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  1. My anotherone article - this time: RAK SELF - PROPELLED MORTAR vs COMPETITION Article in english: https://fragout.uberflip.com/i/1173894-frag-out-magazine-26/11? RAK vs Nona, Vena, Chosta, AMOS, NEMO, Mjolner.
  2. @UP It's not suprise couse in middle 2000s' both: RCWS-30 and UTD-30 faild climatic tests in Poland during (not ended) BMP-1 MLU program. The same problems - not workin under -15C turrets. My coment: xD
  3. And and that this info's came public due to sevral polish military journalist in 2015 ;-) More seriously - sucht german patent: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/4a/31/76/4c24841d62e3ce/US20180224251A1.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1SAv9tFXS7rPPAqhy4YDU6Cu10vt5sGK7tYRqBN8BW55NaOliQHJI-JLA Show this idea: When we are talking sevral years ago the only posiblities to overcome sucht thick and multi-ERA-layerd armour like on Oplot-M (whit some consist Lmax for western 120mm ammo) was to change idea of the attack, and infos about data-link for M829E4, Nexter OLF-F1NG, and...KE2020 whare some aditional help to think how to hell it could work. And really the only resonable option is detached during fly precursor -in fact it can be very elegeant and simply solution but onnly whit state-of-art metalurgy. Just metal conection beetween main rod and precursor which overheat during fly lets go "precursor" - rest is pure areodynamic or in more complex way - small air breakers somwhere near fins or tracer - just tiny ones to very small incarase aerodynamic resistance.
  4. That's not the point - the point is that cut-viev have no single part accoding to infos about data-link. Why? IMHO it's just censored version for exibition not real M829A4. Thats all. ps. OK, there are minor changes at ignitor case and whole M829A3 for compare:
  5. I'm seriously doubt if this is real M829A4 cut-view. IMHO it's preapared mock-up for sucht shows and exibitions and some parts are removed. For example - where is data link? Igniter from M829A3 whit no changes? etc..
  6. From my article about 2AV armour. Many thanks for all peoples who help me whit this subject ;-) 2AV armour: Turret armour citadele: turret special armour: hull in 1st version: B&V test station, simmilar armour was choosen for 2A0: Compare wester and estern tank but important notice - in my article is almoust exatly the same as @SH_MM mentioned above: Compare: And AT weapons and sevral APFSDS munition:
  7. UP What is consist whit known test where armour module where able to stop DM43 from 2km
  8. Two photos of factory test RAK 120mm mortarsm taken by myself (huge - 12MB eacht)
  9. OK, so Poland is sending LOR for 60 Javelin FGM-147F/G CLU and 180 missailes as first bath. Javeli will go to Terytorial Forces not Armed Forces. Whole need is ca.255 Javelin CLU and 1,5k missailes + other ATGM. All is based here: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wojska_Obrony_Terytorialnej Right now Terytorial Forces had 17 brigades till december 2019. In eacht brigade we have: 5 infanty bde, and independent support company. In theory finall modell will look like this: Terytorial Forces Infanty Bde: all :18 ATGM's 1st inf reg in support platoon - 3x ATGM Javelin 2th inf reg in support platoon - 3x ATGM Javelin 3th inf reg in support platoon - 3x ATGM Javelin 4th inf reg in support platoon - 3x ATGM Javelin 5th inf reg in support platoon - 3x ATGM Javelin 1st independent support platoon - 3x Spike ATGM So whole terytorial forces need at least 255 Javelin ATGM and 51 Spike LR ATGM. Till now this 60 CLU and 180 missiles will be placed "temporary" on level "independent support platoon" but finall modell is like above. ====================================================== Other news in case ATGM in Poland: Polish WITU is developing "Mosqito" ATGM system - it will be ready in 2022 whit unit cost (ATGM) ca 75k $. 80% components is producet in Poland. And from the other side - Telesystem-Mesko is ending "The Pirate" system so laser guided ATGM: Whit very interesting "APSproof" laser guidence system.
  10. No idea There was a some talks on rather low level industry-industry and army-industry but whole talk was rather "if we then you can..". More or les low level claimed that 2A7V will be more cost effective solution then upgrade 2A6 and possible both countries will sell their tanks if they will buy new Leopard 2A7. As I know they are some aditional law resons why both countries may be forced to sell 2A6 and buy new 2A7 but I don't know details.
  11. My all dear friends, first of all - polish MoD mr Błaszczak is lying when he only open his mounth. The same PiS (Law and Justice party) goverment. This is faritails propose only by parlement election this outum in Poland. They will be no new tank in possible to recoginze future in Poland - 2PL, 2A5 after small upgrade and just refresh T-72M1 and thats all. Poland will take Finish 2A6 and Protugaleese if those countres will sell those tanks. And thats all. You must understand that this goverment is lying whole time and sucht "declaracton of interest" is only bubble talks to deluge all around - german partenrs, EU industry, polish soliders and...people before parlament election. Whole goverment narration is about "building strong army" whit 4th division, unit deploy to est, taking US forcet to Poland and tehnical modernisation of the Polish Army. Inn all aspect is low-cost shit. Sorry for talk this straight. In case tanks - all buble talk about "super duper IVgen German-French=Polish tank" is only to deluge that will be done more then...to small refresh 230 T-72M1 and 148 Leopard 2PL (and this program is totall disaster right now).
  12. Im seriously doutbt if this layout is true: 1) Russian tank developers are definetly not idiot and sucht layout is pure stupidyty 2) Modern ERA like Relikt and newer solution need space after it's module to end "dezintegration" of long rods - in upper part in sucht layout we haven't space for this 3) it's seems that LOS of hull front is smaller 800mm IMHO it's close to 650mm.
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