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  1. There is also an Asp brand known as red gun. Red parts are used in testing to keep firearms testers from blowing themselves up on an incomplete gun. The red parts often represent parts that are not yet tested, or are removed for testing, or are examples of non-shipping product.
  2. Red parts in American parlance represent either blank or non-firing parts on a gun, depending on what standard you follow. A bright red part is included to indicate a part that does not function as a firing model.
  3. My wife solved the issue of named guns. They are all George.
  4. If you do not lend your car to anyone here, and avoid introducing them to any female relatives below the age of 65, this forum is a great place to hangout. Welcome.
  5. Think about Neil Gardner. He engages the Columbine shooters at 60 meters when they had long arms - shooting out his ammo supply but staying in the line of fire for several minutes. Today he is called a coward (for not charging Kliebold to gain a better tactical position) a baby killer (because in his first interviews he said he was shooting to kill Kliebold and people objected that a high school student would be subject to kill shots) an untrained shooter (for failing to shoot the weapon from Kliebold's hands) and so forth. In my book the guy engaged two heavily armed shooters at 60 mete
  6. "Technically proficient North Korean Commandoes demonstrate to the Dear Leader their mastery of the technical arts. Despite their perfection of skills, they welcome Dear Leader's suggestions to better deter American aggressors from our lands."
  7. What is he armed with? If it is a knife then someone should award him a .40 lifetime achievement award. If it is not a knife then all it would take is two officers to serve him up a meal of grass a la handcuff, with extra servings of pavement if he falls unlucky.
  8. My students do studies of the rare gun industry - hoarding right now accounts for half the uptick in prices last decade.
  9. The greatest MAS 49 gunsmith in the world lives in PA.
  10. Don't be a hater. I also got a MAS36 LG48 for 100 bucks at a gun show because the patriotic seller did not want to sully his hands with no "damn looser commie guns." I agreed with him and scored a 500 buck original Vietnam bring back Viet Minh capture less than 300 in the world GL equipped piece of history. And I made a dealer feel better for his patriotism. To make matters more funny, he had dozens of Mosins for sale.
  11. It was on the end of a line of AK47s. The pawn shop dealt in guns that it sold to the local gangs - mostly to the girlfriends of gang members since the actual gangers could not buy guns. The Model 8 was from an estate sale - the dealer picked it up as part of the sale and could not unload it. He tried to even get the gangers to take it as part of his 3-1 sales deal - buy three AKs and get the Model 8 at 100 bucks. I saw it with a 325 price tag. I had to get some power tools and offered him 25 bucks for the rifle. Sold. I ran the serial on NCIC and confirmed I was its second owner,
  12. Your forgot to post the caption: "They caught me spanking Boris in the showers, and now I have to wear this thing for two weeks."
  13. Funny, your Model 8 looks like a metrosexual AK-47. Actually, I like it a lot for a Blackgun. Usually it is hard for me to be swayed by modern weapons.
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