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  1. Mighty_Zuk

    General AFV Thread

    https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/british-army-reveals-more-miv-details-including-pr/ 500 Boxer MIV will be purchased. 10 year support contract included. Total program cost ~$5.4 billion. 4 variants: APC, Ambulance, C&C, Equipment support (maintenance). They want domestic systems. They don't want turreted vehicles, or ones with mortars. To remain serviceable for 40 years. Seems that the average price for this thing is north of $10 million dollars, judging by this contract and the Australian one. Not bad. I would however suggest perhaps taking a hit there, slashing the price in half at least and buy perhaps a Piranha, and invest the rest of the money in upgrading the obsolete tank fleet.
  2. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Extended version of a previously uploaded video, including basic infantry+armor training in the 460th training brigade:
  3. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Going to make a guess here that it's the 460th training brigade (Desert, no Trophy), so they get a pass:
  4. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    This is not exactly a tank or a heavy APC or IFV, but it was said the IDF is looking for multiple types of vehicles for multiple weight classes below the Eitan, and it's possible the Plasan Yagu will find its place there: It provides a STANAG 4569 level 2 protection, but comes with a weight of 1.48 tons, which is extremely light for that protection class. Sporting an RCWS and an observation drone (tethered?) as well, it could be very suitable for a multitude of roles - from border patrols and peacekeeping operations to special forces who require very high mobility and minimal protection.
  5. Mighty_Zuk

    Syrian conflict.

    ISI released clearer satellite footage with some analysis: It was additionally said that the missiles came in groups of 4 (hit in rows) and not all together to avoid collapsing the hangar. It's possible, IMO, that the hangar was kept intact so it would be reused, and the Iranian forces in Syria wouldn't seek new facilities that would have to be found and tracked again, but in facilities that are already well known. The munitions were supposedly, judging by the penetration marks, SDBs or Spice 250. Not Delilah, Popeye, or Skysniper as some speculated, as these are far larger munitions.
  6. Mighty_Zuk

    AFV Coax Thread

    Wouldn't it require very frequent replacement of the suppressor? Anyway, I still think personal protection for the infantry is the one and only solution that should be developed for this issue.
  7. Mighty_Zuk

    General AFV Thread

    +1 for creativity. -2 for cutting down trees. -3 for ruining a road. +4 for Soviet logs.
  8. Mighty_Zuk

    AFV Coax Thread

    On my phone so I cant link any photos, but just google M109 suppressor and you'll see what size it should be. Of course 155mm =/= 120mm but it's not going to be too far off. The concept of a coaxial medium cannon is nice, but it is probably not so relevant in the presence of a critical mass of HIFVs. This could really be fixed by improving protection of the infantry, although far from all are wearing any form of hearing protection from what I've seen. In the US alone, the annual compensation for hearing loss stood at $1 billion a couple years ago. There are so many sources of very damaging sounds on the battlefield that trying to reduce every single one of them will prove to be so expensive and so impractical compared with very simple and relatively cheap selective hearing protection gear that has been available for a while now. So dont worry about tanks being loud.
  9. Mighty_Zuk

    AFV Coax Thread

    Suppressed guns get the effect of reduced sound mostly from subsonic munitions. That's the last thing you'd want in a tank. But if you would take such a project seriously, you'll find out you need some serious size to actually put a suppressor there.
  10. Mighty_Zuk

    Tank Layout

    So will they be scrapped or just sent to get dust in some remote long term storage?
  11. Mighty_Zuk

    Thermal signature of AFV

    Seems to be a really sophisticated program then. And at least on the Bumerang it got it spot on, showing significant heat on the right side at the very front, where the engine is located. Photos showed the paint gone off there because of the severe heating issues.
  12. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    460th instructional brigade celebrating Israel's 70th independence day.
  13. Mighty_Zuk

    Bash the F-35 thred.

    PCA is a concept for a 6th gen fighter. It's not even really defined yet so I think just an upgraded Gen 5 warplane won't get us there. Or is it not really a 6th gen but closer to the YF-23? Either way, I think these news penetrated a lot of us.
  14. Mighty_Zuk

    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Aerobatic team flying over Israel during the 70th independence day celebrations: (360° video, click on the wheel on the top right corner and navigate with arrows). It should be noted that for the first time, there was international presence, and a country-wide flyby included aircraft from 6 countries: Greece - F-16. Poland - C-295. Canada - C-17. UK - C-130. Austria - C-130. Italy - Eurofighter. This is the view from Tel Aviv:
  15. Mighty_Zuk

    Bash the F-35 thred.

    I think this is bigger news than it seems to be. A hybrid of F-35 and F-22? They're almost definitely talking about a twin engine derivative. If that's true, there's no way it's just for Japan. It could mean a lot for the USAF, as they need more F-22 than they have right now, but the production is closed. This could be a way to get more F-22.