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  1. Well, that explains why there are entire paragraphs of buzzwords. That's not his first article there, either.
  2. Whoa, thanks! I'm a little disappointed that I lurked so long I missed a design comp, but there's no way I could have gotten a full statblock + model done in that period. My MBT model's going on a year old, and I'm just now getting to detailing major parts. >_> (Is there a preferred thread for more off-topic/casual conversation like this? Feels spammy to be posting this stuff here.)
  3. I'm thinking StuG IV? Driver's compartment looks right. Didn't know there was a ring mount for 20mm, though.
  4. Oh yeah, I very quickly discovered the Soviet Tanks thread. Information on suspension and drivetrain pretty closely matched what I already had from Jane's ToT, with a few alterations once I took more modern systems into account. It was mostly the armor that wasn't making sense, though. The kg/m² of the arrays I had was way too high, and it showed with a projected weight of 80 tons. NERA makes much more sense given RL tank weights, also brings my design down to under 65 tons (haven't modeled and calculated all the replacement modules yet, so no exact numbers). On the subject of NERA, th
  5. Long time lurker, just wanted to thank you guys for this thread. Working on a self-designed MBT, and this was probably the easiest-to-find source for 'composite' armor construction. I honestly thought for a time that these tanks were just covered in these thick sandwiches of ceramics and metal. >_> Thanks a ton for the reference material.
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