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  1. So, you could effectively stack up a couple of these with an XM2001 up front to create a "Crusader Centipede" that would be able to provide effective fire support until the end of times?
  2. There's also modular armor, which can be taken off as larger pieces so it's easier to remove and not so much of a hassle. But it's best to use the full armor kit to simulate the weight. You don't want to be driving around in a 50-ton tank (not illustrative of the Abrams' or any tank's weight) feeling light af, accelerating to 32 km/h in a milisecond, then putting an extra 5 tons only for battle and having to feel those 5 tons whenever you start driving. It's something that takes time to get used to, and you don't want to start getting used to something on your moment of truth.
  3. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Yeah but the odd thing is that the ones with Mark 4 tracks are actually the older serial production ones, around 2008-2010 IIRC. Later ones came with only Mark 3 tracks but I can't be too sure.
  4. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Depends on how you define "serious". Other than the hull being elevated (which is a very simple modification), all that is said on the matter is that the hull is a hybrid of a Merkava 3 and 4, using as many solutions as possible from the Merkava 4's hull, but with the engine bay and running gear the same as on the Merkava 3 (due to the 1,200hp engine instead of 1,500hp of the Mark 4). Oddly, even the tracks belong to the Mark 3. There were some plans to use the Mark 4's 1,500hp engine, but due to cost it was abandoned. That engine costs 3 times as much as the Mark 3's 1,200hp.
  5. Mighty_Zuk


    Looks like there are 3 ding-dongs on the left side of the turret, and one more on the right. Can anyone make an educated guess? EDIT: Fug, these are smoke grenade launchers. There's a nice flat area on the side of the turret. Was it that hard to put it there?
  6. Mighty_Zuk


    It didn't, hopefully it doesn't. And for some reason someone was stupid enough to think it was even a good idea in the first place. Why some have actually purchased it is beyond me.
  7. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Oh I see what you mean. I thought you talked about the supposed camera right below the gun on the new Namer, which didn't exist on the 2017 one. Yeah, it does seem odd. About as odd as Merkava tanks driving around with the laser warning systems' mounting piece, but without the LWS itself. If you want my educated guess: They're not really needed if you use the IronVision system. I don't see a vision block on the turret, but the Namer is almost definitely going to get that system, considering that the Eitan was confirmed to get it, and the usage of the same turret on both. By the way, do you know if these cameras were used by the TC or the driver as well?
  8. Mighty_Zuk

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Okay guys I have an idea. It's not an easy one but bear with me, okay? It'll be a whole lot easier to overcome the height issue if we store the VEHICLE, vertically.
  9. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    That's because the first one is an ad-hoc solution while the 2nd is a more complete one, closer to serial standard. No need for smoke grenades on the hull if the turret can carry them. And that driver's camera may just be a new addition that is irrelevant to the turret. EDIT: To be honest, I'm kind of surprised they went with only 6 smoke grenades there. I thought they'd gone along the lines of ROSY and have something that can throw smoke in all directions, or at least in a more substantial volume. But I guess they have a different approach to smoke screening, maybe thinking that with APS they don't want to conceal but to use the opportunity to fire back. The commander's sight and gunner's sight are both Elbit's COAPS (Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight), which is funny because Elbit are offering the MGS (Modular Gunner's Sight). The COAPS, as you can see in the video, has a central stabilization unit, with two optical modules, one on each side. In the video the left side has a thermal optical unit, and the right side has a day-time optical unit with a laser range finder. It appears on the test turret, they did not use the full optical set, and on the more recent one they have.
  10. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    EDIT: Seems that these are added boxes, and they don't seem to interfere with the blow-off panels. Zoomed in:
  11. Mighty_Zuk

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    Welcome, my dude. Indeed, quite odd. An even more odd error RAFAEL made in their past marketing videos was showing a Merkava 4 firing a HEAT-FS round, from a rifled gun... It actually took time and effort to edit in the rifling, just to make a mistake. The heresy is at 1:20
  12. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Seems the rioting points have either expanded so much, or the IDF had to relocate most of its riot control and sniper teams, that now tanks on patrols have to do the quick reaction to infiltration attempts. A smoke grenade does seem like a good response. It's non-lethal but could do some damage if the person persists on staying put. Just didn't know how large of a smoke screen a pair of grenade could do... EDIT: Action starts at 1:50. Better keep the sound muted unless you like the music.