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  1. The weird little tank is a novelty that in some forms shot caps, or was a lighter.. In others it was a pencil sharpener. Cheap, souvenier shop schlock.
  2. Get Away, Damnit. (The Camping Thread)

    1- Yes, as with the bayonet, I can use the rifle as a tentpole. 2- Yes, as once I burnoff all the foliage, I can fill it with premetherin/bifetherin,and murder all the fleas, ticks, etc.. 3- Hey, it's fucking registered. I got the same shit when I had the Type 2 Ka-Mi, now that I have a bit of real U.S. kit, it's the same shit? BRB loading the 40mm Bloop. 4- Because there is a U.P. mosquito hovering behind you, and I forgot the 40mm BOFORS.
  3. .30" M2AP. Makes wee little craters. I bet there was a pile of tungsten steel/hardened steel "pencils" around that tank. Also, I wish I had not shot up all the M2AP I used to have, but damn, it used to be cheap, and accurate.
  4. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    Not as bad as you'd think, the CG on the '51 was fairly flexible and trimmable. In addition to that 85 gallon tank, the battery of radios would sit above it, and they were not small either. Then there was the Radiator... Later, folks would remove the tank and radios and fit a second seat there, with little change in performance. The Collings foundation has a twin seat P-51 B/C.
  5. What are we playing?

    Other than being dragged into the odd WT match or *shudder* "Panzer-Waltz" by relatives? I'm not playing a goddamn thing.
  6. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Looks like one of those fancy gizmo splitting wedges.
  7. Not sure why Russians are worried about what looks like some middle aged EM, who is more likely than not, looking at porn. "Bulletproof" glasses. Wearing a fucking beret. FFS Iran.
  8. It would be quite nice if someone would mill and polish that goddamn spur off the triggerguard.
  9. Or enough, throughout the whole of their miserable existence.
  10. General cars and vehicles thread.

    It's being restored, right? Cause I'd drive that daily if I had it.
  11. Was about to mention this. The Idea of a "plastic" coated projo is hardly new.
  12. No kidding,especially since they omit that Abe basically did the same thing. Koi tend to be semi-underfed, and HUGE. The two of them basically dumped what amounted to my offering a half sleeve of saltines and a bottle of water to this whole forum. I have a small pond with 9 "comets"and in two months they have all doubled in size. I'll have to start culling in six months.
  13. Huh, whodathunk. Background checks work on GIGO, good guy with a gun on hand beats Cops ten minutes away, and "folks are getting fucking tired of the "gunz-r-eebil" spin". Shitlords will still try and spin this event as an example for more gun control. Note them, and vote against them. May the almighty fuck be upon them.
  14. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Had an odd one today. Ignition coil on my 03 Dakota just up and died, while it was running. Was using the old guy to shuffle some barricades while a crane took down a huge antenna where I work. Anyhow- OE, 300+K miles on it, just never had a coil just up and die like that. Replacement was ~30.00 (and made in Poland).