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  1. Their banner headlines after the press conference.
  2. I think Trump finally broke CNN's collective mind.
  3. 【中国的新一代步兵战车】无人遥控炮塔,猎歼双火控,AR头盔全景显示界面,35毫米埋头弹自动炮,中距反坦克导弹。澳洲羊羔皮座椅,手自动一体变速器,全电驱动,涡轮增压电混合动力,主动反导防御系统。
  4. North Korea, you so crazy!

    This is a PR black eye for Ukraine.
  5. I know the arguments but I have never heard of the HBD term before. Alt-right and antifa have become umbrella labels for far right and far left ideologies.
  6. Ah I even checked before I posted and still missed it.