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  1. General news thread

    You seem to either be missing the point, or deliberately being a contrarian.
  2. General news thread

    Subjugation does not remove their ability to act according to ones own will. Yes, you can remove people's will to act, but the ability to act remains.
  3. General news thread

    Yes, practically rights are worthless unless you have the power to secure, defend, and enforce them, but they still exist absent that power. You may just pay a very heavy price for your free expression, though. The only way to truly deprive someone of their rights is to deprive them of life. If someone is still alive, they can still act in a manner contradictory to the wishes of those who can exercise power over them. It was only recently that these universal rights have been codified and protection of them was assigned to a governing body. I think that this cat has been out of the bag for so long that it will be a herculean task to suppress it in a meaningful way in the near and extended future.
  4. The Enema Thread (Moderator: Tied)

    So, currently in the middle of the drunken rewatching of "School Days" on the 10th anniversary of it's airing. (Yeah, I'm a closet weeb, fuck off, I know it's wrong, and sinful, and Haram, but never fiveget the nice boat maymay.) Episode six continues to be one of the most erie thematic shifts that fits the series so perfectly. Don't worry, it's ok. The show ends with animea being removed, with knives! And a razor saw.
  5. I can never see the #metoo as anything other than "pound me too"
  6. General news thread

    Rights are an all or nothing kind of subject. Once you determine that you can abridge one fundamental human right, the others lose all protection. Fundamental rights are based on things that innate to being human, the fact that they are written down doesn't mean that erasing the words removes the right. People who are choosy about which rights they want do not understand what rights are.
  7. WoT v WT effort-thread

    The ZSU-23-4 is a great way to blow off steam after having to hard carry a bunch of shitters, only to have them throw it at the very end. Nothing is more fun than filling the air with 3200 rounds of HEFI per minute, sand blasting aircraft into tiny pieces.
  8. General news thread

    Well, of course they should ban it. Civilians don't need body armor, so why should they be able to have it? We all know that if you let civies have body armor, the first thing they will do is go on a rampage and get into a shootout with the cops.
  9. General news thread

    Cops carrying guns and wearing armor is a symbol of distrust, let's ban that as well. Sadly, there are people on the left who actually believe that, and more. Also, I really like how the article never uses the term "bullet proof glass" or anything similar, unless they are directly quoting someone. I mean, guns are bad, so things that are bullet proof are good, but we are trying to get rid of them here, so let's not use a term that has positive connotations. The new speak is real.
  10. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Collusion mobile has already caused a fatal distraction. I went back and watched the server replay, and the poor bastard was focused on my massive display of patriotism as I rounded a corner. His point of aim just stayed on the text, and then he caught a T13 APHE shell in the ammo rack. MAGA!
  11. KSP was calling my name this afternoon, so I had to do something ridiculous. 85x21x21m 520 ton obelisk, landed on Ike so that it always points at Duna.
  12. So, the ATF has regulations regarding what all can and cannot be done to serial numbers. One such thing is that you cannot even re-engrave a worn or faint serial number because that introduces uncertainty about what the original was. I would imagine that this same kind of logic is being applied to this situation: the original has been modified, so the whole thing is in question now. That, and all the other accusations have fallen flat on their face.
  13. WoT v WT effort-thread

    AMX Leclerc is acceptable, too.
  14. That's only fair, we've had to deal with Turkey being "on our side", now maybe Russia will have that burden.