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  1. I feel that it has had the opposite effect, honestly.
  2. Ulric

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Note how the pepper spray did basically nothing, and the first taser deployment failed.
  3. I'm so confused, I thought these people loved socialism?
  4. Especially out here in the west. It's over a one hour drive to the state capitol, and I'm really close to it compared to other parts of the state. It's a coastal issue where all the major urban centers are, especially on the east coast where you can drive for an hour and get to a different state. I guess it doesn't seem that odd to me, but I've driven to and through a fair number of states on road trips growing up, and I've worked as a driver before hauling supplies around Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. While the country is really large, you can cover a fair amount of it if you really want to in a day. It was about a 26 hour drive from Rochester NY back to Colorado, and we did it practically nonstop. If you push it a little bit, you can get from Seattle to Miami in 48 hours. (Probably shave a couple hours off if you push the speed limit a bit.) Granted, that's assuming you have someone to trade off with, or some amphetamines.
  5. ThErE iS nO sUcH tHiNg As VoTeR fRaUd!1!
  6. Clearly this means that we need a nation wide ban on high capacity magazines. That will stop these mass shootings for sure. After all, when the magazine is empty you have to throw them away, right? I leaned that from one of my state representatives. But I'm all seriousness, that is the argument of the anti gun crowd. They need to outlaw things they don't like outside of their jurisdiction because people can illegally bring them into their jurisdiction. Montana shouldn't have high capacity magazines because they can illegally end up in L.A. Besides, we all know that those toothless redneck rural bumkins are worthless filth compared to the erudite and a sophisticated metropolis dwelling master race, so they shouldn't even have rights anyways. That makes it OK for the large urban areas to dictate how people hundreds of miles away can live. These are the same morons who say that we need to abolish the Senate because it's not fair that 45 million votes have greater representation that 55 million voters. THAT'S THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE SENATE YOU INBRED FLIPPER HANDED DING DONGS!
  7. Ulric

    NODS are bad, urrrgh

    The threat of safety glasses: how eye protection used by the military can help terrorists commit mass shootings!
  8. Ulric

    NODS are bad, urrrgh

    Ermagerd! Civilians have access to military equipment! Next let's get an article about surplus military trucks in civilian hands and the danger that it represents. So if the military has it, it's automatically too dangerous for civilians to have, right? Fear mongering click bait article is just that.
  9. Ulric

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    The T114 is a meme mobile, that's about it. It can be nasty, but it can't carry. Plus side, you get to run it in a completely baller 6.7 American line up, and it doesn't care about facing 7.7s. In my opinion, it would come down to what BR you play at more. I haven't driven T114s, but I've killed plenty, and I've only been killed by them a handful of times. They are great ambush vehicles. If you already have the T29, M26E1, and Super Hellcat, then yeah, go for it.
  10. There are screen shots and videos floating around showing that voter registration may have been altered after the fact to say that he is a registered Republican. It's possible that those are doctored, as well, but this whole thing still doesn't add up. Either way, the guy has a history of being a whack job. Considering everything that has happened lately, what with Christine Ford's ties to the IC, the shit show that has been the Mueller investigation, all of the political violence against the right that goes unreported, etc, this whole bomber thing seems to be tailor made for an October surprise. This guy is almost a perfect caricature of what the left thinks that Trump supporters are. Just like the fake bombs that were sent, this seems like an over exaggerated prop.
  11. Astroturfed AF, records being scrubbed/altered. This just keeps getting more fake.
  12. It certainly is a possibility, but if they are just doing this for the lulz, they picked a really bad time.
  13. I hesitate to call these things bombs, considering that from what we have seen so far they appear to be incapable of actually exploding. The one that we have a picture of just has a digital clock with no alarm features, not to mention the myriad of other glaringly obvious problems with it. It's not like it's that difficult to cobble together a timed fuse with modern electronics. You could get everything you need at an automotive supply store or hobby store without even raising any eyebrows. While it's more difficult to make proper high explosive compounds, there are plenty of other options that you can substitute that are also readily available. The person who made these wasn't trying to build a bomb, they were building props. If they were trying to actually build a bomb, they must be a text book example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. If they thought these were going to explode, they must have also thought that lemon juice turned you invisible. That certainly is a possibility, but that seems incredibly unlikely to me.