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  1. The original laws were meant to stop spotlighters. Deer do this very odd thing, where they walk toward bright lights. I've witnessed it and even done it a few times. Easy to stick a light out the truck, hit eye shine, they walk to you, and you shoot them with a shotgun.
  2. 50 yards? You give him that much? See, my dad has got them all beat. He used to park his truck on a west Texas fenceline and shoot deer out of the window of his truck.
  3. As someone who's shot a rabbit with a .308 (FN FAL, SA surplus ammo, 100 yards, and yes I ate it), I know just what my mileage is.
  4. I'm not even against that. Fuck it, use whatever. I'll laugh at you, but at the end of the day it's your money and time. Especially with a culling. It's the explanation he gives that flies in the face of the fucking footage.
  5. Fuck that guy. Fuck that guy in particular. Just another fucking moron with more money than sense.
  6. The terrible movies and reviews thread

    I find it refreshing that a piece of live action Cinema has offered themselves as a sacrificial lamb against rampant weeabooism. By simply showing, not even to a great exaggerated extent, that anime eyes in real life look fucking weird as hell.
  7. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    Easily the most plausible explaination so far, sadly enough.
  8. The Best of Craigslist

    https://cosprings.craigslist.org/cto/d/1965-chevrolet-impala/6404212464.html Color me interested.
  9. https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/firefield-mini-bladegunner-pistol-bayonet-ff77000-810119019721.do?sortby=ourPicks&refType= Huh. Actual quote from the site. Holy shit.
  10. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Apparently so. Plus, the company won't take a return. They'll send me another one, but that's it. So now I've got a MAF sensor that doesn't work worth a damn. Oh well.
  11. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Put a new EGR valve on the truck. Turns out I've got a bolt that wont thread into the engine to hold the EGR on. I got it in, put the other bolt on, unplugged it, made sure it sealed decently, and left it. I'll plug it up when I need emissions testing. But on an even sadder note, I stuck a new MAF sensor in my truck. 280k miles, figured it was time to replace. New MAF sensor probably sucked 80 horse power out of the truck, and left 3/4ths the throttle useless. Old MAF sensor went back in, and now I'm contacting A1 Auto Parts to get a refund.
  12. Education and throwing away your life.

    In this new Utopian society, the Right People of Tolerable Intelligence can arm themselves with Scout Rifles against ghastly rebellion, a weapon far too sophisticated for the common low-person mongrel to comprehend.
  13. Education and throwing away your life.

    Putting faith in IQ testing standards is a sure fire way to weed out those of low IQ.
  14. If the main topic is reload speed,a box magazine is faster than a tube. I can dual load a shotgun from a chest rig under a timer, and it takes practice. I'd still rather just use mags. And if you're someone with smaller hands, dual loading may not be possible. So then you're back to one at a time, which sucks. As far as the "bull of carrying extra magazines into the field" argument, I would rather have all my rounds contained and ready than loose in a bag or pocket.