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  1. Ulric

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    You see, if they actually simulated that, the boos and their precious Nazi trash boxes would get shit on even harder. No longer would Tiger 1 turrets eat D-25 with no consequence, and L7 would be able to pierce Tiger II glacis. Now, that being said, I'm pretty sure that the ML-20 APHE shot will straight up pen panther upper glacis, while in testing it did ricochet off of. It send a considerable portion of it flying back into the fighting compartment when it did so, behaving in a manor similar to the trash compactor on a garbage truck, in addition to cracking every weld, so there end result of dead panther is still the same. There is a lot they need to fix in regards to pentration in war thunder, but most of it is for historical reasons, with only a few game balance issue involved. Mostly US HVAP is a disappointment compared to what it should be, but it would also be somewhat game breaking if it behave properly.
  2. From a disconnected view of this situation, it's hilarious. They strategy goes from "delay for procedural reasons" to "he might have groped a drunk chick 36 years ago" to "he was the Mastermind behind a serial rape gang that terrorized DC in the 80s".
  3. Typical DC bullshit. Let me show you how is done. Bele, when was the last time you beat your child? How often do you beat your child? Do you prefer to use a belt or other item when you beat your child? What's the most effective method you have found to hide the evidence that you beat your child? It's that simple. Publicly publish a list of questions like that about a controversial and important figure, and you will get a bunch of morons believing that the person in question is a child abuser. No evidence required.
  4. Ulric

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Tin foil hat time! This guy just settled a case with the Feds, and was then sued again after that victory, could he have fallen into a trap? The Fed doesn't like it when they lose, just sayin'. Not saying that what is reported isn't what happened, but more information is needed on this one. Sexual behavior traps are in vogue right now, it would seem.
  5. Ulric

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Fly too close, catch dart to the face. Stay far away, take missile up the ass.
  6. Ulric

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Well, I learned how to be a massive faggot today: You sit 3km away from your targets and stuff 900mm pen TOW II missiles into their sides and back. I also learned how to counter people being massive faggots: You fire 9M112 Kobra ATGMs right back at them when they are hovering 3km away. Also, dank "unguided" meme for shooting down a helicopter with a guided missiles.
  7. Ulric

    General news thread

    Reference Count Dankula. Context is a thing of the past. We live in a post context world.
  8. I might have something lying around.
  9. Ulric

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    If you want a tank game, it's way better than WoT, and AW isn't even on the map. There is some shit that they need to fix, for sure, but the problems that WT has are no where near as bad as WoT (except the Nazi bias, good god Gaijin guzzles wehraspooge)
  10. Ulric

    General news thread

    Holodomor, Great Leap Forward, etc. I mean, they didn't intentionally use starvation as a method of execution, but they also starved a lot of people to death. Edit: fixed spelling.
  11. Ulric

    General news thread

    I could see paint thinner huffing morons believing that, but if that was the case, it's the least effective concentration/extermination camp in human history. They aren't even starving them to death like Communists would do, or extracting meaningful labour out of them.
  12. Ulric

    General news thread

    In what world is calling the Israeli Military the Waffen SS even handed? Am I missing the firing squads, gas trucks, forced labour camps, confiscation of all valuables (including gold teeth), and extermination camps? How about the fucked up medical experiments? The only people who do not want a two state solution are the Palestinians. Like the Nazis, the Palestinians want to exterminate the Jews, they do not want to coexist with them. After everything that happened in world war two, I don't blame Israel for being extremely hostile to anyone who wants to remove them from existence. "Never again" is a very powerful motivator. That doesn't even get into how insulting it is to compare Jews to Nazis, but that's such a minor point here that it hardly matters. I would say that it would trigger some SJWs, but they hate Israel, too. How many times did your drunken mother drop you on your head as a child? Is that why your name is Sgt Sqaurehead?