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    The mantlet being reinforced with composite armor, perhaps to the point of being nearly as strong or as strong as the rest of the turret front, is neither unique to the Leopard 2A5-7, nor is it very uncommon. Other tanks like the Abrams, Merkava, and perhaps the T-tanks (barring the T-14), plus maybe the Challengers (though not too sure) have well protected mantlets. Leclerc, K2, T-14 etc are perhaps closer to being the exception.
  2. Mighty_Zuk

    General AFV Thread

    Yes, it is. All the listed IFVs are made either by countries that are members of NATO, or companies whose home markets are NATO members. NATO has a protection standard called STANAG 4569 to which the IFVs listed must conform. This standard lists anything from protection against 5.56mm ball ammunition, to 30mm APFSDS. The list exists here in a neat fashion. NATO members do not necessarily have to comply exactly with these standards, and can have protection levels that are in between those levels, or even above the current maximum level (6). The CV90 and ASCOD are advertised as compliant with STANAG 4569 level 6 over the frontal arc and level 4 over the sides. Some variants have been fitted with additional reactive or semi-reactive armor to provide protection against CE. The additional CE protection is unknown. Puma conforms with level 6 over the frontal arc and level 4 over the sides. Additional ERA has been added to the sides for unknown protection against CE. KF31 and KF41 have yet unknown levels of protection. However, due to their weight, especially with the KF41's weight being in the mid 40's and up to 50 tons, it is estimated to have ballistic protection somewhat above normal NATO levels. Those that have additional ERA over the sides, may well have level 6 protection at the sides, as most ERA manufacturers claim level 6 protection for their armor blocks (when laid over some minimal base armor). This includes the Puma, as well as the ASCOD/Ajax and Bradley. Heavy IFVs such as the Namer and T-15, are expected to have levels of protection closer to those of an MBT, with the Namer being said to be more protected than the Merkava it's based on, and no known claims of the T-15.
  3. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    We only know so far that the Eitan will likely use a CAT engine.
  4. Mighty_Zuk

    Britons are in trouble

    It deserves a Warrior's death.
  5. Mighty_Zuk

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Ease of production?
  6. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    An interesting find on IMI's website. They recently uploaded a PDF for a new product called M755 Track Cutting Charge. It's a shaped charge placed on any AFV's tracks that allows cutting them when otherwise impossible. http://www.imisystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/TRACK-CUTTING-CHARGE-TCC-M755_Final.pdf
  7. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    It will, but that project is sort of in a limbo.
  8. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Remote control of an MBT was said to be feasible, and already tested, but it was also said to be of no value at the moment.
  9. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    It always was just that. The FCS of course includes everything related to sensory, which means sensor fusion, helmet mounted visors, VR training, additional sensors etc. If you fantasized about a new gun, a new engine (which was speculated at one time but confirmed to be untrue), or generally anything that would require a very serious change to the logistical requirements for the tank, or an expensive structural change, then you're all out of luck.
  10. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Some NEWS my Bois: 847th brigade (reserve) has completed the induction of one Merkava 4 battalion and is preparing to induct 2 more battalions. 401st brigade (active) is preparing to receive tanks with improved FCS, and will be the first to acquire the Barak.
  11. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    First appeared on BreakingDefense, written by (notoriously sensationalist) Arie Egozi, so credit goes to him. It does not offer any new information here, but it's interesting that they claim (in ArmyRecognition) that the Eitan will only be made available for export when local production ends. No citation was provided, and it seems to have been merely inferred while rewriting from the original.
  12. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    40mm AGL coax is something new. Wonder what got them into thinking about this. Not sure about the date of that photo.
  13. Mighty_Zuk

    Turkish touch

    I'm still baffled by the existence of these people.
  14. Mighty_Zuk

    Turkish touch

    Most likely not. Turkey's plans were for 1,000 units of Altay tanks, spread across 4 tranches of 250 each. The M60 tanks are the core of their armored strength, so a single lot will not be enough. Only their elite force of Sabra tanks is about 170. They have a lot more tanks than just one thousand, but these new tanks should allow Turkey to maintain a cheaper, leaner, more technologically saturated, and more effective force.