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  1. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Greate post about chineese 125mm. ps. on what forum discusion? Another chineese tanks fanboys?
  2. No, Nozh doesn't work as advertised

    It's really simple - Knive is not czech EFA. It''s work on difrent principles. http://dziennikzbrojny.pl/artykuly/art,5,23,8552,wojska-ladowe,wyposazenie,ukrainski-pancerz-reaktywny-noz-czesc-ii-noz-i-duplet Effectivnes of the Knive ERA is based on foced fregmentation the thick frontplate of ERA casette. No magic there, no mysterious factors - only one or two linear SC in Knive module have optimum stand-off to damage (not even "cut") penetrator BUT - those linear SC will formed about 7 to 14 heavy mettal elements who where hit from under APFSDS. And thats the point - tip of rod placed IN armour, after tip - heavy damage by SC penetrator and after that - strike form "bottom" by sevral formed metal elements from thic k(at least 15mm) ERA frontplate.
  3. Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Yes. As short term solution: APFSDS "Ryś" whit Plansee rods: As long-term solution - new 125mm APFSDS whit composite sabot and rod lenght equal to cira ~58cm. The problem is that polish amunition industry is looking composite sabot for 125mm on short list stays: USA whit it's "black project" for 125mm, France and one more partner. This long-term solution is IMHO not very sure...
  4. Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Hello back ;-) I) Polish Leopard 2PL program have one year delay couse two polish factories (ZM Tarnów and PCO) where unable to take technology from German Rheinmettal in propper time. So not 2020 but 2021 as DOI for 2APL. II) Polish T-72M1 and PT-91 will be modernisated. At least 223 PT-91 and ~120 T-72M1. So 6 batalions (polish Tk.Bn have 58 tanks in 4 companies - eacht 14 tanks + 2 tanks in Bn.HQ) Sevral facts: 1) Base upgrade for polish T-72M1 will be almoust the same as russian T-72BA. After that tanks will be upgrade to other wariat - common whit PT-91. So firstly - deep rebuild whit new APU, night vision (Liswarta nad Radomka from PCO), Deugra, modernisated AZ, newo fuel system, new electric system, new consoles for all tan crew members, new smoke charges and Obra-3, and other minor changes. After this T-72M1 will be obligatory upgraded to PT-91 standard. 2) All tanks will have new ERAWA-2 whit two type casettes - heavy and light (aluminia alloys). No Knive/Duplet will be introduced couse weight reson and fact that in "light" version of Knive there was no diffrent protection then in ERAWA-2. Of course heavy Duplet is better but due to weight reson it's imposible to put it on PT-91 or T-72M1. And light version is on par whit K5 and lest's say - not so good in two areas as ERAWA-2. Including tanderm warhed :))) So upgreaded ERAWA will stay whit PT-91 and T-72M1 couse ist still good solution. What funny - Knive wasttested in Poland and ERAWA-3 will be based on it, but whole problem is whit obligatory heavy ERA casettes for Knive/Duplet - in this (heavy...) solutions is hidden Kive/Duplet effetivnes. 3) Polish factory give polish MoD sevral option for modernisation. Base level (rebuild only) will cost circa 1,1mln USD and after this we have sevral options whit many diffrent components including FCS from France, Turkey or Israeli, 2A46MS from Slovakia, thre diffrent stabilisation system (mostly EPS) and new turret ring. Of course there are many options. Rumors says that middle version (Savan-15, 2A46MS, EPS Albatross, new turret ring, etc) will cost like combat Rosomak M1M so circa 13mln PLN so circa 3,82mln USD per tank. The most advanced version is like PT-91M2+ whit new power-pack whit new engine and ESM. Before june polish MoD will chose what range of modernisation and in what cost will be done. Propably wole program for at least ~350 tanks will be asigned on MSPO2018.
  5. @UP K - commander tank, and T-80UA The most funny is that Ainet system was introduced to service while on west where not serial analoge -including Kalanit on Merkavas. Nie miejiut anlogow w miru ;)
  6. The Leopard 2 Thread

    Turret armour weight 8,9t (including ciitadele from RHA plates)
  7. The Leopard 2 Thread

    UP this element weight 640kg If you want You can assume how thick shoud be RHA place in this gun mantled mask if you assume that this element weight: a) ca 832kg (RHA vs KE as 1.3) b) ca 1280 (RHE vs CE as 2) etc
  8. Israeli AFVs

    exelent stuff!
  9. The Leopard 2 Thread

    1) hull ammo rack is placed at sucht angle in to longitiudal axis. And rack lenght is <1050mm 2) I had mesured it twice on two diffrent Leos-2A4 and it's 600-620mm LOS. 3) lecelrc hull is really hard to estimatous. I had truied it without measure real tank: And here is mucht better job done by guy who was sitting in Leclerc:
  10. The Leopard 2 Thread

    I show You a magic trick: 1) https://www.google.pl/ 2) tags: Leopard 2 armour EMES 15 3) WOOOHA: https://www.google.pl/search?q=Leopard+2+armour+EMES+15&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiLw6a9u73WAhUmSJoKHWgoCL0Q_AUICigB&biw=1366&bih=635 all what You ask! Magic!
  11. The Leopard 2 Thread

    Yyyy BS? Armour block behind EMES-15 optic is 660mm thick. It's more then T-64B, T-72M1, T-80B turret armour (for 30.degree from longitiudal axis) - so it's hard do name it as "weak spot". Place under EMES-15 optic is the same thic as right side - but whit just "space" for EMES-15. And i mesured it by myself. So rally - amrour protection for left snd right turret side is the same. Gun mantled mask is far far understimated - it 420mm thick + "weige" after it. An only mask weight 630kg(!) (without gun, coaxial MG, itp -just only shield): And when we compare this gun mantled mask dimensions and weight (ca 630kg) and known special armour features in compare to simple RHA weight then gun mantled mask have protection between 230-270mm RHA vs KE and circa up to 460-540 vs CE... + steel plate after it of course