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  1. [Collimatrix here, I fissioned this off from the active shooters thread. It's good discussion, but it should be separated from the other thread.] What is the tolerance for violence and misbehavior in US schools? I honestly do not have much of a good experience with US schools, I know very personally a girl who was assaulted and beaten, and sent to the hospital by a group of black girls because someone spread a rumor about her being racist. The irony being that she is scared shitless of being racist, to the point of fearing for her life. We have some fights on the schools here too, but usually only a fist fight, once on a blue moon a retard grabs a pipe or spike gun ammunition or a knife, but no murders or grievous wounds. I only know one mentally unstable individual on the highschools in my area, and I know he does not currently have access to any effective weaponry, if he ever does I will be sure to watch him.
  2. Xoon

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Basically a large push switch connected to a relay that activates one or two shaped charges? Seems to me like it.
  3. My bad, but wasn't it one of the prototypes also for the Europanzer? This image is commonly used for the Europanzer.
  4. Side view of Europanzer, a failed Franco-German tank project, predecessor to the Leopard 1 and AMX-30. Same tank that Zuk posted.
  5. Xoon

    European Union common defense thread

    According to this guy, that wrong call already came. Thoughts @Alzoc? Also, does anyone have a link to the new directive he is talking about in this video?
  6. So we are not phasing out the old M113 in the near future?
  7. Won't having two different platforms cost more in the long run?
  8. Why not use the CV90 as a platform instead?
  9. So anything from SMGs, automatic pistols, assault rifles, HMGs?
  10. What counts as a machine gun in the UK?
  11. Xoon

    European Union common defense thread

    Visegrad group is certainly working on that part, being a huge thorn in the EU's back.
  12. Not sure if anyone has posted this: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=a9Xm2_1527726253 Can't manage to embed it. It is a video of the parkland shooter planning his attack. I think it is pretty easy to see what motivates school shooters.
  13. Xoon

    European Union common defense thread

    If you are referring to me, then my point was not to defend against Russia, just to simply ease up the growing pressure from the EU and NATO on Russia. For North Europe, Turkey and the middle east is not really relevant.
  14. Xoon

    The UK Brave Space For Shitposting and Other Opinions Thread

    Here in Norway we have a famous case of a woman going on a nacht (after party, party) with 2-3 other guys and getting high on MDMA. They had intercourse, and the woman later accused them of rape. This case got huge media coverage. The media and the people siding with the woman. The court found the men not guilty however. The woman did not like the verdict and doxed the men. This caused them to receive a massive wave of harassment and being forced to isolate themselves. They got their life ruined. Which is why the identity of the person is protected.
  15. Xoon

    Israeli AFVs

    Does this actually have to do with protection, or is it just for fashion? Because I feel a lot of armored car producers try to make their vehicles cool over practical in some cases:
  16. Xoon

    Israeli AFVs

    Does the vehicle have a reason to look so funky?
  17. Xoon

    Tank Layout

    There is really no point in having a transmission for a series hybrid electric tank. The PWM motor controller works as the gearbox, the gearbox would only cause a drop in efficiency and take up considerable space. All motors should be geared, as it is more efficient than adding poles to reduce the RPM and increase the torque. This is accomplished by the final drive. For wheeled death traps, it can be a pretty huge thing. Being able to remove the drive shafts under the crew compartment would mean a much lower vehicle. Being able to move the motors outside the chassis and inside the wheels would greatly increase space. Also, the vehicle can effectively torque steer. However, it comes at a cost. You can only fit a so and so big motor and reduction gear inside the wheel, limiting power. The motor and reduction gear is also more exposed to damage and the outside environment, leading to more wear and tear. Cooling can also be a issue. I would not expect more than 600hp combined. So no super heavy wheeled death traps.
  18. Xoon

    French flair

    I guessed it was Volvo Penta, since they had produced engines for tanks in the past, IKV 90 for example. The CB90 and CV90 shares engines by the way, as a example. But a Renault engine makes a lot more sense.
  19. Xoon

    French flair

    Is the engine, the Volvo Penta D9-500?
  20. Xoon

    Syrian conflict.

    I am curious, why do we see so many tanks in cities?
  21. Xoon

    European Union common defense thread

    "This obligation of mutual defence is binding on all EU countries. However, it does not affect the neutrality of certain EU countries and is consistent with the commitments of EU countries which are NATO members." I believe this is why Sweden signed it. Not sure what this line entails, but the only way of not affecting the neutrality of a nation, is that they can't promise to help. I am honestly not sure what the British were thinking with the "Norway model". They won't really get to take advantage of leaving the EU without another model. Unless they wanted to reduce immigration. Hopefully the EU will continue this development. A constitution better be made openly for people to critique and improve. There are so many ways a constitution can be exploited and used for evil. Simply copying the US constitution won't work this time. Part of the problem is the lack of protectionism for the member states. In my area for example, it is very common for a huge German business to sweep in and buy up a local company with a revolutionary new technology. Then move the company abroad, to Germany or Eastern Europe for cheaper labor. Then the local company is gone, the workers lose their job, and country loses another income source it has spent lots of resources developing. This really kills any industry development in the region, forcing us to import from abroad, which again, Germany which is one of our biggest trade partners, profit from. For the Eastern European countries, they get all their factories bought up by foreign companies. Essentially having everything bought up and dictated by foreign investors. A huge fear in Norway is that, large European companies could sweep in at buy up critical infrastructure like the energy sector and jack up the power cost. Ironically, the EU is extremely trade protectionist against outside members, meaning it conserves the companies that reside inside it, meaning the bigger companies in the more industrially advanced and technological advanced countries eat up the smaller ones in the smaller members without any competition from similar sized or larger companies outside the EU. As you said, nothing is free. Free trade creates large profits for the companies in the joining member initially, then it gets eaten by a bigger foreign company, killing local business. This is what the workers fear. While this is true, the US has a very good reason for keeping military presence in Europe. It makes a collective or regional less attractive (Nordic Defence Union, European Army). They provide protection for favorable trade deals and political support. It gives them political leverage in the countries in the affected countries, just watch when the US goes on another War on Terrorism or similar, right behind is the countries they provide protection for. We like to call them the coalition. If a country refuses, the US can pull out its military support, making the country vulnerable, and at the mercy of other regional powers (Russia for example, in the case of Europe). The fear is that the region loses any saying in laws and politics, and suffers economically as a consequence. This is a very sad truth. It would ease the tension in the Baltic sea and the killzone up in Svalbard. Though, the arctics are becoming increasingly more valuable and more and more nation are arguing over their claims. The idea was not to make them buffer states, but a large Neutral Union would make the Russians more at ease. Being trapped in the Baltic, or in at the Danish strait, or in North Sea encourages them to invade their neighbors to secure their core. Here is NATO's border with Russia. As you can see, they are completely boxed in: Blue= NATO. Light Blue= Possible Future NATO member. White= Neutral Orange= Russian Allies not forced to join a war with Russia. Here is the EU border with Russia, they in-boxing is even worse: Green= EU Yellow= EFTA/possible future EU members. Nordic Union, Russia suddenly has some breathing space in the North (economically), and the front line is only Latvia: Neutral= White Green= EU Orange = Russian Allies. Light Blue = Possible Future NATO. This is a great idea. This sounds like a good start. The biggest issue is the fear that the member country will lose control over the immigration into its borders. As long as the country can reliably handle it. Taking in too many only results in poor integration, which leaves many with poor language skills, poverty or homelessness. Also, refugees, as in people fleeing war, needing a asylum until the war or event in question is over, should not travel past several countries that give them asylum just to get to the richer welfare states. Equipment commonality is a good start. Fighters, ships, AFVs, infantry equipment etc. Probably the US or China.