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  1. United States Gun Control Megathread

    My wife caught a story recently. This is the sort of thing that happens on a nearly daily basis, but will never make the news. http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/06/30/concealed-carrier-shuts-down-active-shooter-lyman-south-carolina-nightclub Concealed Carrier Shuts Down Active Shooter at SC Nightclub Jun 30, 2016 // 6:23pm A concealed carrier is being credited with preventing further violence at a South Carolina nightclub. Spartanburg County deputies say 32-year-old Jody Ray Thompson got into an argument outside Playoffz nightclub in Lyman early Sunday morning. He then opened fire into the nearby crowd, wounding three people. A man fired back at Thompson in self-defense, striking him in the leg. Deputies say the hero had a valid concealed weapons permit and will not be facing charges. None of the injuries were said to be life-threatening. Thompson was charged with four counts of attempted murder, possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, and unlawful carrying of a weapon. The NRA chastised the media for not reporting on the incident. Gun advocate Eden Rose wrote on Facebook, "It's almost like.. having a concealed carrier on the spot can stop active shooters."
  2. General news thread

    Were they really doing stress tests with people moving below it? What in the OSHA-hating fuck?
  3. https://www.dailywire.com/news/28317/bombshell-obamas-doj-forced-deletion-500000-ryan-saavedra?amp Obama's DOJ Forced Deletion Of 500,000 Fugitives From Gun Background Check System As per Sturgeon.
  4. United States Gun Control Megathread

    So open carry of rifles? That's legal in most states. It cleans up a lot of ambiguity, like carrying a rifle from your house to your car. Without a law saying it's ok, you could get picked up for brandishing.
  5. United States Gun Control Megathread

    It's heavily armed because we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic. God, you can be so insensitive sometimes.
  6. The SH Ski/Snowboard Thread

    You're looking at about 11k feet and above, really then. Breck and Mary Jane are my picks for that.
  7. United States Gun Control Megathread

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/under-heavily-armed-police-guard-bernie-sanders-addresses-anti-gun-rally/ar-BBKdx5R Under Heavily-Armed Police Guard, Bernie Sanders Addresses Anti-Gun Rally © Provided by The Daily Caller, Inc. Bernie Sanders (Facebook) A national school walk-out was held today by students protesting gun violence across the country, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders joined students in DC marching on the U.S. capitol. So did his armed guards. In multiple locations, students hit the streets and parking lots in their respective school districts to “walk out'” in solidarity with the Parkland students who are calling for more gun control after their school attacked by a deranged gunman. 17 students died in the attack. The former presidential candidate was part of a group of progressive congressmen addressing the Washington, DC march. Sanders began a live stream of his speech on his Facebook page, which featured him wading through the crowd of cheering students and shaking hands. As Sanders traveled through the gun-control crowd, at least three heavily armed Capitol police officers could be seen protecting him and clearing a way for the Senator through the students. Multiple times in the live feed, the police can be heard asking the students to step back and move away from Sanders. In his megaphoned-speech to the crowd, Sanders called for the “courage to take out the NRA” and common sense gun control.
  8. United States Gun Control Megathread

    According to the cnn article this was a peace officer working as a temp/guest teacher. Reminds me of the DEA officer incident...
  9. Education and throwing away your life.

    U wot? Fukin pikey bastard I swear on me mum. Cash me outside. U think ur better cuz u rite a blog but u not better. Fukin prik.
  10. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Yeah, he's got a forum and everything!
  11. United States Gun Control Megathread

    That's sad. I'm a good friend with an emergency vet surgeon. She's the best in Houston, TX. And she was homeschooled.
  12. United States Gun Control Megathread

    You are also falling into the trap of thinking that the police are somehow better trained than citizens. Per capita, police have more negligent discharges of their duty firearms than concealed carry license holders. And depending on the department, police may only be required to train with their pistol once a year. If at all. I competed in pistol matches for four years. We had police come to shoot with us. And they were always the worst of the bunch. They were oftentimes cocky, and then they were beaten by a 52 year woman who makes us cookies every other match.
  13. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Looks like someone else fell into the, "You want to force teachers to carry firearms!" mantra. That's been covered before, but the short of it? No, we don't. People can obtain a concealed handgun license in this country. Those who chose to do this are barred, however, from carrying a gun in certain situations where they would usually carry. I know many educators and coaches who have these licenses and carry a gun daily. To the store, mall, at home, where ever. We are advocating that they be allowed to carry, like they do every day, at their place of work. What we are not advocating is forcing anyone to do anything.
  14. The SH Ski/Snowboard Thread

    Mary Jane/Winter Park is the best mountain on I70. If you want a smaller mountain with fantastic tree skiing, Eldora near Boulder is really fun. If they have a lot of snow, Breckenridge has like 7 bowls to check out. And if you want steep, Taos is actually really steep terrain-wise. Not sure what you're looking for exactly.
  15. Get Away, Damnit. (The Camping Thread)

    Got my bikepacking bags in today. Waiting for a few more pieces, but I'm happy with the set-up so far.
  16. Get Away, Damnit. (The Camping Thread)

    This is a thread about camping. Camping is the act of purposely leaving the house and wifi connection in order to sleep on the ground, sometimes in the cold. You may choose to consume less than appetizing food and be at the mercy of nature during this time. This thread can be used for discussion of items one would take during such a time. I did such an event with my girlfriend this weekend. I drove up some rather ungroomed roads to Crystal Mountain, west of Fort Collins. Here is the proof.
  17. Let's Talk Dark Souls

    Tee hee Ganker salt.
  18. Let's Talk Dark Souls

    First, everyone needs to be caught up on the story. Dark Souls 3 comes out in twenty days. Thus I have twenty days before my life is consumed once again by the flame. Dark Souls 1 PVP: Pivot Backstabs Dark Souls 2 PVP: spin spin spin R1 katana spam spin spin Dark souls 3 PVP: ????? Praise the sun, The Fluffy Tail, and may we never have another boss fight like The Bed of Chaos.
  19. United States Gun Control Megathread

    This is literally the most real thing said so far. And this is the thought of many, many people. Which is why it's frustrating when, at the suggestion of training or exposing people early to the tool, us gun-people get looked at like we have two heads. If you ever find yourself in Colorado, I'll take you shooting. And I'm more fun than @Sturgeon.
  20. The SH Ski/Snowboard Thread

    Mary Jane, one of my favorite places to ski, has some of the world's best moguls. Hell, they hold an annual event there just for mogul skiers.
  21. I like turtles

    Always loved snapping turtles. I used to catch box tortoises as a kid, and I remember when soft-shell turtles were plentiful in the lakes where I grew up. But Alligator Snapping turtles take the cake in the "What the FUCK" category. I once showed a picture of an alligator snapping turtle to my girlfriend at the time, who grew up in El Paso. She thought it was fake. Ever wonder if someone would be stupid enough to allow a snapping turtle to bite them? Same guy, I think? Though this time he does it with a cast? This one is staged, I think. This video is near my home town, which is hilarious and amazing.
  22. The SH Ski/Snowboard Thread

    It's called moguls. Look it up.
  23. United States Gun Control Megathread

    How to lose an election in Texas. http://thefederalist.com/2018/03/13/beto-orourke-just-demonstrated-how-to-lose-an-election-in-texas/ It's like they never learn.
  24. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    http://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/live-officials-telling-austin-residents-do-not-open-unknown-packages-after-3-explosions/269-527830023 A third explosion confirmed in Austin. LOCAL LIVE: Officials telling Austin residents 'DO NOT' open unknown packages after 3 explosions A second explosion was reported in the Austin area Monday after a deadly explosion in Central East Austin. Author: Chelsea Cunningham, Drew Knight Published: 5:42 PM CDT March 12, 2018 Updated: 5:42 PM CDT March 12, 2018 Austin police and Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services are responding to a second reported explosion in the Austin-area Monday, and now the Mayor of Austin and the Austin police chief are warning residents not to open suspicious packages. Police said the latest package explosion was reported in the 6700 block of Galindo Street, near East Riverside Drive and Montopolis Drive, just before noon. ATCEMS said a 75-year-old Hispanic woman was transported to Dell Seton Medical Center with serious, potentially life-threatening injuries. Police reported she picked up a package from her front porch, which exploded. A woman in her 80s was evaluated at the scene but was not taken to the hospital. PHOTOS| Explosion leaves woman critically injured in Southeast Austin package explosion Explosion leaves woman critically injured in Southeast Austin package explosion 01 / 06 01 / 06 Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said the APD and the USPS will work with the FBI and ATF National Response Team along with other agencies to investigate and they will "leave no stone unturned." He said officials believe this explosion is related to two previous explosions -- one that occurred earlier on Monday, another that happened 10 days ago. Manley said that the APD has received offers from other agencies should police need extra force as many officers are being utilized for the South by Southwest festival. Though he did not say festival goers should be overly worried, he stressed the importance of "if you see something, say something." "We are having innocent people getting hurt across this community, and it is important we come together as a community to solve this," said Manley. Manley said it is not believed this package was left by any official delivery service, and they currently do not have any suspect or vehicle descriptions at this time. Police did not want to give detailed descriptions of the suspect packages, saying any unexpected package could be deemed suspicious. View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy Chief Manley tweeted that if you receive a package that you are not expecting, "DO NOT open it," and instead call 911 immediately. He later said if this happens, stand as clear as possible until police arrive. According to KVUE Reporter Christy Millweard, Austin police evacuated neighbors from the area after the explosion in an attempt to keep it clear. This is the second reported explosion in Austin Monday, March 12. The first happened in Central East Austin at a home where a suspicious package was left on the doorstep of a single-family residence. A 17-year-old boy was killed, and a woman in her 40s was injured. PHOTOS| Package explosion kills one in Central East Austin Package explosion kills one in Central East Austin 01 / 10 Previou Next Police said they believe Monday's explosions could be linked to the deadly explosion on March 2 in Northeast Austin that killed a man. Police the deadly explosions as homicides, and say both fatal victims were African Americans. Police said the first explosion occurred in the Harris Ridge neighborhood, the second in East MLK, and the third in Montopolis. Austin Mayor Steve Adler reinforced Manley's sentiments in a tweet warning residents to be cautious about suspicious packages. After a briefing from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement Monday, saying he has offered whatever resources necessary to assist authorities in their investigation. The Office of the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division is offering a reward of up to $15,000 for information leading to the identification and arrest of the suspect or suspects involved. "First and foremost, Cecilia and I offer our thoughts and prayers to the victims of these atrocious attacks," said Governor Abbott. "I want to assure all Texans, and especially those in Austin, that local, state and federal law enforcement officials are working diligently to find those responsible for these heinous crimes. As the investigation continues, the State of Texas will provide any resources necessary to ensure the safety of our citizens, and quickly bring those guilty to justice." To be eligible for a cash reward, tips must be submitted to Texas Crime Stoppers using one of the following methods: - Call the Texas Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477) - Text the letters "DPS" followed by your tip to 274637 (CRIMES) - Submit a web tip through the website - Submit a tip through the DPS Mobile App This is a developing story. KVUE will update this page as more information becomes available.