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  1. I get the impression that the sentiment you're echoing is mostly a western thing. Every contemporary source I've seen on the IS-3 has been negative. They just didn't like it. For good reason: There was just a lot of problems with it. At one point they had to return literally every IS-3 to the factory to fix the welding which was falling apart. Notice that their response to the IS-3's problem wasn't "wait for the IS-7" it was "oh my god resurrect that heavy tank program we canceled years ago and get it ASAP". The IS-3 was that bad. The problem with the IS-4 was just weight, otherwise they were enthused with it. To the point that when the designing of the T-10 was ordered the government demanded IS-3 shape and size but with IS-4 technology. And I would say the result was pretty good.
  2. Politics mainly. The Object 277/8 and Object 770 were designed on the orders of the Sovet Ministrov so every other design was unsolicited and for some reason the Soviets had weird hangups about unsolicited designs. Also the Object 777 only had a manually loaded M-62 which was not gonna fly. The Soviets right after the war decided that the next generation of heavy tanks was going to a use an auto-loaded 130mm. The only reason the IS-4 and T-10 didn't get the 130mm was they were meant to be quick and easy replacements for the disaster that was the IS-3
  3. If Khrushchev was right it wasn't because of any foresight on his part. The man clearly had no aptitude and knowledge for both armored warfare and tank design. I'm not sure if you're familiar with why the T-62 has the 115 but he was involved and the whole affair was dumb. If they weren't canceled either the Object 277/8 Object 770 or would've been produced*. Probably with the 140mm smoothbore. Maybe the Object 292 would also be produced as a hold over until 277/8 or 770 gets rolling. After that its impossible to say the if the later designs would be worthwhile. I think pure institutional inertia from the SA would keep heavy tanks going at least until the collapse of the USSR. Again I don't know if the later designs would be good and therefore worthwhile. All the heavy tanks designers threw in the towel after the decision but I don't know what happened to their protégés after the infamous order. So I don't know if they were any good. I presume they kept working in the industry. *Probably with the name T-11 since it would've been the 11th heavy tank produced by the Soviet Union.
  4. I''m a Trump supporter and I live in a right wing state, particularly in a district which Trump won 57-36. So I feel I also buck the trend.
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    Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

    Nope, it's supposed to be a standard German tank.
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    The UK Brave Space For Shitposting and Other Opinions Thread

    Rip London: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/london-murder-rate-overtakes-new-york-for-first-time-ever-after-spate-of-fatal-stabbings-and-a3803566.html