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  1. The Leopard 2 Thread

    IMHO there is no need to use draws ;-) I had masured it by my own hands: Hatch: Upper glastic plate is the same. So 30mm at 8 = 215mm RHA The bigger problem is whit turret roof but it's propably the same.
  2. The Leopard 2 Thread

    Very nice job, but IMHO there is one small mistake: Upper hull plate is no lees then 30mm RHA - the same as turret roof. So both have the same protection.
  3. Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Accoding to Bumar-Łabędy it was serial in PT-91M Pendakar (Malaj), so rather the change was introduced. Whad more - CAWA-2 armour was tested for never build PT-97 and "Gorilla" tank. And it was tested and "finnal" product - for welded turret and PT-91MZ Hull. Again - the only one question is about technology change in cast turret whit CAWA-2 inserts. Even Phds Wiśniewski mentioned this in his book: BTW - accoding to Bumar-Łabendy PT-91M (Malaj) have for 30. degree slighty up then 500mm vs APFSDS-T -it's impossible whit old kwarz filter. And as You know - its pointless to melt HHS plate in turret during casting. So fairytails or..change armour
  4. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    Well forum filters cought link. Edit (by collimatrix who is awesome): http://www.wso.wroc.pl/cgi-bin/expertus/expertus.exe4?KAT=%2Fhome%2Fexpertus%2Fbazy%2Ftwoj%2Fpar%2F&FST=data.fst&FDT=data.fdt&ekran=ISO&lnkmsk=2&cond=AND&mask=2&F_00=02&V_00=Wolski+Jaros%B3aw+
  5. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    You can find my "knowledge " in most then 40 publication about tank, and armour. Enought?
  6. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    WTF men? Whole think starts here: where user Waffentrager post fake shit based on langugae barier. And thats the point - delibery making fake news and photoshoped "leaked documents" by Waffentrager I had wrote to him/his/it what I think about sucht beheviors: And Im still keep this opinion.
  7. General AFV Thread

    Doubt. Wiedźmin's job: And I fully agree whit this above. No special armour in corner - just turret roof.
  8. Sorry, is here somebody from https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2017/ ? I like this blog but whit some statsment hard to agree -but Im not pretend to have absosolut knowledge so I just wanto to discus some thesis about the soviet armour put there. For example this: No, it's not. Kvartz in T-72A and T-72M1 turrets pretend to be not solid, sand, or liquid but somethink known as sintered quartz. And it's definetly not put AFTER casting but before. Firstly sintered quartz ( quartz sinter) is formed - but whit 3 thick reinforcing bars -then both "kvartz insert" are put to cast form and mounted there by this reinforcing bars -then cast is formed and after taking whole turret those bars are just cut above turret roof line. And thats all. It's look like this (sory for my amateur draw) After very havey shelling sometimes this reinforcing bars are "jumping" above roof line -like in Meppen T-72M1 or other hit many times whit penetration in to "kvartz special armour". :
  9. Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Yes, and we don't know WHAT batch of PT-91 is showing this photo: And this: Cluou: Polish PT-91 was menufacured in sevral batched whit diffrent armour filter acoding to multiple polish sources: www.obrum.gliwice.pl/upload/downloads/spg/204/14-CHODKIEWICZ.pdf (2004) (notice mr Karol Chodkiewicz was general enginer of PT-91 tank): Older source (phd Wiśniewski) mantioned about CAWA2 armour (ceramics-steel) for hull and new turret. And manufacurer polish matrial claims: What literally means: To incarase tank protection in takn was used composite armour in turret and hull front plate and aditional reactive armour (...) In parto of turret cast are placed composite inserts to incarease armour protection against penetration by AP rounds PT-91 was introduced to Polish Army in 1993 and produced in sucht batch: 58 tanks between 1994 and 1996 58 tanks in 1997 7 tanks in 1998 33 tanks in 1999 50 tanks in 2000 20 tanks in 2001 7 tanks in 2002 48 malaysian tank in 2005-2009 And minor and major changes was: 1st batch - PT-91 - 92 tanks (new tanks) 2th btach was PT-91M introduced in half 1997 - 27 tanks: (new tanks) 3th bath after 1998 to PT-91M1 - 113 tanks (rebuild T-72M1) 4th "export" bath between 2004-2009 48 tanks - but whit turret produced erlyer So back to the point - PT-91 had 4 production bathes when one (3th after 1998 - 113 tanks) where just rebuild T-72M1 for cost resons, part of the 1st bath (1994-1996) was like T-72M1 (and this bath photos we have) bath 4th (Malaysian) have definetly changed to ceramic inserts turret and hull armour (confirm in manufacurer sources) but...turret for this part where produced before 2000 So basicly -there was some armour change in 90's. based on CAWA2 armour ps. turret: Again wery old photo from erly 1990s.
  10. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    @ Laviduce Amaizing job! Respect! And now question - polish Leopard 2A4 armour weight is forr turret only 8900kg - gun mantled maks (630kg) = 8270kg no idea including frontplate and backplate or not. Are You able to assume ho thick (in mm) shoud be hipotetycial RHA armour at weight 8270kg and volume as You notice for turret? Exept gun mantled mask couse it weight exatly: 630kg and volumen is (as You notice) 0,19m3 How thick will be hypotetical RHA plate whit weight 630kg and able to put in gun mantled mask whit volumen 0,19m3???
  11. Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Well mamy people here propably had remember trials when 4x shoot DM33A1 fails against PT-91M armour (Whit ERAWA-2) armour from 600m distance: Some trials in pdf: Well it's seems that at leat 91-94 polish PT-91 (build in 90s) and all Malaysian PT-91M have new armour in turret and in hull. Accoding to manufacurer PT-91M have 500mm RHA vs KE on turret at 30. Hull the same.
  12. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Oh and one more think - I have heard that M1IP and M1A1 armour could be just NERA like in M1 but after that placed SiC bricks whit steel sheets - just to incarase protection mostly against KE. Meybye stupid rumors, meybe not. This cermics-steel armour pretend to be only in turret and hull front placed AFTER NERA layers. AL something something tiles or corundium bricks. Somethink like this:
  13. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Methos, can You confirm (or not) is this really 2AV armour (hull)? (right - polish smile NERA, left - pretend to be some german erly NERA armour) Thickness added by some otvaga user: Well firstly I was tniking it have no sense, but if we assume that 2AV indeed have max 300mm RHA at front then this layout have sense - circa 190mm RHA + NERA + fuel tank (as I understand) after front armour. Hull 2AV: