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  1. IMHO you are looking to far. South Korea have (without doubt) two armour technology: 1) K1 and K1A1 so basicly america NERA, and looking at thickenss im preatty sure that is well known NERA from M1 in general shape or style: 2) T-80U from SU or it's late variant. So basily second or experimental third lyout: For me it's sure that in worst scenario A+B armour type will give quide good protection and in K2 we have two nice chamber: IMHO NERA in 1st chamber + layout form 30 degree from T-80U/UD in second one (special armou
  2. https://fragout.uberflip.com/i/1281650-frag-out-magazine-30/5? My article about 17 years Wolverine in service. So all about difficult APC Rosomak in Poland. Enjoy!
  3. Longer post in sevral parts. Rosomak wheeled IFV and APC in Afghanistan. Between 2006 and 2014 to Afhganistan where sent 181 "Rosomak's" so 1/3 of overal production between 2005 and 2014. Maksimum number vehicles in Afhganistan where 134. More then 20 where totall loses, and 40 was heavy damages. Couple of the pictures below (opspec ones anf whit fallen soilders will be not posted.) Famous blue on blue, 30mm APFSDS from other Rosomak, whole turret penetration, no KIA and what was mirracle no WIA o.O: After small AP mine (soviet green parrot
  4. IMHO only 35deg couse the overall LOS is too small for 0 deg.
  5. IMHO the point it's diffrent - those younger test station it's only new ERA (or diffrent slopped) before a lot of the RHA. This older test station (T-80U "turmfront") have some special armour inside this box after ERA. So it's completly diffrent target...IMHO more relevant in compare to tank
  6. It's test target from Germany (RHM) pretend to be russian tank , a lot of RHA...in compare to turret front of the T-80U test station here: (RHM erly 1990s)
  7. Next part part of poor quality photos:
  8. My old photos of the polish Leopard 2A4
  9. Part two ;-) Vehicles during trials before army had take them - so they are without camouflage yet.
  10. Sevral of my photos - Command RAK-SMK vehicle shooting GAk-81 camouflage granade: GAk--81 empty case:
  11. As I know it's the main way in modern SC warhed. Typical explosive fill and HHS plates in ERA are to sow to disturb jet tip. And jet tip is responsible for most penetration posibilities... IMHO the reson was diffrent in case german PzF-3. Thay had started developed PzF-3 in 1978(!) and first prototypes went in1982-1983 and trials in 1985. But first production series where from 1989 but it take to service in german army in 1992. All dalay was due to 2s21 tests and abilities. And this precursor based on EFP style SC was developed to overcome thin ERA Kontakt 1 casette and re
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