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  1. Ah yes, the good old dairy cartel. A cartel that not only limits foreign imports but local production in Canada all to ensure that a few farmers in Quebec don't have to compete. To give you an idea of how ridiculous the cartel is, there are licenses for milk producing cows in order to legally produce milk to sell to the market. And since new licenses aren't issued or very rarely issued, a milk production license for a single cow is hideously expensive and runs at a 6 figure sum. While our consumers get ripped off by the dairy cartel, it doesn't do much good for the industry overall; as countries like Australia dismantled their systems, they began to export and develop the industry rather than stagnate due to being heavily protected and unable to expand. If there is anything good about this trade war, it's that the dairy cartel in Canada is being brought to the front page and hopefully dismantled.
  2. TIL that NPR is run by the same people as the Onion https://www.npr.org/2018/04/20/604343810/democrats-sue-russia-wikileaks-and-trump-campaign-over-election-conspiracy
  3. So are scuba divers all white supremacists?
  4. I thought cultural appropriation is taboo for progressives
  5. American congressman leaves when they start chanting the name of his country You can't make this shit up
  6. Guys I have an idea to generate by far the greenest energy and creating the most jobs. EPA better give me some green innovation grant as well as some subsidies to make it take off in the market.
  7. Biden probably would have won in 2016 against Trump but it would be very hard for him to win against incumbent Trump. It's always much harder to unseat an incumbent president.
  8. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-tax-companies/att-two-banks-offer-bonuses-pay-hikes-in-wake-of-u-s-tax-reform-idUSKBN1EE2NB T-trickle down d-doesn't w-work!
  9. Knowing how the DNC always manages to fuck things up, I wouldn't rule it out
  10. It's in America's best interest to pay for everyone else in a scheme that may or may not work. Really makes you hmmm
  11. Is that even constitutionally legal? They are trying to take away the shopkeepers' right to protect themselves from harm.
  12. And Gaijin's twitter guy decides to shitpost about it
  13. In other news, China does something that's almost satire http://nationalpost.com/news/world/china-launches-worlds-first-all-electric-bulk-cargo-ship-to-supply-coal-to-power-plant
  14. You would let them off too if you didn't want to off yourself with two gunshots to the back of your head
  15. Well, road is pretty poor itself for a pro sport Part of the reason why it's so hard to watch cycling in NA is the poor commentary. I only watched the Giro one year because it had good commentators from Eurosport that involved them being savage toward the riders half the time.
  16. I only really watch track cycling and in the olympics they cut out quite a few events to fit everything in the schedule. I would kill to watch a standalone points race. And doesn't Peter Sagan come from an MTB background then go into road?
  17. The olympic games are pretty overrated tbh. There is no real reason to watch it over the world championships of the sports you watch anyway. Especially when they cut out some events to try to fit everything into their schedules.
  18. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/new-zimbabwe-president-seeks-reconciliation-with-west/news-story/795bafa30cae986be9ce631854daea59 New president of Zimbabwe wants to repay whites for driving them off their land. This is a very smart move even if none of the whites return. First, he shows that he actually wants to reform Zimbabwe economically, unlike Mugabe. If Zimbabwe gets richer, he can make some money in the process, either through corruption or more legitimate means. Good results would likely lead him to legitimately win the next election, solidifying his position. Second, it's not a terribly high amount of money since it's only being paid to 5000 people. Even if he decides to give out a good sum, he can probably get it from other sources (aid money). Third, it improves Zimbabwe's image to the west, who may be more willing to give him more aid money. Fourth, it restores some confidence for investors looking to invest into Zimbabwe, especially reassuring the Chinese that he probably wouldn't pull something like nationalizing their investments.
  19. I thought it was taboo for liberals to bring up past behavior and sexual history when it comes to sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations.
  20. Well, you would have to try really hard to manage to be worse than Mugabe at running a country. This coup is likely going to be the 1st coup in a series of coups to follow in Zimbabwe. Developing nations generally face a cycle in regards to coups that can end in a spiral of civilian governments and coups against them. Militaries in developing countries are almost always politicized, usually the best organized and with the highest concentration of skilled people in those countries. Unlike developed nations, coups are not always seen as unsavory and unpromising as the people usually have little faith in their civilian governments due to poverty; politics don't mean much as long as it gets them out of poverty. Very often, coups are supported in these countries if it means that an inept or corrupt ruler is gotten rid of, especially for countries with limited democratic institutions, where the military acts as the final balance or check. The military is often seen as patriotic by the people, especially if they remove a corrupt and incompetent ruler like Mugabe. The usual cycle is that the civilian government loses the backing of the military for whatever reason, through incompetence, corruption or in this case trying to get rid of military influence in government. Military throws coup and administers for a short period of time before returning power to a civilian government with very few exceptions. Militaries have recognized that they are generally not very good at governing and the international community frowns upon military governments, making trade and loans much harder to obtain. The new civilian government will get into the swamp and likely be overthrown by the military for being too inept or corrupt and the cycle continues. The only way out of the cycle is to develop political consciousness within the country, eventually making coups frowned upon and unsavory for the populace; the only way to achieve that is to develop and lift people out of destitute poverty. I am optimistic about this coup since it is a relatively bloodless coup to remove Mugabe from office and get someone that likely has more opposition into power, making the new leader more likely to compromise with opposition for the future development of Zimbabwe, especially with the threat of the possibility of a coup. Furthermore, removing someone like Mugabe may give Zimbabwe a relatively clean slate and attract some foreign investment into the country, which it is desperately lacking in Zimbabwe.
  21. They are generally business school majors that don't realize the purpose of business school (getting business connections), thinking that they can climb corporate with a shitty business degree and end up going to a shitty business school. These people are usually some of the worst people on campus, with some of the most severe Dunning-Kruger syndrome in regards to their "future success" possibly only after pre-meds. After entering the workforce, they become two types of people. The first type being those who work super hard and doing whatever they can to climb corporate but they don't have the pre-requisites for climbing corporate. The second type being formerly the first type, except reality hit them and they pretty much work to not get fired as their dreams of climbing corporate ladders get crushed brutally in front of them as they work. Which is why they end up being pretty much braindead and doing stupid things, both types of marketers but in different ways. Marketers are basically salesmen without actual sales skills.
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