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  1. Lets talk about languages

    Alright, Sufficient English* then.
  2. Lets talk about languages

    You two probably ended up speaking with the older generation, which English is very bad honestly.
  3. Lets talk about languages

    Depends on the person, but yes, a 13 year old Norwegian does about as well as a average adult American.
  4. Lets talk about languages

    Not to discredit you or anything, but "the" does not exist in Scandinavian languages. "En" means specifically one, singular, only one. In Swedish/Norwegian/Danish "En bil" translates to "One car" or "A car" in English. However, "The car" translates to "Bilen". And because we Scandinavians hate consistency, this does not even necessarily carry over to other words. Example: "Bilen, døra, huset, dama, og hode" translates into "The car, the house, the lady (or girlfriend), and the head" And to make matters worse, we have loads and loads of dialects. Oslo-, Østlendings-, Telemarks-, Agders-, Stavangers-, Sørlendings-, Bergens-, Sogner-, Sogn og Fjordanenes-, Sunnmørs-, Ålesunders-, Moldensers-, Nordals-, Trønders-, midtlendings-, Nordlendings-, and immigrant speak dialects. And this is only the few most commonly known ones. I could probably write a page or two. Most likely, if you learn Norwegian, you will learn the Eastener dialect and bokmål, the governments most used written language. You might learn nynorsk, which is more akin to a compound of the dialects of Norway, and if you are a hipster, you could learn blandingnorsk, which is a mix of both. But you might end up with a "foreigner dialect" since many people that try to learn Norwegian without speaking with Norwegians end up with no dialect, making them sound very stale. I dunno how close Germans and Dutch are, but Norwegians and Danish share basically the same written language, since those bastards only wanted danish to be though at universities and to be used by the government, and since the Black death pretty much killed everyone, wiping out Norse. Our verbal language is closer to Swedish though, so we can easily communicate, though with some errors. Danish is a bit harder, and but we can still understand each other if we have to, but most of the time we prefer English. Icelandic is a bit harder, which is old Norse. Takes a bit for me to understand, but I still understand them. The finish sounds like this for us" Hakka paka, pelite mitrta makke", basicly a lot of "akka, pelite", same goes for Sami. When it comes to German, we can communicate very basically. And English you may ask? Well, pretty much every kids past primary school speaks and writes English as well as a American.
  5. Then you I assume you understand how a monitor makes no difference.
  6. You can still notice something at the corner of your eye on a flat screen. Ever played FPS? Humans are good at tracking moving objects at the edge of their vision, be at on a screen or physical object.
  7. I remember seeing a video on liveleak of a identical SVBIED during the Coalition siege of Mosul. Pretty sure it is the same one, so I think this information is wrong, at least the "biggest ever produced" part.
  8. The two ATGMs are identical, and considering the RWS does only mount a javelin, it means the MCT-30 in this picture has two Javelins. Never heard about the MCT-30 using anything else than Javelins.
  9. General AFV Thread

    Used up all our money on the F35s. And yes, in short it says that the modernization is insufficient in combating the Armata series (The Armata series is not mentioned, but EVERY Norwegian knows what they mean when they say potential enemies.) They are not saying that we will use the old Leos until 2025 though: "Konsekvenser ved denne utsettelsen vil bli søkt redusert gjennom ulike tiltak for videreføring av stridsvognkapasiteten og kompetansen frem til nye stridsvogner er på plass." "The consequences of this delay will be reduced by searching through different alternatives for continuation of tank capacity and competence until new tanks are acquired". Not a perfect translation because the wording was quite strange, but it gets through the point.
  10. This is actually really good, and I REALLY hope feminists don't latch on to this and distorts this. And as mentioned by Jeep, a male role model is extremely important for a child's development, the higher risk of crime, drop out and poverty is extreme. This is what gangs thrive on, as they act as a "male role model" for the young men seeking a masculine role model.
  11. Honestly I feel like this entire gun control thing has went off the rails. People have no idea what they want. They want it black and white. So why don't we try and map out what people want and how this can be accomplished with gun control. First off, gun control activist want to reduce the deaths and damage caused by guns every year I presume. Let's take take the 11 000 figure rounded down because I am lazy. This is the biggest and easiest problem to fix, as the others are user faults and requires prohibitively expensive and complex solutions. Suicides are irrelevant since the reason of suicide is not the gun, take the Netherlands where 40% are done with death by tram, are trams the issue here? No. Ok, now, what type of guns kill people the most? According to you guys, 90% deaths are caused by handguns. This equates to 9 900 deaths, the only way to reduce this by removing guns is the ban all gun sales, which is not doable, since I am pretty sure no country has ever done this, and since we are talking about Murica, the land of guns, this is in practice impossible. What about banning all other guns? Machineguns, ARs, shotguns, etc. You would then reduce deaths by 10%, or 1100 deaths. Honestly, not really a impressive figure, and lets think about this realistically, how did actually a more powerful firearm aid the killer in these 10%? Not much, and the actual reduction would be much lower. What other solutions do we have? Licence regulations. Most mass shootings are caused by unstable or mentally ill individuals, scrubbing them out of the system would make a impact, banning semi-automatic guns, not sure how. A license regulation if properly done should be happily accepted by gun rights activist, since it still allows legal gun owners to own almost anything they want, if they qualify for it. Yes, licenses could be regulated like cars. A hunting licence for a proper rifle, either semi or bolt action depending on hunting regulations, and regulations regarding magazine size, since you do not need a 100 rounds drum mag to shot that one bullet through the dear's heart and lungs. Sub classes would exist, like small game and large game. A self defense carry license, for handguns only. Why? Because out of practicality, you want something small with enough power to scare away the attacker, a semi 9mm pistol (or 45. ACP and similar) should do, having a MG3 on your back that you want to deploy and cock before use is not. For target shooting, shotguns, rifles and pistols manufactured for this purpose would be allowed in a target shooting licence, with sub classes for each type of weapon. For joy shooters, basically the people that buy a MG with a ammunition back pack just for the joy of shooting it downrange, you could have a collectors licence. It would again come in sub classes depending on the type of weaponry. Licences would be renewed every so often, require membership in a club, allow random check ups, regular use and to be revoked by the club or government if the individual is not deemed fit to operate the firearm. In a very pro gun activist version of this, we could reduce gun related deaths, and allow gun owners to own machine guns, rifles, shotguns, ect. If we legalize many banned guns, we could effectively kill the black market. Though, some guns should be soft banned, no using a 14,5mm HMG to hunt, or a anti-material rifle for self-defense, or a automatic AR as something you can carry around on your back anywhere. This is honestly up to you guys, since you know what type of guns people want. Lastly, i have to say this biometric safety thing sounds like bullshit. How is the sensor supposed to stop the owner from firing the gun? With a small lock or restricting the firing pin? This can easily be bypassed by removing the lock. The only reason this works in cars is because they have a computer inside that requires a specific code, or else they won't unlock the steering wheel, spray fuel into the engine, open the throttle body, and such. I have maintained a few rifles and they are simply too simple to have such a system, it could work on a railgun or a coilgun, but not on a chemically operated gun.
  12. The point is, cars provide economic growth. They allow people to travel, earn and spend money. Transport goods and such. A gun does not, since they not the same. Of course, this is not how it is represented, because saying to the public "Yes, we are going to kill more people a year because we want more economic growth in this area" does not really catch on well. I am not sure what the problem is with automatic weapons and semi-automatics. The problem is not the weapon, it is the shooter. Why not just improve the licence process? In Norway, you have to store the weapon in a weapons locker, separate from the ammunition, remove the bolt when storing it. You have to be a in a hunting club to have a hunting rifle, a shooting club to have a shooting rifle. And you have random checkups, mandatory tests. Mental issue tests and criminal background check. If you stop hunting or shooting, you lose your licence. Gun murders here are very rare. Basically, you need a reason to own a firearm here. This makes it hard however to own ridicules weapons like a AR15 for hunting. But you can legally own a MG42 and shoot with it, but those needs a collectors licence. My friend got one.
  13. The claim that videogame violence desensitize you is complete bullshit. Actually, statistics actually show a reduction in aggression and violent behavior. Videogames are a medium that people can act out their fantasies in, meaning they are not incentivzed to do it in real life. Want to go on a killing spree? Do it in a videogame for the same rush, with no downsides. Videogames tend actually to show humanities dark sides. Take a game DayZ, a a horror shooter about surviving a zombie apocalypse. People kidnap people, break their legs, make them bleed, force feeds them rotten food, poisons them and dumps them in the wilderness. They force people to fight for their life, or they are shot. And the average player also tends to go on a killing spree, killing newly spawned people that have no way of defending themselves. Basically a heavily armed soldier with hundreds of rounds mowing down people with just their fists or a shovel. These same people are perfectly working people that live normal lives and don't hurt a fly. About why politicians ban guns, but don't care about automobiles? Simple, money. Automobiles makes a lot of money directly for the country, guns make a small sum. This is how road speed is regulated, how much profits you want to earn, compared to how lethal you want the road.
  14. Colonization Of The Solar System

    East of the shackleton craters seems like the best spot for a lunar base: It has near constant sunlight throughout the lunar summer. Also a light map made by NASA, brighter means more sunlight throughout the six months. The most illuminated ares marked here: A and B seems like the best location, since they receive the most sunlight of them all (81-85% of the day). Building a colony in this general location would be the best from a power standpoint. Cabeus and shoemaker crater are the best spots for mining water that can be refined to for example fuel. Lastly, flyover of the moon: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/3686 Source: http://www.nature.com/news/2007/071023/full/news.2007.182.html https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/LRO/multimedia/lroimages/lroc-20101215-south.html
  15. Colonization Of The Solar System

    Phobos and Deimos could be used for the same purpose as the moon, for cheaper materials and fuel to space. Since Mars has stronger gravity and a atmosphere, it take more power to transport materials to space.