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  1. Then you have never heard of the Battle Wadi Saluki or 'Operation Change of Direction'. 20 immobilized Israeli tanks and armored vehicles were initially abandoned and were returned only after the ceasefire came in effect. But this is not the forum to discuss Israeli military losses.
  2. Unmanned version of T-14 Armata to be made in 2018 according to Sputnik: https://sputniknews.com/military/20160909/1045123818/unmanned-robotic-armata.html. If such a tank was to be made it would have a number of advantages over manned tanks. Firstly the tank would not be limited by human shortcomings. It would work in a more efficient manner since the crew would not be under pressure and stress from operating under battlefield conditions. Furthermore the crew would not be put into danger. Now imagine a hypothetical situation were a tank gets penetrated by an ATGM and kills one or more of the crew but the tank is left in tact and is in 'working condition'. Such a tank would be immobilized but the Armata would not. This happened to the Israelis in 2006 where scores of damaged but not necessarily destroyed Merkava tanks were abandoned just over the border with Lebanon. At the very least a damaged Armata could offer resistance. Also it would be fun killing people like in video games . Just my opinion.
  3. The Armata family of vehicles could go into service as early as 2017 according to the Russian ministry of defence. All tests are to be concluded by next year.
  4. .Apparently they are going to put this turret on the Bumerang and Kurganets vehicles. I hope it's not a replacement for the Epoch turret. It looks kind of cheap.
  5. T-14 Armata at the Army 2016 forum. Reportedly, it demonstrated its capabilities to a closed audience.
  6. The answer to my question is yes, they did. Now we wait for pics to be released.
  7. According to Russian reports Su-34 strike bombers accompanied the Tu-22M3 today. Did they also take off from Iran?
  8. T-90 in action at 1070 Housing Project. SAA confirmed that it has been recaptured.
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