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  1. wtf I really love ted now
  2. ShamefurDispray

    DRDO; India's Porsche

    Al-Khalid is basically a Norinco tank
  3. That's approximately her chances of winning the presidency
  4. Does that mean that the SCOTUS is gonna get a MILF on board?
  5. I really wonder if he knows the definition of irony
  6. How does CNN not know that is just a clock with duct tape wrapped around it?
  7. ShamefurDispray

    I Learned Something Today

    Elizabeth Warren confirmed the One Drop Rule when she still clings to her Native American heritage when she possibly had an ancestor 6-10 generations ago. Meanwhile Nazi racial autism stopped at your grandparents; if you don't have a Jewish grandparent, you are considered German.
  8. What I love more is how Warren thought it was a 'gotcha' moment and decided to roast herself.
  9. ShamefurDispray

    I Learned Something Today

    TIL that the Democratic Party still believes in the One Drop Rule, which was too much even for the racially autistic Nazis.
  10. Context for that last post: he was making an analogy of why mob rule is bad when Democrats are saying that the Electoral College and the Senate are bad for not representing people by proportion.