. But it still shows off the amount of wasted volume. I feel the Russians really nailed with their shape, combing the best of both worlds, (The green is optional to show protection against blast mines):
  11. Transmissions and final drives

    Felt like sharing this gem: http://www.ffi.no/no/Rapporter/08-01220.pdf A report on hybrid electric vehicles. A neat idea here is to use the hybrid electric system to power a ETC gun. This could solve the power issue, at the cost of no or reduced mobility during firing.
  12. General AFV Thread

    I see the the reasons why, but did it really work out that well in practice? Does it provide any more protection than the T-54s hull shape, for the same weight?
  13. General AFV Thread

    What is the advantage of this hull cross section, say over the IS-7s hull cross section?
  14. Ah, thanks, I remembered wrong. 1200mm for missile. 600mm for Rocket.