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  1. Commissar Binkov

    Binkov's Battlegrounds: military analysis videos

    Here is the newest video! A bit of a fantasy setting, but a realistic depiction of forces involved, I'd say. USA vs Russia: Arena war https://youtu.be/r8KglkOgH-g Also, I am glad you liked the video about missiles. Of course, much in the videos is simplified and some stuff is omitted. Britain will have a better SAM defense once its CAMM family of missiles is online. While not of long range, important addition will be the fairly high ceiling of the system, enough for creating a barrier through with enemy planes will have to fly. Edit: For the paramilitary in the newest video I included various border guard forces as well as the former Internal troops (now National guard) for Russia.
  2. Commissar Binkov

    Binkov's Battlegrounds: military analysis videos

    Thank you for the welcome!
  3. Commissar Binkov

    Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Hey, sock puppets are people too! Anyway, I'm glad you liked it. Of course there's a lot of gray area and conjecture in that video, but that's infotainment I guess. It's still researched as much as possible, given the limited publicly available information.
  4. Hello everyone! I've made some videos concerning topics of military, strategy, technology and so on. So far I'm getting pretty good feedback on them so maybe you too would be interested in seeing them. Here's one on Turkey vs Russia: hypothetical air war Or US AMRAAM D missile compared to Russian R-77-1 missile Or UK vs France: hypothetical war So tell me what you think!