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  1. The requirement for the OMFV was at least six dismounts and a crew of at least two. This was not the reason for the failure/cancellation of the OMFV.
  2. There is a big difference between a demonstration (which means the tank is not handed over to the Egyptian authorities, they are barely witnessing it) and a trial. Puma for example has been demonstrated to lots of different countries (e.g. during hot/cold weather trials by the Bundeswehr, etc. people from other countries were observing and briefed on the IFV, yet trialled in none bar Germany.
  3. This is about a inquiry regarding the tank's capabilities, which happens a lot earlier in the purchase process than actual testing. E.g. the Swiss military also requested informations regarding the AMX-40, Challenger 1 and Merkava 2, but decided to only test the Leopard 2 and M1 Abrams, as based on the informations delivered by the manufacturers, these were considered the most promising candidates for the Swiss army's tank program. Egypt was offered a wide variety of tanks (like Challenger 1, Vickers Mark 7 and AMX-40E4), but based on US intelligence they were only interested in Abrams and Leopard 2 during 1987, i.e. before actual testing of either tank took place. Given that the German government killed the Vickers Mark 7 tank due to the fact that it was trialed in Abu-Dhabi (islamic country & thus considered a threat to Israel at that time), it seems very unlikely that they had at any point of type tolerated tests in Egypt (islamic country & histortically a much greater threat to Israel).
  4. The tests with 120 mm DM33A1 were made at 68° though, at least if this is based on the same tests that have been photographed.
  5. From what I've read, the Vickers Mark 4 was successfully tested in several countries, but its limited protection level resulted in no sales. The Vickers Mark 7 therefore replaced it on the market, using a Leopard 2 hull capable of carrying more weight (and with that armor). The Vickers Mark 7 was only tested in one country - Abu Dhabi - before the West-German government interfered. I've never heard of any intention to sale this tank to Egypt... Egypt at least was trying to get the Leopard 2, the M1A1 was adopted mostly for political reasons.
  6. Vilkas (Boxer with Samson Mk 2 turret) delivery to Lithuania delayed, because some issues that were identified by the Lithuanian MoD on the pre-production vehicles couldn't be fixed in time. https://www.milmag.eu/news/view?news_id=3274
  7. Germany has signed a contract with MBDA for the Wirkmittel 1800+ program. MBDA's Enforcer missile was chosen over the Spike-SR system offered by EuroSpike under licence.
  8. Pandur EVO shows that it is possible. While newly built, it is largely based on the old desgin (more so than Pandur 2).
  9. Apparently yes, two different fire incidents rendering Warriors immobile, so they were blown up.
  10. A few years ago, Belgium ordered a modernization for the Pandur 1 AFV, so that they would provide sufficient protection for deployment as part of Belgiums contingent for peace-keeping missions in Africa scheduled in 2021 (although deliveries are currently expected by 2022). Main focus was increase mine protection and ballistic protection to sufficient levels. The value of the contract was €31 million. The Belgian Green Party has now cited an official report mentioning that the upgraded Pandur 1s (7 out of 44 already delivered) are considered not suited for operation, as only soldiers up to a height of 1.7 m (5'5'') actually fit into the vehicle. The main problem is the driver's seat, but also the entry in the vehicle is through the obstructed. Furthermore the mobility of the vehicle is degraded. The Belgian army responded to the claims that they haven't yet paid much of the agreed contract, that some performance/ergonomic losses are expected with upgrades, that the problems would not be that relevant and that they want to make use of warranty if required.
  11. The excerpts are from a British report on Chieftain replacement, 1988. _________ Weight.
  12. 71 Marder 1A5 and 1A5A1 IFVs will receive a new engine, partly in case that the Puma's reliability/spare part supply isn't sufficient by 2023 (when Germany takes the lead of the VJTF) and partly due to the fact that the Marder IFV has to remain in service for a longer time, because orders were cut/delayed in an attempt to save money. Now more money has to be spent, as the Marders still will be replaced by Pumas in the mid-term, but receive new engines as short term solution. At this point one has to ask if buying a highly-modded CV90 would not have been more reasonable, at least economically.
  13. What is it exactly that is unique to the VBRG and cannot be provided by essentially any other riot control/armored police vehicle?
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