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  1. I wonder how well laser dazzlers would work on Starstreak or Sosna.
  2. The US Army is going to evaluate a fourth non developmental APS, and it will be for the Stryker. Two companies have been invited to a live fire demonstration in November. The decision on buying Iron Fist for Bradleys will come in the first quarter FY19.
  3. Now Brennan is trying to walk back accusing Trump of treason.
  4. Ohr wrote that Christopher Steele, the ex-British spy who wrote the salacious dossier, was "very concerned (abt) about [former FBI Director James] Comey's firing -- afraid they will be exposed."
  5. Was it though? Seems like Comey was acting under Brennan and Clappers direction at times. And then we have other decision makers like Strzok.
  6. 147gr 9mm subsonic used by the US military? Edit: I guess Speer fixed their Gold Dot G2.
  7. "Brennan may have started one of the most important political witch hunts in history based on not recognizing a joke — and I’m not even making that up, I feel fairly confident in saying that what I just said is literally true: that the head of the CIA has almost destroyed the United States because he didn’t understand that an obvious joke was a joke." -Scott Adams, creator of "Dilbert." In response to Brennan's op-ed.
  8. I don't know about him, but there is this. Brennan is a piece of shit and not worthy of defense because he says what you want to hear about Trump.
  9. https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article180519422/Schuetzenpanzer-Puma-Soldaten-duerfen-nicht-groesser-als-1-84-Meter-sein.html According to this article when the development of the Puma started the height of future Germans was underestimated and it was not designed for dismounts over 184cm tall.