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  1. [Collimatrix here, I fissioned this off from the active shooters thread. It's good discussion, but it should be separated from the other thread.] What is the tolerance for violence and misbehavior in US schools? I honestly do not have much of a good experience with US schools, I know very personally a girl who was assaulted and beaten, and sent to the hospital by a group of black girls because someone spread a rumor about her being racist. The irony being that she is scared shitless of being racist, to the point of fearing for her life. We have some fights on the schools here too, but usually only a fist fight, once on a blue moon a retard grabs a pipe or spike gun ammunition or a knife, but no murders or grievous wounds. I only know one mentally unstable individual on the highschools in my area, and I know he does not currently have access to any effective weaponry, if he ever does I will be sure to watch him.
  2. CV-90, why so much love ?

    Pictures from Joint Reindeer exercise: Source: https://forsvaret.no/fakta/aktivitet/ovelser/joint-reindeer-2018 https://forsvaret.no/aktuelt/trener-sammen-for-å-bli-gode-sammen
  3. The Leopard 2 Thread

    Pictures from Joint Reindeer exercise: Source: https://forsvaret.no/fakta/aktivitet/ovelser/joint-reindeer-2018 https://forsvaret.no/aktuelt/trener-sammen-for-å-bli-gode-sammen
  4. AFV Engines

    Not too similar. (Taken from a high performance liquid-cooled BLDC motor.)
  5. AFV Engines

    Does a turbine give a similar torque curve to electric motors?
  6. AFV Engines

    How much can you stall a turbine engine before it dies?
  7. General cars and vehicles thread.

    I wonder why a W12 engine?
  8. This is a thread for discussing education. Created to avoid derailing the Post election thread. Keep it civil and be high in openness.
  9. How about the old Homeguard model in Norway? During a 60-80s, about 1 in 40 Norwegian were a part of the Homeguard, and the HG soldiers kept their rifle and equipment at home. This meant that the military was highly integrated into the population, meaning that the people always had the support of the military, and with access to second grade military gear if the government went rogue. Considering the homeguard outnumbered the army by 12:1 right now, I think they would have a fair chance, with actual training.
  10. A interesting thought crossed my mind recently regarding a discussion about civil war in Sweden. The discussion basically boiled down to that unless the people got the Military's support, there was no way in hell a rebellion could emerge. This is simply because of the large military and reserve in comparison to the population, and how integrated it is into the common man. Would the second amendment work out for small countries like Scandinavian ones?
  11. Norway is a example of why gun control does not stop mass shooters, we have strict gun control. And even still, he was actually going to get a AK, but he was too impatient.
  12. I agree, the US is almost like Europe. Not sure how banning guns would lower gun violence, if it is for exampled caused by gang wars in a few major cities. People in the entire country losing their guns, because a few gangs had a war and the media caught wind of recent statistics. Does not really make sense, unless you are motivated by different agendas.
  13. Huh, just calculated Norway's murder-rate per 100 000, and it is at 0,57 per 100 000 people in 2012. (SSB) Russia's murder-rate is 11,31 per 100 000 people, the highest in the Europe. (Wikipedia) Austria has the lowest at 0,51 per 100 000 people. (Wikipedia) I guess the variation is pretty big in Europe.
  14. Since we are talking about taxes and trumps tariffs is a hot debate. How do you people feel about the 25% steel tariff and 10% aluminum tariff? From what I understand, in a oversimplified manner, tariffs basically increases the price of the goods by the percent set. For example a foreign steel company produces steel at 1 Dollars for 1kg of steel, while a domestic company sells steel at 1,2 a kilogram, With a 25% tariff on steel, the foreign steel company's steel would cost 1,25 dollars a kilogram, making the domestic company competitive. The downside is that now the nationally, the price of steel has increased, making all steel related goods more expensive. This then affects the consumer, which has to pay more for their product. Extremely simplified, it is negative for the consumer, but positive for the domestic industry. However, if a domestic steel company can't keep up with foreign competition and no tariffs are placed, then they will eventually go bankrupt, losing the consumer potential jobs and losing the country revenue which it uses to serve the citizen. Or, it could make a domestic steel consumer unprofitable, like a car company, in which they move their factories abroad outside the tariff, or potentially bankrupt. I am no economist. But this is how I see the issue. Personally I feel a tariff on the import of manufactured goods makes more sense, which encourages domestic industry to import raw goods and manufacture them, then export it, effectively making a profit off other countries export.
  15. I was curious about what americans think about monarchies. Since the US has always been a Federal Republic with no king, I though you guys might have different views form say a Englishman, or a Saudi. I mainly want to focus on constitutional monarchies, but other types are welcome to discuss too. If you are from another country feel free to drop by too. This thread was created to share opinions of monarchies, and not to be political. So please do not start a flame war about crowing Trump king of America or something along that line. What inspired was a radical left movement in Norway that wants to abolish the monarchy, and I though why not learn about peoples opinions of monarchies, should the question ever arise. Note, the radical right also has a movement to abolish the king, but it currently has about as much traction as a M2 Bradly up a snowy hill. Also a side question, a federation is a union of states, what is a union of kingdoms? A elective monarchy like the Holy Roman Empire? Keep it civil, and keep it clean.
  16. America's view on Monarchies.

    You know who makes the machines? People like me. Let that sink in a bit.
  17. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    It is honestly a bit depressing considering the Norwegian army is driving around in refurbished Leopard 2A4s, the armor is practically dead weight. I guess the CV90 120 option sounds really tempting. How did the French mess up the LeClerc's armor that badly by the way? Didn't they use several weight saving measures?
  18. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    If we can presume that the diagram, and this is accurate, don't we now know how effective the composite armor is compared to RHA? Example: Side turret armor is 400mm thick, with a protection level of 380mm, equals 0,95 as effective per millimeter vs RHA vs CE. Also, it seems there is no protection gained for the turret side armor to be at 45 degrees, compared to 90 degrees?
  19. America's view on Monarchies.

    A democratic elective monarchy seems like the best idea then.
  20. I liked old norse law. If someone tried to dishonor you, you could challenge them to a fight to the death, if they declined then they get dishonored. If you get dishonored 3 times without acting, you will get punished by law xD Basically any dispute could be solved by holmgang, a sort of battle to the death on a small island.
  21. I think so, just clip fed and without a barrel shroud.
  22. Just out of boredom, I drew up a rifle/pistol that would be just as capable as a "assault weapon", while not counting as a assault weapon: A semi-automatic rifle in pistol or rifle caliber, since intermediate caliber is "too dangerous". It has a internal fixed magazine, feed by a 20-30 rounds clip, since detachable magazines are not allowed. A "thumbstock" since a pistol grip is not allowed, but a as long as it is part of the stock it is. The stock that extends all the way to cover the barrel, since a shroud is not allowed and also acts as a picatinny rail, since they are also not allowed, unless part of the gun, it is also not telescopic or fold-able. Also lacks barrel groves for suppressor, flash suppressor, or compensator, no bayonet lug, no grenade launcher. No selector. Not named AR-X or AK-X or associated with them. It is made in stamped steel and plastic, in grey and black for the "danger look" to troll anti-gun activists. I guess you could make it a bullpup since you need to have a large stock, but I am too lazy, it would save space though.
  23. Syrian conflict.

    LoooSeR, do you know how Russia felt about the recent ceasefire in Afrin? Norwegian media seems to blame Russia and Syria for breaking the ceasefire.
  24. This one is proven true. Our government has youth programs to keep the youth away from stealing and mischief. Fair enough. I meant to make it more streamline, less of a hassle, easier. I am pretty sure that a bit of paperwork would not stop a criminal or a murderer, so why annoy law abiding citizen? His Majesty King's Guard* Long live Colonel-In-Chief Sir Nils Olav III! The second last one sounds like a salty mother.