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  1. Hezbollah initially claimed they had fired a missile but then denied it. One of their squads, which had crossed the border near Har Dov, was intercepted and retreated back over the line. It seems that the intention was to launch an attack, but it was preempted. They seem to have put out their initial press release a little too early.
  2. Hi Wiedzmin, Both the Merk 3 and Merk 4 have rolling programmes to upgrade armour packages. A process assisted by the modular nature of the armour. The Israelis have the technical and scientific capability to frequently improve and match the armour to current threats. However, their financial and industrial capacity to introduce upgrades, on a large scale, is relatively limited. In the case of the Merkava improvements are introduced regularly, but on small batches at a time. Thus even in a battalion of Merkavas, there can be tanks with upgraded modular armour of different generat
  3. As far as I know, no. I seem to remember this was used as part of the marketing campaign for Blazer ERA, relativity primitive as it was.
  4. On You Tube there is a lengthy series of clips of Turkish airstrikes on Syrian AFVs, transporters the odd bridge etc. Mainly tanks being taken out. The video is of an exceptionally high standard high. I don't recollect anything as clear as this being released by other air forces. See - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3f0N-mJsbI&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1bwjJLqL9AJOpo9dGiVbZDXK5iXeUXMSZZqoWbSKArDc8ROQzKzL7dNqQ Cheers Marsh
  5. Oh lord. The toad like, Magach heavy APC. The AFV with the worst aesthetic values ever. Relieved it never went into service
  6. I have just heard from Richard Ogorkiewicz's wife that he died suddenly on Sunday. As all will know, he was a brilliant writer and analyst in the field of AFVs. He was still active physically and mentally, just completing his memoirs. I remember all his many kindnesses, keen intelligence and his wry sense of humour. I wil miss him. Marsh
  7. That has been around for a while. I think it is still classified though
  8. Hi, Early Pumas had the Horstman type suspension but upgrades introduced to the vehicle, included the helical spring style suspension of the Merkava type. cheers Marsh
  9. I wonder why some of the Merkava turrets are blurred out and others not?
  10. I am not sure if you are real, a bot, someone who is a WUM, or just dim. Please think before you post. I know something about armoured vehicles, but try not to post here unless I have something to contribute. Just in case I look stupid. Perhaps you could do the same?
  11. Are you going to provide the money? What is preferable and what is possible are not necessarily the same. Marsh
  12. Hi, It's 120mm. There is a little information inside a book of commemoration for the designer of the suspension system. It's in Hebrew but very interesting nonetheless. I don't have the link to hand, however, I am sure Mighty Zuk does.
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