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  1. The IDF was not reluctant about the Iron Fist's selection. Trophy met the needs in the given time, and Iron Fist didn't. The competition was thus very short. Any future attempt at acquisition did not take into account Iron Fist's maturity because the IDF (probably) were sure of IMI's capability to bring their product to sufficient maturity if given the funding and assurance that the army will buy their product, and support them all the way. In fact, despite the revelation of issues about the interceptor unit specifically, the IDF requested that the pairing of the Trophy and Iron Fist be done by pairing the computer, sensors package, and data fusion technologies of the Trophy, with the interceptor unit of the Iron Fist. Additionally, the IDF is now testing the Iron Fist in its IF-LC version for light vehicles. Keep in mind this report talks specifically about the system which was presented to the US Army - the IF-LC, which is not identical to the original Iron Fist, which is now dubbed IF-MBT. The real focus of the changes was the power supply to the entire system, and smaller interceptors. So the described issues may be relevant to the IF-LC alone, not necessarily the entire family. IMI, now Elbit, had to put the IF-LC on the market very quickly in order to compete with the Trophy. Any further delay and Rafael would snatch the entire western APS market. Better have a somewhat faulty system that the world can see and consider, than have a mature and perfected one when everyone has already made their mind. From a marketing point of view at least.
  2. Iran has put its engineers to work very hard to make an M60 look like an Abrams, but they couldn't figure out how to remove that huge cupola?
  3. Such wobbling, on a stable platform like that (not the French wobbling generator CAESAR), really has me worried that such a gun may be too much for even heavy trucks. I can easily see the alignment issues (due to wobbling) being the bottleneck in RoF.
  4. Well, an electric engine would still be a must for any future AFV, in the sense of next-gen AFV and not just an upgraded existing one, probably starting 2025. Simply because it does not emit heat or sound. I like the idea of Hydrogen being a just-in-case type of fuel, because electrolysis processes to create hydrogen will probably become more common as a solution to store energy in cases of excess, as many are moving towards more green and less predictable sources of energy, that are not as economically viable to just switch off as any fuel-based plants (can't switch off wind, sun, or waves). Is there any special difficulty in making a dual-fuel generator working on diesel or hydrogen? I know such conversions exist.
  5. Which one? After some sniffing, it seems the "Vegacy Strategic Services" PMC is not listed anywhere, at least anywhere I can find, and their activity ends in 2013 in their website (a video and some articles, all from November 2013). Only one section about courses was updated in 2016 but that's it. No other online footprint from what I know, only a contacts list that may no longer be relevant.
  6. And with a global scarcity in sweet, purified water, don't you think it might be a problem? Maybe in Europe and north America there is an abundance of water, but on a global scale it's a real issue.
  7. How much water does it take to produce the desired amount of hydrogen per tank?
  8. The contract for Trophy systems for the IDF in 2016 was $285 million for ~1,000 systems plus development. It grew in 2017 to $312 million. Date of contract completion remained unchanged - 2027. This is an approximately 100 systems more, and adds to the production rate quite substantially. If the date of contract completion is not delayed, then we're talking about 1,040 systems over 10 years, instead of 950 systems over 11 years.
  9. @LoooSeR So Vegacy are a Russian PMC? I thought PMCs were outlawed in Russia so the gov't would deny the existence of Wagner, and accordingly Wagner would never announce their activities publicly. But it seems Vegacy have a website in which they very clearly state they are a PMC. How does it work, and how did you identify them as belonging to Vegacy?
  10. They cite cost differences for buying the F-15X, yet repeat later that the F-15X is more expensive. What gives?
  11. Yeah you're right. It's just a messed up perspective making the tank look longer than it is. The T-15 has the same vents apparently, but are located far closer to the center of the vehicle.
  12. It's a welcome change. Not so long ago it became apparent that the Lebanese Armed Forces are cooperating with Hezbollah, and are even transferring arms to them. As the LAF failed in its main task - to curb Hezbollah's empowerment, and decided to aid them instead, there is no reason for the US to support them anymore. They can now be under the same sanctions Hezbollah faces.
  13. Yes you're right, the Pereh was based on M48 hulls, not M60. But for quite a long time the IDF has been looking to convert old vehicles to APCs. Even the Merkava 2 was repurposed, and perhaps the main reason why no more Achzarit HAPCs were made was because there were no more usable tanks to make them from. The M60 APC conversion, judging by the image quality, came somewhere between two points in time in which the need for converted tanks was quite substantial. Another aspect to consider is the US aid to Israel. Today the aid is used very efficiently. Not one dollar is spent on unnecessary stuff. When it's not used to purchase the most high end aircraft, it's used to produce outsourced parts for indigenous projects like Merkava tanks, Namer APCs, Eitan AFVs, even the new howitzer, as well as the very expensive air defenses like Iron Dome or David's Sling. But in the 90's that was far from the case. Huge chunks of the aid money were used on equipment and weapons that the IDF really had no need for. They just took them so the money won't be completely wasted. A lot of stuff went directly from the port into scrap yards. Surplus M60 hulls could be purchased in the hundreds in just a couple years. The only explanation I see here is some untold engineering obstacle that is not related to the engine and suspension. No name. As was said, it was only once mentioned by the deceased Yehiam Harpaz, when he talked in a book about his experiences with torsion bar suspension. The Magach tanks were officially retired in 2014, and the Pereh was retired in 2017.
  14. At the time, M60 vehicles were already being steadily withdrawn from service, one battalion per year. The IDF apparently had enough vehicles to spare as far back as the 80's to create Pereh AT vehicles. The suspension is also not the main issue, IMO. What supports my opinion is that around the 90's the IDF developed a light tank, similar to what the US Army wanted of the FCS program at some point. This light tank used torsion bar suspension, designed by the same guy who made the Merkava 3's suspension. At no time since the 70's has the IDF changed its reference terrain from the Golan, especially not only a decade after a war with Syria (1982).
  15. Nope. The APS detects threats via the radar. The optics are for a 360 degrees vision system, but through image processing technologies are supposed to identify threats, and receive data on threats via BMS.
  16. Along a portion of the sides, yes. But that's an acceptable compromise in return for practically immunity to ATGM. The important bit in that image though, and in the article, is that it's Rafael's demonstration of its key technologies for future combat vehicles, or speficially the Kali'a (or Carmel). You can see a panoramic camera in an armored case that feeds into a set of wide screens. You guys remember that really poorly edited video about the Carmel? Well the Carmel shown there was based on Rafael's proposed technologies, not Elbit's or IAI's.
  17. Definitely. Forgot about the upgrade to continental.
  18. Magachon, based on M60 chassis. Reportedly, it was decided not to put it into service because the Centurion and T-55 were seen as much more suitable for such a conversion. Exactly what made the M60 unsuitable, I'm not sure. I am guessing it might be because of the size of the powerpack.
  19. It's an inevitable path for the future, but to get there a shit ton of work would have to be made to provide an extremely noise-insensitive, and extremely secure network. Sounds like a project that's bigger than the MBT project itself.
  20. 2 questions: 1)What exact components are outdated? If the outer shell holding the armor is changed, and the armor being possibly changed, the internal construction to alter the ammo stowage also being changed, and finally the FCS also changed, I don't see what exactly is left that could be considered outdated. 2)Even if the layout is almost identical (except for TOGS), does it necessarily mean the turret is the same? I don't see why the externally visible components have to be relocated.
  21. Bomb seems to be intact, so it's likely a dud.
  22. The writing fits, but the nose doesn't fit. It should be spherical, as the Spice family uses optical sensors, but this one appears not to have any optics.
  23. So the whole commonality thing is now gone?
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