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  1. Militarysta

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Welcome back - this time whit cool viedeos: Polish paratroopers and SaberStrike whit US Forces - next worth to see video
  2. Militarysta

    Thermal signature of AFV

    And Char Leclerc: https://i.imgur.com/JQw46Ax.png SPz Puma: https://imgur.com/kFavxhH https://i.imgur.com/kFavxhH.mp4
  3. Militarysta

    Thermal signature of AFV

    WBG-X in 2A4 and dozen of targets - BMP-2, M113, T-72M1, M2, etc: hope links will work: https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617304508320050/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617306768319824/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617307538319747/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617307884986379/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617307918319709/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617307981653036/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617308018319699/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617310461652788/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617310528319448/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617310638319437/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617310688319432/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617310741652760/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617310794986088/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617310928319408/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617311951652639/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617312021652632/ https://www.facebook.com/wolskijaroslaw/videos/1617312088319292/
  4. Militarysta

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Orginally polish second generation 120mm APFSDS-T ammo:
  5. Militarysta

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Whit KE I can agree - IMHO it's more or less correct. But IMHO - CE value is mistaken. I will explain why - even erly Burlington armour give protection circa as 1 (in compare to the same weight) RHA block agains APDS and after APFSDS and 2 (in compare to the same weight) RHA block agains HEAT. Of cource we can discuss it this ratio is insluding backplate and frontplate or for same "special armour" itself but more or less - HEAT protectio will be mucht bigger then you marked. I propose to not break open door and just copied KE/CE ratio from well known M1 Abrams from 1982 - the same armour orgins, teh same year itp: 400mm vs KE 750mm vs CE ratio: 1,875 And finnal it should looks like this:
  6. Militarysta

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    IMHO there is no need to use draws ;-) I had masured it by my own hands: Hatch: Upper glastic plate is the same. So 30mm at 8 = 215mm RHA The bigger problem is whit turret roof but it's propably the same.
  7. Militarysta

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Very nice job, but IMHO there is one small mistake: Upper hull plate is no lees then 30mm RHA - the same as turret roof. So both have the same protection.
  8. Militarysta

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Accoding to Bumar-Łabędy it was serial in PT-91M Pendakar (Malaj), so rather the change was introduced. Whad more - CAWA-2 armour was tested for never build PT-97 and "Gorilla" tank. And it was tested and "finnal" product - for welded turret and PT-91MZ Hull. Again - the only one question is about technology change in cast turret whit CAWA-2 inserts. Even Phds Wiśniewski mentioned this in his book: BTW - accoding to Bumar-Łabendy PT-91M (Malaj) have for 30. degree slighty up then 500mm vs APFSDS-T -it's impossible whit old kwarz filter. And as You know - its pointless to melt HHS plate in turret during casting. So fairytails or..change armour
  9. Militarysta

    Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    Well forum filters cought link. Edit (by collimatrix who is awesome): http://www.wso.wroc.pl/cgi-bin/expertus/expertus.exe4?KAT=%2Fhome%2Fexpertus%2Fbazy%2Ftwoj%2Fpar%2F&FST=data.fst&FDT=data.fdt&ekran=ISO&lnkmsk=2&cond=AND&mask=2&F_00=02&V_00=Wolski+Jaros%B3aw+
  10. Militarysta

    Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    You can find my "knowledge " in most then 40 publication about tank, and armour. Enought?
  11. Militarysta

    Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    WTF men? Whole think starts here: where user Waffentrager post fake shit based on langugae barier. And thats the point - delibery making fake news and photoshoped "leaked documents" by Waffentrager I had wrote to him/his/it what I think about sucht beheviors: And Im still keep this opinion.
  12. Militarysta

    General AFV Thread

    Doubt. Wiedźmin's job: And I fully agree whit this above. No special armour in corner - just turret roof.