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  1. How the fuck would he beat Trump when fucking Cruz is slaughtering him a debate?
  2. Watching the Cruz vs Sanders debate. Salon owner: I would really like to expand my business and hire more people but I can't because I can't afford healthcare for my workers and I. Bernie: You should provide insurance for you and your workers Salon owner: With the rising costs of Obamacare, I can't afford it Bernie: You should provide insurance for your workers. Salon owner: How do I do that with an already thin profit margin? Bernie: BUY INSURANCE FOR YOUR WORKERS Fucking Bernie does he even fucking think before he speaks?
  3. Good luck getting 2/3 of senate votes in a Republican controlled senate, especially with mostly Democrat states up for grabs next midterm lmao
  4. That CNN guy clearly hasn't. These guys are thinking that a man who has been doing stunts with the media all his life is hopelessly incompetent against the media. That Dunning-Kruger effect though.
  5. When you become fascists to fight fascism.
  6. Because the business party will go to war with our single biggest trading partner with nuclear capabilities and crash the global economy. Do these people need to think before they breathe?
  7. This is the same guy who is supposedly fighting for the poor while buying another vacation home.
  8. These rogue accounts are a fucking meme especially the ones pretending to be NASA or some shit. I might as well be rogue CIA and shitpost about Trump to get likes and no one can tell the fucking difference.
  9. https://sethfrantzman.com/2017/01/28/obamas-administration-made-the-muslim-ban-possible-and-the-media-wont-tell-you/ turns out it's because those 7 countries were selected by the Department of Homeland Security of the previous administration
  10. Except the ban was not overturned. They just stayed the deportations of those who are trapped in airports.
  11. Do Californians unironically think they can support themselves independently when a rather large portion of their economy relies on receiving goods from China and shipping it out to the rest of the US? If I was from Seattle, I would hope that they secede from the union asap.
  12. I've read that German battleships, Bismarck and Scharnhorst classes were planned to have double 15" guns because their ammunition hoists were inefficient in terms of space (especially width), therefore triples would further increase the width of these oversized ships and there will be either a speed loss or a further upsizing of the already oversized ships. For some reason, the Japanese never had any triple turrets in battleships until the Yamato, but there were plans for triple 14" and 16.1" mounts. My hypothesis is that due to their doctrine, they preferred to have higher speeds for their operations theatre and having triple turrets would have meant that they would need to install more heavy, powerful and expensive turbines or further increase the size of their ships. When it came to the Yamato however, they were more focused on building the most powerful battleship for the eventual decisive battle more than anything else.
  13. Insulting the biggest voting bloc in hope of getting smaller voting blocs is probably not the best idea to win an election, especially if the majority of them vote for you already.
  14. well, this is the same army that didn't have enough machine guns and troops used broomsticks in an exercise
  15. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/womens-healthcare-star-wars?utm_source=vicefbus
  16. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/11/29/politics/jimmy-carter-palestine-op-ed/index.html before you leave, fuck up geopolitics for the next guy
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