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  1. [Collimatrix here, I fissioned this off from the active shooters thread. It's good discussion, but it should be separated from the other thread.] What is the tolerance for violence and misbehavior in US schools? I honestly do not have much of a good experience with US schools, I know very personally a girl who was assaulted and beaten, and sent to the hospital by a group of black girls because someone spread a rumor about her being racist. The irony being that she is scared shitless of being racist, to the point of fearing for her life. We have some fights on the schools here too, but usually only a fist fight, once on a blue moon a retard grabs a pipe or spike gun ammunition or a knife, but no murders or grievous wounds. I only know one mentally unstable individual on the highschools in my area, and I know he does not currently have access to any effective weaponry, if he ever does I will be sure to watch him.
  2. Literally almost a years worth of budget for Sjøforsvaret. Roughly 508 million USD. She took a lot of damage from the impact, and even more from being stranded and rubbing against the rocks. It is assumed that all electronics, instruments, drive line components, generators, interior and anything that can get wet must be replaced. Considering this is a warship, it is basically screwed.
  3. Yeah, I am Norwegian. This sounds legit, though badly translated. The reason the warship sank by the way, is because they anchored the ship to land to keep it steady. But it was a poor job, a wire broke, and when they tried to reinforce it, it became too dangerous and they had to abort half way. Later other wires broke, leading to a chain reaction causing the reinforced wire to rip out a chuck of rock and the ship sinking. Sjøforsvaret tells the media that it has no ship rescue capability "because they are not a ship rescue company" . That competence has to be outsourced. The ship is unofficially declared lost and not Worth repairing. A lot of memes about it: (It says boat is given away, has to be picked up in Øygarden and the batteries for the GPS has to be replaced. A captain can come with for free.)
  4. Xoon

    CV-90, why so much love ?

    the new mortar carrier?
  5. Xoon

    General news thread

    yeah, I got LoooSeR'ed
  6. This is honestly incompetent beyond belief. The warship had several warnings well in advance and said that "it was under control". This is a disaster for sjøforsvaret. Russia's northern fleet might as well be scuttled and then invest in some old cargo ships with reinforced bows.
  7. Xoon

    General news thread

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but Norway recently lost a Frigate in a collision with a oil tanker during operation trident: The Frigate apparently did not yield as it was supposed to do and collided with the oil tanker, tearing a 10m long tear in the side. This effectively sunk 20% of Norway's active frigate fleet and costs the armed forces millions. The media absolutely loves this, and can't stop talking about the damn warship. Even the got damn engineering magazines talk about it. Source: https://www.nrk.no/hordaland/nato_-knm-_helge-ingstad_-drev-navigasjonstrening-da-ulykken-skjedde-1.14287721
  8. Xoon

    European Union common defense thread

    I am curious about how the US could collapse? Would a Kaiserreich esc thing happen? Pacific States of America, Cascadia, New England, Texas and the US. Only thing I could imagine would be a economic collapse that would hit critical mass on the political divide. California breaking lose with Washington and Oregon, forming a sort of Pacific States of America, could be a possibility, but they would have to secure a sustainable water source to have a chance. Cascadia could declare independence, being isolated from the US by PSA. New England could break lose with the states between North Carolina and itself. Excluding Washington DC. A nationalist Texas movement could take advantage of the situation and break lose and regain their lost territories. A invasion from Mexico or Canada would probably be unlikely. Though, if the US lost a war, it could be artificial divided to weaken it. Like the plan for Germany after WWII: To be honest though, apart from being divided by war, this sound a bit insane.
  9. More likely to centralize power. Loss of a proper military for the states means loss of sovereignty, which benefits the goal of unifying Europe.
  10. Xoon

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    A road trip video a friend of mine made:
  11. Here in Norway everything is slow as hell outside the capitol. In my region, the highest road standard is "motor traffic road" which is a two lane road separated in the middle by a barrier, with sometimes a bypass/hill clime lane. The highest speed limit is 80km/h, but usually 70km/h. Only around the capitol do we have freeways with a incredible 110km/h speed limit! Still the easterners complain about their four lane, 110km/h excellently maintained roads with excellent bus and train coverage is not good enough. Meanwhile, where I live, out main artery is a two-lane 70km/h speed limit road, which alternates sometimes to 50km/h, with traffic jams running through the municipalities in the area. I can physically feel when I drive into Norway, from Europe, and then again, when I enter my district. It takes 41 hours (3000km) to drive North to south in Norway, from kirkenes to Stavanger, unless cutting through Sweden.
  12. if disagree == True: person = "small penis" * Just had to.
  13. Damn Americans can't stay away from our bacon hot dogs! Just don't get massacred by cocky elementary school children with snowballs....
  14. Taking the 50mm in the griffin and installing it in the CV90?
  15. Wasn't one of the big selling points of the Bushmaster III that changing from 35 to 50mm was easy? Also, I am speaking about the CV90, not the Griffin.
  16. Not sure how showing a CV90 with a bushmaster 50mm would change anything. The US has already tested the gun on the Bradley. And if you thinking about the recoil or similar, the CV90 is capable of fitting the Bofors 57mm gun. Source: http://www.ointres.se/projekt_strf90.htm
  17. That's pretty comprehensive. Though, I find it weird. Do you know if Ethercat or Ethernet/IP was considered? I think it would make a lot more sense in a military application.
  18. Xoon

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify. I really appreciate it.
  19. Just curious, could you tell me how the Marder compares to the Puma, maintenance wise? Like specific examples that don't break OPSEC. Do you know if it is Ethernet, Ethernet/IP or EtherCat?
  20. Xoon

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

    I know that the armor layout of the Strv 122 is less efficient. I was just wondering about this: I am confused here. Coli states "You can see that side armor was prioritized", referring to the hull side armor schematic. Then, you say : "It wasn't prioritized". And then you say : "The Strv 2000 should be better protected around the hull". Since the Strv 2000 should be better protected around the hull, would it not makes sense to think that the engineers prioritized side armor? I am not trying to strawman you or anything like that. It is just that your statements confuse me a little and I was wondering if you could clarify a bit.
  21. Xoon

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Most common issue is that the gas has leaked out.
  22. Xoon

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    What part of it does not work? The cooling or heating?
  23. Xoon

    Transmissions and final drives

    I see. I wonder if it would be more cost effective. Unlocking the breaks for towing would be useful. Forgot about that one. True. I think it only would need to be big enough to capture one or two full breaking sessions from top speed.
  24. Xoon

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

    Thank you for the correction, late night translation is not my strong suite. Good point. But one thing, doesn't the Strv 2000 have thicker sideskirts than the M1A1?
  25. Xoon

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

    " De tekniska studierna delades upp i kompetensuppbyggande studier och försök, konceptstudier samt projektstudier. Fysiskt skydd kom att prioriteras före beväpningssystem, ledningssystem och rörlighetssystem. Tre huvudkrav kom att bli konceptstyrande: Skjutning under gång varvet runt (360º) med huvudvapnet Direktutblick för vagnchefen från vagnens högsta punkt Överlevnad för vagn och besättning vid en träff i ammunitionslagringen Vidare beaktades de typiskt svenska förhållandena som normalt resulterade i speciella krav på försvarsmaterielen – den korta värnpliktsutbildningen följd av korta repetitionsövningar (dvs materielen måste vara lätt att handha) och det faktum att materielen under större delen av sin livslängd skulle ligga i mobiliseringsförråd med ett minimum av underhåll. Skydd I projekt Strv 2000 tillmättes skyddet i vid bemärkelse stor betydelse – eller stridsvagnens överlevnadsförmåga vad avser skydd mot upptäckt-identifiering-träff, skydd mot verkan och skydd mot efterverkan. Kraven sattes mycket högt både vad gäller låga signaturer inom våglängdsområdena för IR och radar, men framförallt för det ballistiska skyddet. Dessa inkluderade mycket förutseende krav på skydd mot minor och takverkande stridsdelar. Grundprincipen för vagnens uppbyggnad var ett minimiskrov i pansarstål som var tillräckligt tjockt för att kunna ta upp krafterna vid körning och skjutning. Det skulle också kunna ta upp de krafter som en yttre skyddsmodul kunde åstadkomma då den träffats. I det fall den yttre skyddsmodulen använde sig av principen med ett spontaninitierat tungt explosivt reaktivt pansar (t ex i kompositionen 15/3/9) – effektivt inte bara mot riktad sprängverkan, utan även kinetisk energi – kunde dessa krafter på grundstrukturen bli relativt stora. De försök som gjordes mot frontalt monterade moduler med denna typ av skydd visade att det var möjligt att kraftigt störa en penetrerande pilprojektil. Tanken var också att Strv 2000 skulle använda en stor andel keram i skyddskonstruktionen. Det faktum att den totala andelen keram skulle komma att uppgå till flera ton i respektive stridsvagn gjorde att ett det så kallade Skyddskeramprojektet startade upp 1988. Under ett par års tid gjordes försök med många olika typer av keram - Al2O3(aluminiumoxid), B4C (borkarbid) och TiB2 (titanborid) – men trots ett brett deltagande från svensk industri, FOA och FMV, blev det inte så mycket mer än en medioker referenskeram. Inspirerade av den valda skyddslösningen i den amerikanska stridsvagnen M1A1 DU där Chobhampansaret uppgraderats med skikt av utarmat uran, gjordes provskjutningar i Sverige även mot denna typ av material. Resultaten visade på möjligheten att nå bättre skyddsprestanda om volymen och inte vikten var gränssättande. Stor möda lades även på att åstadkomma en från besättningen separerad ammunitionslagring som skulle tåla såväl krutbrand som en detonation efter direktträff på en RSV-stridsdel med övertändning som följd. Den lösning som utarbetades fungerade och hade stora likheter med motsvarande utrymmen i Leopard 2 och M1A1 med så kallade ”blow off panels”, men hade en utvecklad princip för att förhindra total övertändning med total utslagning som följd. Skotten var placerade längst bak i chassiet. " Translation: " The technical studies are divided up into competence building studies and trials, concept studies and project studies. Physical armor is prioritzed over weapon systems, FCS and mobility systems. Three main requirements have steered the concept: - Firing while on the movie, 360 degrees with the main weapon. - Direct sight for the vehicle commander from the tanks highest point. - Survival of the tank and crew in case of a hit to the ammunition storage. Furthermore, the typical Swedish environment is considered, which normally results in special requirements for defense materials - the short conscription followed by short repletion exercise (meaning that the material needs to be easy to handle) and the fact that the material in bigger parts of its lifetime will be located at mobilization storage with a minimum of maintenance. Armor: In project Strv 2000 is armor of the highest importance - or the tanks survival chance against discovery - identification - hit, protection against impact, after armor protection. High requirements are sett for a low signature in the visual spectrum, for IR and for radar, men but most of all the armor. These include requirements for mine protection and roof armor. The principle of the tank construction is a minimal hull of armor steel, made strong enough to absorb the force when driving and firing. It should also be able to take up the force that a outer armor module would achieve when hit. In the case of the outer armor module, the use of the principle with a spontaneously initiated heavy explosive reactive armor (composition 15/3/9) - effective not only against directed explosive force (I assume HEAT) but also kinetic energy - could these forces on the hull be reality large. It was also thought that Strv 200 would use a large amount of ceramics in the armor construction. The fact that a big portion of ceramics would come to make up several tons in the tank in question, caused the so called ceramic armor project to be started in 1988. In a couple of years time a few tests were done with several different ceramics - Al2O3(aluminium oxide), B4C (boron carbide) and TiB2 (titan boride) - but even with a board cooperation between Swedish industry, FOA and FMW, the ceramics turned out the not be much more than a mediocre reference ceramics. Inspired by the armor solution chosen by the US tank M1A1, in which the Chobham armor was upgraded with a layer of depleted uranium, a firing trial was held in Sweden against this type of material. The results showed a possibility of better armor performance if volume and not the weight was the restricting factor. A lot of effort was put into producing the ammunition storage, separated from the crew, which can take a direct hit and detonation from a ATGM. The solution developed was similar to the Leopard 2 or M1A1 with their so called "blow off panels", but was also developed to stop a chain reaction from detonating all the ammunition. The ammunition was placed in the hull rear. " I translated the section covering the armor for you guys. Though I do not see anything indicating that the front engine required longer side armor. The requirements state the coverage, regardless of a front engine. Though the coverage required is similar to the M1A2 and Leopard 2's turret. I can translate more if anyone is interested.