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  1. Mostly like Valyron said - in polish terrain condition and whit polish army structure - Spike is mucht better.
  2. Militarysta

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    I will - Polish industry is sick. If somebody had claimed that Revolution AMAP armour + old special armour will give values beyond 2A5 and on par whit 2A7 but the same person/instytute haven't idea that armour pacage B and D is competly diffrent and in polish 2A4 is "B" it's mean that somebody shoud be layoff... :/
  3. Thanks. To be honest I had mucht more but all in polish and mostly in paper: Publication lists for sucht instytution: General Tadeusz Kościuszko  Military University of Land Forces
  4. Polish FragOut! edition whit my article about Javelin vs Spike (page 52) https://fragout.uberflip.com/i/1055276-frag-out-magazine-22-pl/0? In polish but it may be intresting for users here. Whole is based on Javelin and Spike test in Poland - both system are offered in "Pustelnik" program for new "light" ATGM for WOT forces and for Army.
  5. Militarysta

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Well 2PL modernisation is in progres. Despite fact that polish industry had obvious problem whit absorb german know-how in some areas (and PCO thermal camras factory is "stuck") there are some serious doubts about some Rheinmettal components for 2PL when 2PL faild some tests in Poland. Unfortunatly polish army had more problems then tanks - decapitated HQ by political cleansing, completly stupid military movment to estern border, creating new forces (terytorial forces -wanabe comando seal spetznaz killer ASGay), dying naval, only very small number operational F-16 and junky MiG-29 and Su-22 whit seriously safety incidents (toxis air conditionig in pilot mask, not working K36 etc). More or less polish army is fucked mostly by politicians who are trying to incarase PA numbers but whit constans $ level - ok it's 1,98-2% GDP but whole Poland made GDP like circa germans Bavaria Land... Tank, firearms, ATGMS etc are less important then whole system, and this in Poland have cancer :/ - mostly by political manual steereing by completly idiots who firstly where afraid about "army loyalyty" in relatio to new "Law and Justice" (PiS) goverment in Poland (since 2015), so they just decapitayted HQ by retired ca 70% generlas and then they had started to manually reform Polis Army and military industry. What is completly faild in both aspects. One very simple example - in Poland where 34 Arm. Tk. Bde on Leopard 2A5 tanks in Żagań City (western border - close to L2A5 rebuild base in Poznań City and whit big trening ground whit modern trening center). All in one place whit 15 miles near 10 Tk Bde (On. 2A4 Leopards). Two batalion in 34 bde, all after OPEVAL and certificated in NATO. New MOD and PM in 2015 had decide that "estern border is not protect against Russian attack" and they had decide to move whole brigade to Warshaw (where was in deep reserve 1 Tk Bde) . In Warshaw (Wesoła city) ther is no infrastructure, nor trening ground for more then one regiment. And teh put whole Tk. Bde... And of course it's not just "moving" but forming 1 Warsaw Tk Bde on new tanks. The result is dismount 34 Tk. Bde and 1 Tk Bde is not forming on Leo2A5 still. Maybe in 2020 tehy will be redy for opeval. But im doubt. Of course the whole general staff protested so Law and Justice MOD just retired whole general staff... And this is only one SMALL example of how fucked is polish army now. Other example - Polish PGZ military industry - since 2015 the had five diffrent GM and CEO and whole upper menagment where changed six time in complete personal composition! During only 3 years!. And of course - those all GM's and CEOs and managment where not experts - they just Law and Justice party members or brown nose close to the Kaczyński (Law and Justice chief) or MOD or PM. Really whe have here more seriously problems then only Leopard 2A4... :/
  6. Militarysta

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Wonderfull photos of polish "golden autumn" and tanks from 10 Tk Bde by press 11 "Lubuska" Armoured Division. Photos made by Senior Staff Warrant Officer Rafał Mniedło:
  7. I don't see pictures. Generally I can't see ictures hosted there -what's the reson?
  8. Militarysta

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    My translation of the first sentense from the middle paragraph for nromal language for users here: "Was developed and manufacured full welding aluminia line, was bought CNC center, it was preapared full equipment for Hitfist 30P production line."
  9. Militarysta

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Yes, many t(h)anks! - Those are this old photos from NowaTechnika Wojskowa Magazine. The turret zitadele is welded in Poland i ZM Bumar Łabędy. Whit Al alloys. For me is unkown source of Al plates, but there are welded in ZM BŁ.
  10. Militarysta

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Nope :-) Hitfist 30P is made of aluminum and welding is in Poland. In NTW where photos from Bumar factory from welding turret. I had posted them on DFI many years ago. If I found them I will post it here.
  11. Militarysta

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    No idea, most of them are taken from Bauman book (2006 Moscow) and they are put ther based on "unkown" criteria. Thats the problem whit, in theory realible sources. Whit polish WITU is the same - sometimes they put something shamefully mistaken but generally it's good source.
  12. Militarysta

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Ok, so I should correct this tabel in case M833, Mathos proofs convinced me. How about DM13 and DM23? @Methos?
  13. Militarysta

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    BTW - Im not sure DM-13. In green book (Bauman 2006 Moscow) is 220mm/60@ but IMHO it could be overestimated. From the other side - some other polish Autors found in british archves that "unkown" german 120mm KE was able to penetrate 450mm steel from 1km in late 70's... so maybe..
  14. Militarysta

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    My resume that what we known (or not) on one picture:
  15. Militarysta

    APC/IFV armor in details

    No idea, on polish side (factory) it's totall ban for photos and talks about this armour. What is again nonsense couse there are open public reserchees papers whit simmilar solutions for light APC But OK, no talk at all