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  1. You are preaching to the choir with that quote. Having to tip toe my way through US firearms laws everyday, I know just how badly written and conceived they can be. There are many aspects of immigration law that I probably would consider to be poorly written or unnecessary, but overarching concepts from them are still applicable. The issue is when you have 11 million (or whatever the number is now) people here knowingly and intentionally breaking the law and not being punished for doing so, that erodes the foundation of civilization.
  2. Ok, fair point, we both admit that it's very difficult to measure. You also provided a quote from someone saying that illegals are a net benefit to our system to counter my assertion that they are a burden on the taxpaying citizenry. But as usual, keep ignoring the simple questions that I ask.
  3. Ulric

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    NoBoDy NeEdS aN aSsAuLt WeApOn AnD lArGe CaPaCiTy ClIpS! https://www.click2houston.com/news/homeowner-fatally-shoots-3-men-during-home-invasion-police-said
  4. Just don't expect anyone to take your seriously if you link Wikipedia articles about politically charged issues. Nevermind the fact that performing a cost analysis on a national scale regarding people who, by their very nature, operate either partially or entirely out of the system with limited to no documentation is going to give you enough play room to tilt the numbers however you want them. That's about as accurate as the global warming predictions that we've been getting for the past 30 years. But, I do have some simple questions for you. Is it wrong for us (we, the people, via our government) to decide who can come into our country? Is it wrong for us to enforce our laws? Is it wrong to punish people who break the law?
  5. Whether they know it or not! Something about LA county being court ordered to purge 1.5 million registries from their voter rolls? But I'm sure that those were never abused or used to alter an election.
  6. But hey, college professors also deny the existence of welfare queens, depending on who you ask.
  7. Well, fuck it, open borders and universal healthcare then! Why the fuck not! Who needs nation states anymore these days anyways. Why is it so goddamn hard to ask people to follow the fucking law? Because everytime someone suggests that we actually obey the rules that we have set out, some fucking retard pops out of the woodwork talking out of their ass with shit like "achtusualliey, it's a good thing that we have a shit load of people in our country illegally, they are net contributors!" Nice job referencing Wikipedia, and collage professors are always correct and never have a liberal bias. But I'm just a racist bigot, you know, I'll go drag my knuckles off back to the boonies where I belong.
  8. How about this? Let's stop spending billions of dollars on welfare for illegal aliens who haven't even paid into the system to begin with. We need to both disincentivize them from coming here, and giving them a good reason to leave. Make legal immigration and naturalization the path of least resistance. Also, end motor voter bullshit and introduce strong voter ID laws. But that will never happen.
  9. Ulric

    I Learned Something Today

    We use water borne floor heating. I believe my parents are going to install it again when they build their next house. I also helped a friend install it in his wood working shop years ago. We laid out a metal grid, attached the tubing to it in various subdivided sectors, and then the concrete slab was poured on top.
  10. Ulric

    I Learned Something Today

    We also hate efficiency over here. I was spoiled by growing up in a house with subfloor heating. My parents Incorporated a lot of "green" features in that house, not because it was environmentally friendly, but because it saved a lot of money in the long run. That house is 27 years old, and it still meets efficiency standards for houses built in 2018. Ah, the good old days when you did things such as recycling for the sake of saving money, as oppossed to this namby pamby mother gaia green peace hippy shit. Proof that capitalism will always be the superior system.
  11. 3 SCOOPS!!!!!! Let's do this shit! I am so ready for all the salt, especially with Lindsey Graham on the Judiciary Committee.
  12. Fuck me, I'm well before average income, and I still haven't seen a refund in years. I *might* get one this year, provided that I don't have to pay the poor tax (individual mandate that I purchase a product from a private company under coercion from the government) this year. Oh, you don't make enough money to be able to afford sky rocketing health insurance premiums that are for effectively worthless coverage anyways, you better pay up for a fine then, bitch. Might as well bring back debtors prison at this rate.
  13. That's so cute! I mean, I'm glad that they are looking into some legitime issues with the whole "state of emergency" bullshit abuse that goes on, but it would be more effective if the theoretical examples that gave weren't marinated in TDS. "OMG, Trump could deploy troops to deal with MS-13, how terrible!" My favorite part is when they claim that he might use emergency powers to rig the election in his favor. I didn't think that those levels of projection were even possible. At this point, a national level crackdown on voter fraud is necessary. California was recently ordered to purge 1.5 million entries from the voter rolls because the people were either dead or had moved. There have been other people attempting to get laws passed that deal with cleaning up voter rolls as well. The fact that there has to be a legal fight to ensure that municipalities keep clean, accurate records of who is registered to vote, and legally able to vote, should concern everyone regardless of what side of the political spectrum they are on. It always amuses me that Democrats are opposed to voter ID laws.
  14. Oh, so it's like any other time you go into the wilderness.