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  1. This weekend I finished a major hurdle in KSP. I built a pretty decent replica of the Ares from Stephen Baxter's Voyage. The Ares was a major construction hurdle in KSP for me. Usually if I wanted to explore a planet, I could put probes together, but i figured I'd aim for a manned vessel, and I figure I'd make it a big one. The star of Voyage is the gigantic Ares cluster, which is a Saturn V derived Mars capable spacecraft built for a Mars mission in 1986. One of the more frustrating aspects of the novel is that the novel regularly takes time to whinge about the technol
  2. Next up in my quest to recreate cancelled Apollo Missions! This is a recent set of screenshots from my Apollo LMSS Mission. Using some Agena parts, plus a telescope piece from Coatl Aerospace, I knocked together a KH-8-a-like photo reconnaissance pod and photolab for a 30 day polar orbit.
  3. I've got it downloaded and that I've been fast at work on new rocket designs. Personally, I'm beyond hyped for the new Titan II. I'm a huge Gemini Program fan. The current version of BDB is absolutely fantastic. I haven't toyed around with the new launch vehicles quite yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
  4. I'm at work again with Skylab in BDB. This time I'm doing an LKO Skylab. This is based on an earlier design which was a Wet Workshop with an Apollo Telescope Mount that retains the LM ascent stage. In a pinch I figure the LM ascent stage can be used to guide incoming AARDVs. Additionally it can be separated from the rest of the station and fly with a CSM to a higher altitude for observations. This is the first of several Apollo Applications Program Concepts I'll be flying with.
  5. I was alerted to the existence of the universal storage mod from a reddit post where a gentleman made a Direct Ascent Gemini lander. I copied much of his design from that and put my own spin to create a USAF Gemini-I from the Blue Gemini series. With my added use of KAS and KIS, this gives my Gemini spacecraft some extra utility. The Gemini-I(A) as I call it, is a bit different than the one in the novel, where the service module doesn't open. C'est la vie. It's got more engines, giving it higher performance at the cost of endurance. I'm still toying with the design, but the Gemini is going to
  6. Yep. I decided to return to BDB to make something a little different than usual. This is my 1959 Man-in-Space-Soonest take. It's the stock Mk 1 capsule with some BDB Mercury bits on it, sat atop a Thor. It can lift that little capsule into a sub orbital arc, and really that's about it. I did a separate orbital version: This was tricky to figure out, the Thor, without any sort of scaling mods, was just outside of the ability to put a capsule in orbit. So I figured out this little work around. As you can see, I opted for the lighter Blue Dog Mercur
  7. I finally unlocked top tier Soviet tanks. The T-72A is an absolute blast. I am happy it will bring me to the hallowed T-80U (albeit by the way of some Kharkovite tanks, and the T-80B)
  8. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by, and double thanks for making such a great modpack! I'm a huge fan of BDB, I use it to build, at this point, most things. I was working on a recreation of the Ares from Voyage a while back but the save got corrupted. I suppose I'll need to get back around to building it.
  9. When compared to specifically a Pz II, then yeah the Chi Ha with like a 47mm gun might be the more attractive tank? Opposite US Armor, and really just in general, IJA armor is lacking. They tend to be larger, slower, and sport inferior armor and firepower to their Allied counterparts. I mean what does a Chi Ha have that an M2/M3 Light Tank, or M4 Medium doesn't? Literally nothing. In the world of Axis armor, it's the same sort of deal, the contemporary German stuff generally winds up looking superior. There are exceptions, for instance, I don't think Chi-Has set themselves on fire
  10. Which began execution in 1945? Dude, That does nothing to refute the fact that the F6F, F4U, and even the plucky little FM-2 were superior aircraft. A quick check shows the A6M8 is going to have a top airspeed of 356mph. Sorry to tell you, this is slow by 1945 standards. The F6F-5 has a higher top speed at 391 mph, and the F4U-4 had a blistering top speed of 446 mph. There's also other US Aircraft to consider, namely the F7F Tigercat and F8F Bearcat, which both broke 400 mph. There's also USAAF aircraft to consider, the P-51D/K and P-47N also break 400 mph. That's not counting FAA
  11. I've started to go up the German tree. It's an interesting experience. It's less OP than I figured it would be. The Panzer IV with the longer 75mm are solid tanks but, if anyone looks at you, you die horribly. T-34/76s are the bane of my existence whenever I play that tree. Still, they're very potent, and the mix of vulnerability plus lethality makes them pretty fun. The Panzer III is still the unexpected highlight of the tree. The Pz IIIL is EASILY my best tank stats wise with a win rate in the 86% range and a 81:7 KDR. As a weird rule, I'm trying to avoid the big cats and go for the German t
  12. Oh this seems fun. I must admit I'm thoroughly ignorant of actual engineering what nots. Please be gentle with your shaming of the inevitable temple of ignorance I create.
  13. That was a great match. We discovered that one of the best pairings is the Centurion AVRE and the M103. Not sure why that works so well, but holy shit, magic happens.
  14. My ravaged XM1 after a fight with two T-64Bs. Somehow I managed to withstand 7-8 hits at point blank range from one of the T-64s. I have no idea how it was possible. I figured it was a combination of poor ammunition choices and the fact I was on a crew respawn. Anyways, XM1 (GM) - 1, T-64B - 0.
  15. Probably my best KSP screenshot so far, or at least, my favorite. I dorked out and decided to write a little blurb to go along with it. Please do not take it seriously. "MoonLab represents our first base outside of the Earth's Orbit, and in that regard it's certainly a remarkable achievement. You'll hear the Skylab guys talk up the fact that they have the nicer facilities where they can get the real science done, but don't pay any attention to them. They've had it easy. When we went to MoonLab, me and the guys spent the first two weeks living out of the Command Module. You see
  16. I'm building the interplanetary vessel Ares from 'Voyage' by Stephen Baxter. Once completed this will be my largest KSP vessel. It was fun to see that my earlier Eve vessel was very similar. The crew and MEM are next up along with refueling this beast. The CSM pictured is the attached construction vehicle. I had some difficulties lining up the SII fuel tanks with the main body of the vessel. This may take a rebuild.
  17. Adventures in KSP Pt Whatever Space Probe Argonaut VI arrives at Eve to conduct a scientific survey. MOL Variant Docking test. This is heavily inspired by the USN MOL from Mike Jenne's Blue Gemini series. Another Gemini MOL
  18. NATO Gemini Missions, 1964 RAF Gemini being launched by a Blue Streak and a USAF Gemini Titan II. The Blue Streak in the Commonwealth Rockets pack is a weirdly beefy rocket. Although I had to beef it up with an upper stage that's a Titan engine mated to some Blue Streak fuel tanks. It's kind of cheese, but it make for some interesting screenshots.
  19. Everything broke in KSP! So today I have a montage of effecting repairs. An Apollo Block V Delivers a habitation and secondary solar generation plant to Skylab. Station wigged out and pointed the wrong direction, and in the process lost all power. Maiden Flight of Big G on a Saturn Multibody. The Big G is serving as a rescue vessel for stranded Kerbonauts. In this particular case a CSM's heat shield exploded, annihilating the service module and sending the command module spinning out of control. The crew of the destroyed Apollo craft, plus a KSAF S
  20. Today in KSP "What if Land" I put up my first permanent Space Station (on this playthrough), Skylab. For fun, I took some inspiration from the actual Skylab B and docked a Soyuz. Alas, Skylab B never flew, but it can be seen (and walked though) at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.
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