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  1. I have just heard from Richard Ogorkiewicz's wife that he died suddenly on Sunday. As all will know, he was a brilliant writer and analyst in the field of AFVs. He was still active physically and mentally, just completing his memoirs. I remember all his many kindnesses, keen intelligence and his wry sense of humour. I wil miss him. Marsh
  2. That has been around for a while. I think it is still classified though
  3. Hi, Early Pumas had the Horstman type suspension but upgrades introduced to the vehicle, included the helical spring style suspension of the Merkava type. cheers Marsh
  4. I wonder why some of the Merkava turrets are blurred out and others not?
  5. I am not sure if you are real, a bot, someone who is a WUM, or just dim. Please think before you post. I know something about armoured vehicles, but try not to post here unless I have something to contribute. Just in case I look stupid. Perhaps you could do the same?
  6. Are you going to provide the money? What is preferable and what is possible are not necessarily the same. Marsh
  7. Hi, It's 120mm. There is a little information inside a book of commemoration for the designer of the suspension system. It's in Hebrew but very interesting nonetheless. I don't have the link to hand, however, I am sure Mighty Zuk does.
  8. Hi Zuk, The Centurion was obsolete and had already begun withdrawal from IDF front line service well before the M60. Hence ready availability of hulls. the M60 was obsolescent, but still upgradable, even though the intention was to replace them with the Merkava as they became available. I thought the Pereh was based upon the M48? I know of the light tank proof of concept vehicle. I don't think the intent was to use it on the Golan.
  9. The M60 was still considered an upgradable, if obsolescent, tank. The Centurion was considered obsolete and at the end of its service life. On the other hand, the torsion bar suspension of the M60 was not as well liked as the Horstmann suspension of the Centurion which was seen as easier to repair and more suited to the rough terrain of the Golan. Given this, it was always more likely that the Centurion would be the vehicle likely to be retasked.
  10. I can't claim credit. It was a friend, a Finnish soldier who served with UNIFIL.
  11. Hi I tried, but it wouldn't load. If you PM me your email address I will send you it and you can try. Cheers Marsh
  12. An excellent, detailed analysis. Thank you very much for providing an English version. Much appreciated! Cheers Marsh
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