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  1. Ulric

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    In addition to many other aspects of WT that I like more than WoT, one of the biggest is the fact that it doesn't really feel like a race to the top. There are certain bands that you want to play in to optimize your MM results, but I have been able to have quite a bit of fun at almost any BR.
  2. Ulric

    General news thread

    You will get many Americans who are sympathetic to protests over ridiculously destructive taxes.
  3. Ulric

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Well, at least these are official WG bots making up half the teams now instead of 3rd party grind bots. They will be more reliable than most of the human players anyways. Meanwhile, in WT: Italian ground forces, supersonic jets, AAMs and countermeasures, more modern vehicles, and more boats.
  4. Another Kalashnikov rescued from the hands of a moron.
  5. So, the left can't meme, but when did the right learn how to? I might start calling him Old Spice
  6. This forum tends to show up a fair amount in odd Google Image searches. Anyways, welcome!
  7. We can only have civility when the Dems are back in power, you know. Most definitely not a terroristic threat.
  8. And I can't get enough of your cognitive dissonance. It's said that his supporters take him seriously but not literally, while his detractors take him literally but not seriously. Also, as far as last election goes, the Republicans were vulnerable in the house because a lot of RINO congress critters decided to not run again, giving up the incumbency advantage they had for that seat. A fair number of them were also in areas that Trump didn't perform very well in during the 2016 election. The Democrats were similarly vulnerable in the Senate, and they lost seats there just like the Republicans lost seats in the House. That's not the country turning away from Trump, that is the circumstances of local elections producing predictable results. Also, all but one of the candidates that Trump held a rally for won their race, and he held a staggering number of rallies for the 2018 midterms. The objective assessment of the midterms is that the opposition party (Democrats) did regain control of the house, but underperformed compared to historical results for similar elections. They can be a roadblock for Trump now, but they still will not be able to advance their own agenda. Meanwhile, Trump will have an easier time getting judicial appointments through the Senate because of the modest gains that the Republicans made, assuming that they don't cower in the corner and shit themselves the way they historically have. The Democrats also have their own problems because of a schism that is forming between the establishment boomers and the new wave of younger, farther left people working their way in. The worst part is that this new wave isn't entirely unified, and there is potential for infighting, further weakening them against the old guard. I could see it devolving into a situation like the Syrian civil war where the rebel groups occasionally turned on each other, but that might be overly optimistic of me. But you can just not acknowledge things that make you uncomfortable and stay inundated in your confirmation bias, that's cool. Maybe I should throw a whataboutism in there so you have some low hanging fruit to latch onto and accuse me of being a KGB spy using Soviet propaganda techniques to redirect the conversation away from the proven fact that Donald Trump is actually Vladimir Putin's doppelganger.
  9. If you believe that they use garden rakes to clean up a forest, then you probably also believe that saw mills have a bunch of guys with 15" hand saws cutting trees up into lumber. Factory bakeries also use a bunch of consumer grade kitchen ovens, too! Every industrial process has to happen with homeowner grade tools, because that is all that the average person is aware of. 16 million people also believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.
  10. Ulric

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    No no no, you don't get it. They weren't taking about using the military to confiscate everyone's guns, they are talking about using the military to commit democide when law and order breaks down after they try to get the police to take away everyone's guns. But seriously, they don't care how it happens, they just want to disarm the population. There have been way too many politicians calling for disarmament for years for me to believe that I won't be able to own anything more than an air rifle if they get their way.
  11. I'm concerned about illegal immigrants stealing taxpayer money more than regular immigrants.
  12. Ulric

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Yeah, I still heard that he is willing to use nuclear weapons against potentially millions of people if they are unwilling to give up a class of weapons that is responsible for fewer than 500 deaths annually. He is being called a tyrant because he is acting like one. Also, as far as his "find common ground" statement goes, they vehn diagram does not intersect. The left wants what would effectively be total disarmament of the population (no "assault weapons", no "sniper rifles", etc) and gun owners want their natural right of self preservation to not be infringed upon. Our positions are mutually exclusive by evidence of the fact that the left will turn down ideas that actually address the root cause of gun violence in favor of meaningless blanket bans that punish the +99% of gun owners that follow the laws. It's like Israel and Palestine in that Israel is willing to work to a two state solution, while Palestine wants Israel to be completely erased. There is no compromise that you can make in that situation.
  13. That is why customs and border protection requested their assistance for logistical tasks as well as other roles. There is nothing preventing the military from conducting surveillance operations along the border and passing that information off to border patrol. Basically, if the military forces there can relieve CBP from having to perform secondary tasks, that frees up CBP agents to enforce immigration laws. It's very simple concept. At what point is the US military being used to help secure our national borders controversial? I thought that was explicitly their job. Or are they only allowed to be deployed overseas to shoot brown people in the face with no clear strategic objectives in endless "war on terror" or "peace keeping" operations? Also, what do you think the Coast Guard does? Aren't they a branch of the military?
  14. Yeah, using a group of people as an election prop to counter another group of people being used as an election prop, how terrible. The difference is that the military was being deployed to do their job, at the request of CBP. I love how a bunch of media people flipped out about the military being deployed to secure a national border.
  15. Ulric

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Well, 2d guns are about as useful as 2d waifus, and I still don't have a way to prove whether or not 4d guns can be interacted with in our universe, so.....
  16. Ulric

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    starting with this shit again..... TLDR: Bans parts kits, effectively bans individual manufacture of firearms, retroactively makes it illegal to posses individually manufactured firearms unless you take active and immediate steps to make them comply with the new law. BTW, those steps might not even be possible because you have to talk a local manufacturer (maybe dealer as well, IDK) into "issuing" you a serial number for your weapon. They are not legally compelled to do so, so you might not be able to. Just for funsies, it also effectively bans selling parts kits that you already own. Also, bans the sale of aluminum, steel, and other materials, because of poor wording by idiots. My prediction is that this will not become law, but they just keep pushing the envelope with this shit. Also, I love the name "3D Firearms Prohibition Act". The language doesn't specifically state anything about additive manufacturing, so I will assume that it is for the prohibition of three dimensional firearms (which it basically is).
  17. I feel that it has had the opposite effect, honestly.
  18. Ulric

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Note how the pepper spray did basically nothing, and the first taser deployment failed.
  19. I'm so confused, I thought these people loved socialism?
  20. Especially out here in the west. It's over a one hour drive to the state capitol, and I'm really close to it compared to other parts of the state. It's a coastal issue where all the major urban centers are, especially on the east coast where you can drive for an hour and get to a different state. I guess it doesn't seem that odd to me, but I've driven to and through a fair number of states on road trips growing up, and I've worked as a driver before hauling supplies around Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. While the country is really large, you can cover a fair amount of it if you really want to in a day. It was about a 26 hour drive from Rochester NY back to Colorado, and we did it practically nonstop. If you push it a little bit, you can get from Seattle to Miami in 48 hours. (Probably shave a couple hours off if you push the speed limit a bit.) Granted, that's assuming you have someone to trade off with, or some amphetamines.
  21. ThErE iS nO sUcH tHiNg As VoTeR fRaUd!1!
  22. Clearly this means that we need a nation wide ban on high capacity magazines. That will stop these mass shootings for sure. After all, when the magazine is empty you have to throw them away, right? I leaned that from one of my state representatives. But I'm all seriousness, that is the argument of the anti gun crowd. They need to outlaw things they don't like outside of their jurisdiction because people can illegally bring them into their jurisdiction. Montana shouldn't have high capacity magazines because they can illegally end up in L.A. Besides, we all know that those toothless redneck rural bumkins are worthless filth compared to the erudite and a sophisticated metropolis dwelling master race, so they shouldn't even have rights anyways. That makes it OK for the large urban areas to dictate how people hundreds of miles away can live. These are the same morons who say that we need to abolish the Senate because it's not fair that 45 million votes have greater representation that 55 million voters. THAT'S THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE SENATE YOU INBRED FLIPPER HANDED DING DONGS!
  23. Ulric

    NODS are bad, urrrgh

    The threat of safety glasses: how eye protection used by the military can help terrorists commit mass shootings!