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  1. Hmm, I wonder how the thread is doing-
  2. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    The Malaise period of cars in America is really sad.
  3. Hillary Clinton should be nominated by Trump to replace Ginsberg. Maybe then she'll finally get investigated.
  4. Man, I'm just enjoying the fact that the left, in making fun of a man showing emotion, is perpetuating toxic masculinity.
  5. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    General cars and vehicles thread.

  6. That's kind of sad. At this point let's compare the Bill Clinton allegations to this. They had a proof and it was brought forward. He denies, then later retracts. Shock and awe. Move on. This is such an obvious stall it should be criminal.
  7. If this is what wrestling was like int he '90s man I missed out. Also, I didn't watch the last bit with Kavanaugh. But I heard he cried a bit. So the dems accused and accused and accused and he's just sick of saying "NO, I Didn't do that shit"? Pretty sad. The Democrats are resorting to actual literal schoolyard bullying.
  8. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    Your Gun Porn Thread

    Shhhh, you'll hurt it's feelings.
  9. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    Your Gun Porn Thread

  10. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    Your Gun Porn Thread

    Took Spacegun out and got more comfortable with it. The new trigger is exactly what it needed.
  11. In other news, been Shapiro will be allowed to speak at USC. And people are upset. https://www.dailywire.com/news/36329/usc-approves-ben-shapiro-speech-leftist-group-james-barrett And of course, from the article comes the best piece of hypocrisy and blatent short-think I've ever seen. "The hypocrisy displayed by the supposed representative of the USC administration has betrayed the trust of marginalized students by funding this event that threatens, dehumanizes, and endangers our communities," the call to action reads. "This event and USC's support behind it gives more space and support to dangerously radical conservatives on campus."
  12. The Sierra club is calling kavanaugh an extremist. I'm behind anybody that makes the Sierra club wet their pants.
  13. People are now making this about sexism. Comparing "30 year old allegations that boys were molested get national attention. But a 30 year old allegation of rape to a female is ignored and called into question." Awesome.
  14. Man, do we know any political assassins?
  15. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    General news thread

    More Strava news. My question is... 5 bikes stolen? After the FIRST I'd be far more vigilant. Oh, but then I noticed that it's in the UK. Aka crime island. It's probably illegal to lock up your garage at night, in case someone needs to borrow a bike or car or wife or something. https://road.cc/content/news/248798-cyclist-who-had-five-bikes-stolen-says-thieves-are-looking-quick-times-strava Crime & Legal Cyclist who had five bikes stolen says thieves are looking for quick times on Strava to try and find high-end bikes – warns other users to check their privacy settings
  16. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    I'm glad I found this. Fuck the Cayenne.
  17. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Agreed. The timing is just a little too convenient for my taste.
  18. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    I'd purchase a subscription.
  19. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    General news thread

    Honestly, seatbelts are the best thing you can do. There's been 450 deaths so far this year on the highway I take to work. I drive it every morning.