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  1. Even though my engine SAYS it's a 1999, it looks like there isn't the standard 1999-2000 issue with the 4.8's that had an extension on it. Like this. This means that I can hopefully use a normal flywheel from a 2001 and up. Thank goodness.
  2. AC Delco is made in china, but it's at least checked once or twice before it leaves the factory. Delphi is checked three times. I just picked up a new clutch kit and I'm shopping for a flywheel currently.
  3. A lot of the Democratic hopefuls are trying to one-up each other on gun control in a desperate arms race of relevancy. Anyone want to imagine the clusterfuck a nation wide buy back program would be?
  4. Wonder if he'll be mourned by the left.
  5. No computer or anything. Paid 250 bucks for the engine. But my truck's computer can work with it I believe. Swapping everything out with AC Delco or Delphi for what counts. Waiting on an alternator/power steering bracket to arrive so I can finish with the accessories. I'm still researching exactly what I'll need to mate up the transmission. I think I just need to swap out the flywheel, but it might also need a different throw-out bearing. My current Wiring harness can be cut to work with this engine as well.
  6. Engine has 143k miles on it. It's from a 1999 GMC Sierra. Early series Ls engine. Just what I was looking for to stick in my 1996 chassis/1995 body Silverado GMT400.
  7. *Snore* Does bugatti have an AMERICAN PUSHROD ENGINE? I THINK NOT. Speaking of. Plugs, EGR delete, and water pump got swapped out yesterday. Still waiting on my power steering/alternator bracket. @Jeeps_Guns_Tanks
  8. Oh boy look what arrived today.
  9. Just dropped a ton of cash on new accessories for the engine. It's gonna be like car-geek christmas come next week.
  10. A 4.8L LR4 Ls series engine out of a 1999 GMC Sierra is arriving at my house next week. Pics to come.
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