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  1. General cars and vehicles thread.

    This is a fun episode. Dropped more coin at Autozone today. All fluids purchased. Replaced the PCV, distributor cap, and rotor today.
  2. General cars and vehicles thread.

    I will look around for a diagnostic tool. I picked up some door pins for my Chevy (to fix the saggy doors), a jack, some jack stands, a belt for the GM, new air filter for the GM, and will be getting oil and gear oil soon. I pulled the ABS fuse. Doesn't quite fix the issue. The truck still has some very slight, very fast, consistent "stutter" under acceleration. It's incredibly faint, and really does feel like the brakes grabbing once ever second or so. I'm thinking it might be the ignition. But I have a leak coming from the oil pan and the radiator that I'll probably fix before that. The plugs are a year and a half old. May have to replace distributor cap.
  3. General cars and vehicles thread.

    I'll pull up a fuse diagram tomorrow when there's light to see. I picked up a jack and two jack stands tonight on a trip to home depot. The fiance wants to plant some succulents in the house this winter. I figured while I was there I could abuse my Home Depot card.
  4. General cars and vehicles thread.

    That's what I'm about to do. If it bothers me more, I'm going to pull the ABS fuse and say to hell with ABS all together.
  5. General cars and vehicles thread.

    My biggest worry is the ABS light that's on. Thinking my speed sensor might be bad in it. Not a hard fix, but I need to buy some jack stands and a jack to do it.
  6. General cars and vehicles thread.

    So I bought a truck. 1996 GM Sierra. 5.7 L chevy small block with vortec heads. 5 speed manual transmission (I think NV3500). 280k miles on the truck. Owned for 13 years by a mechanic. It has tons of new parts. Alternator, brake pads, rotors, power steering pump, tie rods and ends, tires (yokohama geolaner A/T), spark plugs, front suspension and struts, etc etc. It's almost too pretty to hack up... Almost. I began taking some of the interior bits and pieces off. Parts that I could use on my other truck on the interior. I drove it an hour and a half back home after I bought it. It has a leaky radiator cap. I'm going to drop all the fluids from the engine, trans, differentials, and radiator and change them all out soon.
  7. GOTTA GO FAST (Speedrunning)

    Dist is a fucking legend. Cuphead in 26 minutes.
  8. Calling All Autists: Build my computer

    That's a great resource.
  9. General cars and vehicles thread.

    No lie, first time I read this I thought "tires" when I saw "rubbers". I was gonna ask where the hell I can get tires for free.
  10. The Best of Craigslist

    https://www.craigslist.org/about/best/esh/6324690044.html I'm not sure if this should go here for the Cars thread. Either works.
  11. Hello "friends". I'm typing this from a 10 year old HP tower. I stole the monitor from an ex girlfriend. The mouse I stole from a college computer lab. The GPU I hacked out of a friend's build. It has been a long time since I've considered building a new computer. But there are a few games I'd like to play, and my tiny little steam-engine just isn't worth saving. So, if I were to jump onto last generation's equipment and browse refurbished parts, I'd like to put a computer together for around 500 United States Dollars. Who wants to help me start putting a build list together?
  12. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Found a truck that could make a decent donor. 1991 GMC 4x4. Rusted body, decent frame. 5 speed. Two kids bought it and a big RV-camper shell to haul with it. Decided to live on the road and travel the country. But their lack of internet led to sex. Now they have a kid and have to settle down. The kids didn't do jack shit as far as maintenance is concerned. Oil was sludge. Clutch was fine but tires were totally bald. They wanted 2400 for the camper and truck. My counter offer of 1200 was met with surprise. They countered with 1800. I'm going to hold off. I'd buy it on the cheap knowing I'd have to fix a ton of shit. But my frugal tendencies is fighting against my impatience. If I just wait a little longer, I'll find a decent donor.
  13. The Saudi Arabia is a Backwards, Laughable Shithole Thread

    Excuse me for lumping deranged sharia tainted groups together like the dogs they are.
  14. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    You make yourself out to be this stone-cold, stoic, cynical badass. But look at you, trying to find the hope and logic in the hearts of these hippies. Bless you.
  15. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread