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  1. General news thread

    The way Reddit names things vs. the way 4chan does, /pol instead of /pol/.
  2. General news thread

    A redditor visits 4chan.
  3. The Leopard 2 Thread

    The 15 (eventually 16) ABCTs include the National Guard units. My understanding is there are 1,605 M1A2 SEP/SEPv2 and 791 M1A1 SA, with the rest being older M1A1s. The USMC only has 3 active tank battalions out of their 403 M1A1 FEP. This isn't accounting for the new SEPv3 made out of M1A1s.
  4. Railguns

    Just as a note, the clips where the projectile was spinning are because a traditional chemical (rifled) gun was used. Those HVP projectiles in 127mm and 155mm guns will be a boon to the navy.
  5. General AFV Thread

    Slovakia will buy 81 AMV XPs with TURRA turrets.
  6. General AFV Thread

    There are pictures of the Challenger 2 with soft and hard kill APS that haven’t made it to the internet yet. Looks like MM beat me to it in the APS thread.
  7. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    The links are dead but searching Kathe on DTIC produces a lot of relevant results.
  8. The Leopard 2 Thread

    Is focus.de a reputable source? It’s claiming less than 100 of Germany’s Leopard 2s are combat ready.
  9. It's a fucked thing because the guy most likely does (or did) have a thing for highschool girls, but it's being so blatantly used as a political attack that it gets people to turn their noses up at the accusations instead.
  10. And the day after he wins. Cnn: How could this have happened?!?
  11. Yeah, him still being in the lead. Not showing the NRSC poll's methodology is a big red flag to me.
  12. I have seen ‘internet experts’ say that the yearbook signature used two different inks, and that it used a title he didn’t have at the time.
  13. Your Gun Porn Thread

    Personally I prefer the Magpul SL stocks because of the shape of the buttpad. If you didn’t already have that Geisselle trigger I would say to get a Black Friday sale Larue MBT. I have the position of my rear irons and ACOG switched so that I can have the ACOG farther back, being able to have the stock extended farther is more valuable to me than a few inches of distance between my backup sights. If you get a new optic I suggest something with an ACSS reticle.
  14. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Something I came across while looking for something completely different, a patent on kinetic energy projectiles that lengthen after being fired.
  15. Whew that guy gives no fucks about openly buying people off.
  16. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/byron-york-did-dossier-trigger-the-trump-russia-probe/article/2640470 -create dossier -give dossier to the FBI -FBI starts looking into it -tell media about the dossier and use the FBI investigating it to give it authenticity -use dossier and investigations to justify FISA court requests to spy on the Trump campaign -change internal rules allowing intelligence sharing between agencies -rampant 'leaking' of shared intelligence reports on the Trump campaign
  17. DRDO; India's Porsche

    RIP Arjun and Tejas The armed forces have virtually given the thumbs down to the proposed advanced versions of the indigenous Tejas light combat aircraft and Arjun main-battle tank by strongly pitching for mega acquisitions of foreign single-engine fighters and futuristic armoured fighting vehicles through the 'Make in India' route under the 'strategic partnership (SP)' policy.