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  1. Democrats confirmed for being more democratic as they listen to popular petitions to be unfaithful
  2. all he needs are all the democrats to be faithless and vote for him because he would have won the primaries if it wasn't rigged and then all he needs are 37 republican defectors to vote for him EASY PEASY
  3. And those 37 electors will just send the vote back to congress which will then vote Trump in lmao
  4. Well, at least electors listened to the Democrat petition by being faithless. Except against Hillary lmfao
  5. Republican electors should commit political suicide to help vote a democrat in because I don't like their candidate. Democrat logic everyone
  6. It's not like it matters in the end anyway. Even if Trump somehow gets enough faithless electors to get the vote sent to Congress, he'll probably still be president unless the Republicans feel like committing political suicide since there is no chance those faithless electors will vote Hillary.
  7. Playing WoWS, Steel Ocean, kancerkolle, RO2 right now. With the occasional bit of hongame
  8. DNC managed to lose to fucking Trump of all people and this is with all the major media outlets supporting them. I think they refuse to acknowledge it because it would be acknowledging how incompetent they are. If they don't get their heads out of their asses and reform, at this rate the next Democrat candidate might be the next Mondale if Trump gets a moderately successful term.
  9. Reminder that there are people who unironically think that Vox and Slate are good and that of all things less biased than Breitbart, Occupy Democrats is.
  10. Why do they even bother when the first generation T-72 rounds penetrate more armor?
  11. Honestly, it's astonishing how the Indian arms industry uses the best weapons on the market as influences for their indigenous design only to have the product somehow worse than its influences. One can only imagine the fate of Indian test pilots when India wants to make its indigenous fighter aircrafts.
  12. He doesn't have to do that. Just implying it can greatly help in bargaining.
  13. It's not his influence but Erodgan's opposition in the military. Many have seen the "coup" as a false flag to purge his opponents and led to the new paranoia within the Turkish government of suspected Gulenists hiding within its ranks. It is pretty likely that there will be an actual attempted coup in the future and one that Russia will definitely support if nothing had changed.
  14. Russia might get an actual coup in Turkey instead of a reason for Erodgan to purge his enemies like last time.
  15. She used the trapezoid rule, using the average of the two to find the area of the trapezoid and sum it. Biologists not even once
  16. Today I learned that a biologist accidentally discovered the Trapezoidal rule and got cited 75 times. https://fliptomato.wordpress.com/2007/03/19/medical-researcher-discovers-integration-gets-75-citations/
  17. Knocking out garrisons on emperor mandated starvation posts or trying to escalate a regional war into a world war.
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