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  1. I really want to stay mad at Gearbox, but then I remember that they've made some of my top games of all time and it's so hard.
  2. Skyrim created a unique, beautiful, interesting world that's fun to get lost in. For what faults they have, Bethesda are at the top of the game when it comes to making game worlds and it's one of the reasons I enjoyed FO3 more than New Vegas.Besides the difficulty complaint I made, I wish Bethesda would hire some decent writers and/or actually put some real effort into voice acting and character interaction. One thing I explicitly remember about Skyrim wash when you wake up during a Thieves' Guild quest and that one Dark Elf woman is talking to you because it's one of the few times I remember
  3. I will actually go on the record that I've never witnessed a notable bug in a Bethesda game, even a harmless funny graphical one. Maybe rarely ever modding the games had something to do with that. Honestly, the one mod that did the most for me in Skyrim was the original Morrowloot. It mostly just kept you from getting world destroyer equipment as a result of just putzing around and the top armor types were only available through crafting. Last I checked, people restored it for new versions but added a bunch of unnecessary crap like any modder does.
  4. My problem with Bethesda games is that they usually start out a good, reasonable pace. Then about five hours in, you hit this power cascade where everything dies in one or two hits and you're just this murder machine and the exploration becomes more about ticking boxes than finding interesting places with useful stuff inside.
  5. So I quit Dark Souls 2 after beating 1. I just greatly disliked the worlds, the enemies, the visuals, and the level design/fights. I watched an LP, read some lore, then moved on to 3. Once I was able to kind of break through that first barrier, it was right back to a great experience. I miss the slower pace of DS1, but the visuals, world, and fights of 3 more than make up for that. I'm especially digging that I do parries more now that the timing actually makes sense.
  6. No sequel to a game I loved has turned me off of it like Dawn of War 3 has. I just get sad whenever I see it.
  7. Most of the Humble Bundles have been shit for a while now, but this most recent one is definitely worth a look/buy: https://www.humblebundle.com/overwhelmingly-positive-bundle. Ten bucks just took a chunk out of my wishlist. If you trust my views on anything: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse: Extremely cheesecakey art and characters belie a genuinely fun ZeldaMetroidVania game with some charm. Epic Battle Fantasy: I don't really have much interest in this one, but I'll launch it eventually out of curiosity Pony Island: I already owned this (PM me if you want my code no charge), and
  8. So I bought a pack of games from the last Steam sale. Some quick views on the ones I've played: Enter the Gungeon: Rogue-like twin stick-style shooter game. Starts out really frustrating as it pulls a lot of cardinal sins of Roguelikes like not explaining what pick-ups do or how basic controls work, but a few minutes on the wiki and getting further along the levels start to make the game shine. Also have to say this game has hands-down my favorite pixel art ever. Grand Theft Auto 5: Pretty damned good. I was honestly thinking of refunding it during the first few missions because they h
  9. I like this guy lately: Low on production values, but he has simplified visuals that help to convey things that are difficult for your average person to imagine in their mind.
  10. Got Battlefield 1, and the base game is fantastic. I wish the game didn't have so much stupid progression bullshit, though.
  11. So, Armored Warfare has its new DOTA-like game mode in the Test Server. Kind of enjoying, but it's a chaotic mess and I think they're going to need to explain the different roles that each class plays in it.
  12. The more I see campaign stuff from Battlefield 1, the less convinced I am that they'll mess it up. It seems respectful and bombastic. It's apparently trying to go the CoD 1 route of breaking up the scenery by following different scenarios and actually making unique characters. The dialogue is corny and the trailers look sappy. Fortunately there's no sign of BF4's light-speed stupid dialogue ("Boots on fucking ground, Recker. Boots on fucking ground!"). Also no signs of the plot of BF3, which is probably the dumbest plot I've seen in a game. I honestly want to know what happened to the
  13. Holy shit, Ubi needs a new game engine. It's not even a graphics whore thing so much as it's coming off as aesthetically dull.
  14. They're under investigation by some European consumer rights group right now for both false trailers and promises. Steam is also thrown in because they continue to display false advertising. I mean I'm okay with it, but you know they're only going after it because they're big, but not too big. I hardly expect Ubisoft would end up copping something like this for one of their fake trailers. This always seems to be a thing with space games in particular. Fans get mega-hyped and ask about features and the developers don't want to say no. See Star Citizen for the ultimate example. I think the
  15. Bought Humble Bundle 7, and it had some good stuff in there. I've already put an embarrassing amount of time into Prison Architect.
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