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  1. Konev


    There is no topic for tank FCS ,so I ask a question here. Is it possible to replace the human gunner by a computed one in current technology? If not,what problems with it? Thanks!
  2. Konev

    T-80 Megathread: Astronomical speed and price!

    It seems that the original auto-loader was replaced by T-72/90 style auto-loader,am I right?
  3. LP-91 was designed for Ob.477A1/A2 Nota l thought. Nota got a new auto-loader for longer ammunition
  4. The MT-12R anti-tank cannon is fitted with a MMW radar. My question is: Is it possible to hit a moving tank target via the MMW fire control radar only? And how to aim the target via radar scope?Does its radar FCS works automatically? Thanks!
  5. Konev

    Explosive Reactive Armor

    Hi,I've a question on the Relikt ERA. How does it against tandem-charge HEAT round? Won't it trigger by the forward charge?
  6. Konev

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    And what about the status of Ukrainian 3BM-44U1/U2 rounds?