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  1. https://thediplomat.com/2019/02/indian-army-accepts-arjun-mk1-a-main-battle-tank-for-service/ India wants another batch of 118 tanks, but not yet in the Mk2 version. It's an Mk 1A version that is an interim "solution". In an act of protest, I shall do the "nae nae" on India.
  2. Rafael shows its new ROCKS missile in India. Judging by its shape, it's designed to fly a ballistic path. Nose-mounted optical sensor allows for accurate engagement in GPS-denied environment. Steering possible via rear fins. Said to be capable of launching from "significant" ranges outside the protection envelope of land based defense systems. It means we can expect a range that is longer than IMI's Rampage's 150km range, I assume 300-400km is required to deal with the longest range air defense systems currently in service, especially as launching this missile requires high altitude flight. Its warhead is also said to be suitable for defeating either targets on ground, or targets "deep" underground. It is additionally capable of engaging moving targets.
  3. Image quality of a thermal visor on the Merkava 4 at 9.5km. (a member on Otvaga asserts that the thermal visor is green instead of black and white to ease the strain on the eyes, and not a simple night vision device).
  4. 12 years between the final demonstration of technologies to fielding the first tank is quite a lot of time. That's about 30% of the life expectancy of a tank.
  5. Plus Syria has plenty of T-72 AND is likely to start taking in modern russian gear as soon as they stabilize.
  6. Actually impressed for a change. The commander's station definitely looks quite comfortable even by western standards, and I'm a long time proponent of high prioritization of ergonomics as a cheap way to increase crew efficiency. The turret also looks different, but it may be just the paint scheme. Leaves plenty to be desired, but I still like it a lot.
  7. The need for a new MBT as replacement for the M1 has been identified a while ago, and intentions to create a replacement based on OMFV technologies have also been declared. Feel free to continue this discussion at the US AFV thread and ask other members who keep track over these things.
  8. As I previously said, there is a lot of commonality between the Carmel/Kaliya and the NGCV program. Both are tasked to create some AFV that adds all these new ideas. The type of AFV (APC/IFV/MBT/recon etc etc) is dependent on what the IDF and US Army think is most urgent for them at the moment. For the US it may be a Bradley replacement, and for the IDF it could be a medium IFV to replace Namers or an MBT to replace Merkavas. Whatever the first version they choose, it's supposed to be a technological baseline for every other AFV type they field. If plans don't change, the M1A3 development will coincide with a certain phase of the OMFV's development, to draw on these technologies. Similarly, the IDF plans to use the Carmel program as a baseline for an MBT program to replace the Merkava. The vehicle shown in the video is nothing more than a show of a collection of concepts. It is hardly applicable as-is in modern combat between peers.
  9. I personally think that they added 2 RCWS simply because they already want 2 independent sights (current AFVs only have 1 at best), so attaching an RCWS with is really cheap and simple. This way both crewmembers get a sight of their own, and the ability to engage targets independently of who uses the main gun. It can also be used to emulate the concept of Bright Arrow without burdening the interceptors/launchers themselves with the added weight of an RCWS. Bright Arrow is basically a derivative of the Iron Fist LC in which an MG is attached to each launcher, and fires a burst immediately after the launcher fires. This way, in short range engagements it has a very high chance of eliminating the personnel who fires at the vehicle. At the cost, of course, of traverse speed of the launcher and thus increasing its reaction time.
  10. Eitan's first prototype still rocking it, this time seemingly testing its run-flat system and a new driver aid system, which I assume is an ultrasonic device for distance measurement.
  11. Keep in mind folks that the MT883 engine is what allowed the IDF to finally get the Merkava's frontal hull armor from piss poor on the Mark 3 to rock solid in the Mark 4. The Namer already got armor as thick as that of the Merkava 4's at the front, but could further be enhanced. I am inclined to believe, however, that the AVDS engines are no longer supported, or just improlerly supported. A 9-man squad is already achieved in the Namer, and the troop compartment is relatively very spacious.
  12. A couple thermobaric (fuel-air) rockets can cover a fairly wide area relative to a line charge, are very cheap and easy to make, and can be carried in large numbers on a single vehicle. And I'm not sure about the following one but I believe they can exert substantially more downwards pressure to defeat AT mines. Will have to check this one.
  13. The Kaliya program, which birthed the Eitan in 2014 before separating from it, is supposed to create a whole family of vehicles, but they don't necessarily have to be the vehicle you see in this video. It may definitely include an MBT as well. The Carmel is a feasibility test, and anywhere between early 2020 and late 2027, the IDF should bunch up all the technologies they want for this program, and decide how to design the next family, or families, of vehicles. A tank to replace the Merkava 4 Barack will eventually be made. Whether it's going to be some form of evolution of the existing concept of Merkava tanks or a design that is radically different, is not yet known. Only that it will exist, and that it will incorporate Kaliya technologies. What you're seeing in this video is basically just a Wiesel-tier vehicle with all the latest and greatest situational awareness gadgets. This is a vehicle type for which the IDF does not have a doctrine, and likely does not plan to develop one for.
  14. @LoooSeR is that early bit of data on the 12 tanks entering service, is the only available data on the matter atm? Because it sounds a lot like they're just sending serial variants to experimental units and not regular troops. And afaik experimental units, along with their logistical backing, are totally organic.
  15. I cannot stress how logistically retarded this is. Maybe I'm just used to the Israeli system of upgrading one battalion because the logistical framework only allows battalion-level equipment changes. Maybe Russia's logistical framework is so comprehensive that it allows full support over long ranges to platoon level troops. But if that is not the case, and they don't have special logistical units to support experimental units, then that's fucked. And from what I've read the state trials should have ended or should end soon.
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