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  1. Even though my engine SAYS it's a 1999, it looks like there isn't the standard 1999-2000 issue with the 4.8's that had an extension on it. Like this. This means that I can hopefully use a normal flywheel from a 2001 and up. Thank goodness.
  2. AC Delco is made in china, but it's at least checked once or twice before it leaves the factory. Delphi is checked three times. I just picked up a new clutch kit and I'm shopping for a flywheel currently.
  3. A lot of the Democratic hopefuls are trying to one-up each other on gun control in a desperate arms race of relevancy. Anyone want to imagine the clusterfuck a nation wide buy back program would be?
  4. No computer or anything. Paid 250 bucks for the engine. But my truck's computer can work with it I believe. Swapping everything out with AC Delco or Delphi for what counts. Waiting on an alternator/power steering bracket to arrive so I can finish with the accessories. I'm still researching exactly what I'll need to mate up the transmission. I think I just need to swap out the flywheel, but it might also need a different throw-out bearing. My current Wiring harness can be cut to work with this engine as well.
  5. Engine has 143k miles on it. It's from a 1999 GMC Sierra. Early series Ls engine. Just what I was looking for to stick in my 1996 chassis/1995 body Silverado GMT400.
  6. *Snore* Does bugatti have an AMERICAN PUSHROD ENGINE? I THINK NOT. Speaking of. Plugs, EGR delete, and water pump got swapped out yesterday. Still waiting on my power steering/alternator bracket. @Jeeps_Guns_Tanks
  7. Just dropped a ton of cash on new accessories for the engine. It's gonna be like car-geek christmas come next week.
  8. A 4.8L LR4 Ls series engine out of a 1999 GMC Sierra is arriving at my house next week. Pics to come.
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