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  1. Meplat

    Scale Models Megathread

    Some kind of gaming pieces?
  2. Meplat

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    and "network interruption". Really Gaijin? Fix. Your. Shit.
  3. Meplat

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    So. Trying to catch up .. Apparently there is some fuferall about how Gaijin handles HESH and HEAT (and post pen fragmentation in general) that has me asking "Really what were you thinking?". Seems some shot will produce "spall" (as they call it) that assumes a 90 degree (and only that) radius from point of pen. And from there will just superball at 90degree angles. Being one of those who uses WT as a "Oh I'm a bit tipsy, the BoB movie is on and I want to gank Jerries with a Spit" escape, how true and /or relevant is this?
  4. Well now. A veritable plethora of shyster lawyers, scumbag politicians and militant vegans to chose from, and we lose this guy. FFS.
  5. Meplat

    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    And if you were unlucky enough, you even owned one of the silly things (or at least an attempt at it). It took a long time for me to not laugh when someone mentioned "bushmaster" in the same sentence with "AR-15". Ah, yes Chinn's works are excellent. Another to look for is "Automatic Arms" by Johnson and Haven. The "Johnson" is "Melvin Johnson".
  6. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    The EPA has little to do with protecting the environment, and more to do with perpetuating careers in government.
  7. Meplat

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    I'd rather see that for politicians and bureaucrats. Maybe with an added shock-collar, and the remote(s) in the hands of their constituents.
  8. Meplat

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    What.. No, if anything it was bitching about how shittily shooting was being treated in the olympic games, and showing people how to sporterize surplus MN91's. Then you had articles from Julian Hatcher about the Pedersen device, or what school was placing well in shooting matches. I have a bunch of old (1920's,30's and 40's era) American Rifleman mags
  9. I've played with some G36K's, but most of my hands on with the '36 was cutting them up. You could have a bit of amusement with the interlocking mags, ( https://imgur.com/4JvqVw3 ) but I'm not at all shocked to hear end users were lopping the pokey bits off. If you search for "G36 Trunnion" , many of the pictures of the sectioned area are mine, or reposts (ad infinitum) of mine.
  10. "Evon" for Ivan sounds too much like overpriced water for us westeners, sorry bud.
  11. Probably initial run, it's sounding a bit lean.
  12. Just a guess, but possibly a byproduct of when it was set on that concrete pad.
  13. They're absurdly tame. and still, even with the shortest tube, still fuck-huge Now, if your sidearm of choice has to double as a rather effective boatanchor, well then, you're all set with the DE.
  14. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Any bike with that much tupperware hiding the greasy bits, cannot be worth much.
  15. At least one, usually near the driver. I used to (used to) have a few "loadout" books describing what was authorized/required on U.S. armor dating from the early 80's, and I remember just about every armored vehicle seemed to have one M3A1 stowed. (Lesson for the day-"Don't loan out manuals, regardless of how mundane. People will run off with the weirdest shit"). I still have some docs for the M88 ARV, and it shows stowage for the M3A1. As to the piece,( other than the mags,) they are one of the simplest SMG's you could hand to a poorly/hastily/utterly uninterested in learning how to use it individual, and have it still be reasonably effective. The mags are a dual column,single feed, which makes loading them a pain. Luckily, the loading tool is a part of the gun. As is the cleaning rod, barrel wrench, oil bottle, etc..