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  1. ...But it makes it very easy for the loader to access and maintain rpm?
  2. I'm going to be a bit of a devils advocate here and say that your 90s experience with "VR" is nontransferable to the experience now. VRs biggest stumbling block is that the technology for real VR is still quite away, like 4-5 years away considering estimates on what's required to fool a human brain; turns out the brain is already running a VR simulation and doesn't take kindly to your bullshit.
  3. Germans, postmondernist pioneers in engineering "No, we didn't fuck anything up, it's actually artistic and a deconstruction of the modern combat vehicle and it's influence on the military." "No, we didn't fuck anything up, it's actually artistic and a deconstruction of the modern airport and it's influence on us all."
  4. The M47 was supposed to have an increase in firepower, that ended up being rather disappointing - same as T-62. Both tanks were imagined as something else but ended up growing fat and nothing like original specifications. M47 is barely an upgrade over the M46, the T-62 is barely an uograde over the T-55. Neither were well used and both had short production runs for thier perspective nations. Both quickly became obsolete within 4 years of introduction. I guess the difference is the M47 got exported and people were able to turn it into a good tank (that no one bought).
  5. You might as well speak of separatists armed with T-34/85s, at least those don't try to suffocate the crew. If given a company of T-62s, by the end of 30 days I'd have 14 115mm SPGs and 14 APCs. Yes, I have a raging hateboner for such awful garbage, why do you ask?
  6. Teid you're giving the T-62 way too much credit. The T-62 was a Russian M47, just bad and only medciore after the 72 revision.
  7. And the Panzer IIIs mostly had ammo in the hull floor and turret ring, of course that's from Mr.Practical Diamler-Benz so thats an ETPTR. Yes, allies did have an assortment of tanks which had sponson or side stored ammo, but that was universally in support vehicles, not literally everything and not in the primary battle tank design. Germans were nuts. No, you see the tank which has 50% the armor and 70% the firepower is obviously overpowered. The endless bitching about the Jumbos is delicious though, as well as "But the IS-2 is OP" tears. The allies fart out good heavy tank design whi
  8. My favorite part about the Wehraboo rhetoric about "Russian tanks explodey" is that the Russian vehicles have artificially weak gas tanks so they explode at all, while Germans get away with universally strong ammoracks (such that destroying them may not kill the tank, which doesn't happen for any other nation) because the first year of the game was "flank German, kill German". Sorry, Allied crew safety, fuel and ammo placement is superior fascists shitlords, deal with the inherent flaws of your racist, genocidal, fucktard designs.
  9. Seeded rye bun with sliced gouda, cut dill pickles, coarse mustard, tomato, crisp red onion.
  10. I'm picking Tieds side on this debate because the man is right, Burritos are superior to Tacos. Also, you do not eat grapefruit with sugar and you slice it in half and suck the pulp out like a man.
  11. Tangential, but the US has so far been the best imperial power and replacing a known decent hegemon with an unknown or worse known awful one is dumb. Just because the US is bad at state building (actually, I can't think of an Imperial power that was good at it, the Achaemenid Empire doesn't count nerds) doesn't mean you need to destroy it. I have no interest in the potential successor Imperial powers of China or Russia and I highly doubt they'll be as capable or as forgiving.
  12. I was referring to what's available ingame, I don't think comparing to modern available rounds is helpful in this context. Also, SLAP rounds were experimented with in WW2 IIRC, just a 7.62x63 bullet in a sabot. And yeah, the Panzer IVs armor is shit even by light armor standards today. The 25mm I was referring to is an old 25mm AAA used by the Russian navy IIRC, and it's potent enough @ 46mm penetration. Not entirely disagreeing but it's clear that Gaijin found strict realism wasn't fun and so made concession to increase durability, such as suicidally brave superhuman crewmen who can repai
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