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  1. North Korea's ICBMs and You

    Some experts are skeptical of the range of the recently tested missile. @LostCosmonaut What's your take their findings?
  2. General news thread

    Alas because of treaty reasons the B-1B no longer has nuclear capability.
  3. I Learned Something Today

    Other than Nigeria Brazil has the highest population of people of African decent.
  4. The Great War

  5. The Great War

    Not many people realize but the battle of the Argonne was the largest battle in American military history as well as the deadliest. I highly recommend this documentary:
  6. The thing autistic people can do to a baseball:
  7. I Learned Something Today

    That the most common issued weapon of the Volkssturm was the Carcano.
  8. I'm most excited for the USS Donald Trump tbh.
  9. ahahahahahahahaha: (loud) http://csgoani.me/vwgbnki
  10. Holy shit how lacking in self awareness can you be:
  11. Survival time for that type of cancer is 6-7 months.
  12. (volume warning) http://csgoani.me/vpohdqw
  13. @Collimatrix and I had pronghorn and bison heart for brunch: