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  1. Get Away, Damnit. (The Camping Thread)

    When I go camping, it's SMLE/09 Bayonet, and MkVI Webley. The CZ stays in the glovebox. And I have NEVER used a flamethrower in a park. Also, the AAVP sucks for trolling. Really a BTR is a lot better.
  2. Get Away, Damnit. (The Camping Thread)

    "We can't eat this , it still has bones"... "This fish is not dead!" "You can't eat crawdads!" "How can you make a fire without matches or a lighter, silly!?" "I can't believe you did not sleep without a tent! Where did you hide it!?" "Two bottles of Listerine, are you going to wash your mouth that much!~" And this, is why I hate camping with relatives.
  3. General cars and vehicles thread.

    All the work of a U-416, with 1.5X/ twice the tires. Sometimes, you need to admit defeat and mount tracks. When you mount more than six tires, that is "one of those times".
  4. I alpha/SAO played it. It was amusing. Not sure about the current game, but needed (as I said then) more ""haul this load of logs with the tractor of your choice to here", or "This tank is stuck, recover it". Also made me really want a GAZ jeep, eventually. Worked on a handful, rather liked them. A lot like a Model A and a Willys MB had a nasty weekend in a barn, and much vodka was involved. The game overall (then) was fun, but limited. Haven't played it lately, notplaying many games lately. WOT is basically dropped, WoWs dropped, WoWp, long dropped, WT, still "playing" but just player made missions or customs, with friends and relatives. Nephews and nieces suckered me into a browser tank game, it's creepily amusing. But I mostly run it in "auto" on an old laptop.
  5. Scale Models Megathread

    Really as "im pushing this kit to "someone I like" is it a 1, being "abject shit," or is a "5, being "Not at all bad". Cause I would not mind a proper T-34 or four hovering about my abode.
  6. Scale Models Megathread

    I worked on the T-34's owned by the Champlin museum. It'd take an act of god to make me model them. Not because they were bad, but "dear lord that driver's hatch".
  7. Scale Models Megathread

    50 diopter lens, loads of manuals, yards of streched sprue, and miles of small motor amarature wire. And eventually you will be "mediocre." Or you could spend 59.95 on the infinite photoetch kit " for whatever you're making.
  8. Scale Models Megathread

    The forum mechanics murdered my post. Tell the uberlords that if they do not want an angry bearded man with a Lee-Enfield mounting a 30 round magazine (cause I has one) storming their home under the supporting fire of at least six Ferret armoured cars and perhaps one Daimler fox and maybe a M5A1 and a M-18 and M4A3E2, they best fix their shit.
  9. WoT v WT effort-thread

    I'd be happy if they did not keep deleting Franz Stigler 109's, or shitting on people trying to model Clostermann's birds via constant model changes. I have not even tried finding proper "pappy" B-25models or a "Black-Sheep" Corsair as of late. And at one time I had ~ 15 gigs of accurate WT models. Now? GG WT, way to stifle creativity and quash what made people want to play the game, at all.
  10. I do too, but probably not for the same reason....
  11. General cars and vehicles thread.

    THAT is a good looking , proper "truck".
  12. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Minus the fancy paint, I'd drive it to work. And nobody would notice. They'd just assume I fucking built it. Shitty exhaust location though.
  13. Scale Models Megathread

    Ned to take a pic of the wacky hashup I came up with for my "pond". basically without my consent,my parents dug a "pond" on my property. Their idea of a "pond" and my ideas tend to vary. Wildly. Anyhow, I end up with a Mk1 Mod2 hole in the dirt lined with plastic with fish. (As opposed to my "Six meter deep , ten meter span with diving board and fishing dock" version). So they want deco. And they chew, huff and moan, and eventually offer one of those souvenier model boats basically made of pine and popsicle sticks. "Oh hell no" I say. BRB. Rip the shit off the amazingly seaworthy hull, and dig out my nigh upon 40 year old stash of paint and greebles. Whip up the "MV Mimosa" in a day or so. Worst part? Modelling supplies DO NOT STORE. Threw out scads of panel/lining tape, tons of paint, loads of brushes and even had to dump some of my points/ cones for my absurdly old Passche airbrush. Then try and replace same. "Model boat? What" is what I got. Saw loads of shitty Italeri model tanks with the dreaded "WOT" label of annoyance, and absurdly overpriced kits. 26.00 dollars for the same old shitty Monogram M48 Patton I used to buy for 5.00!? Inflation notwithstanding, GO FUCK YOURSELF. At that point I'd hand-fucking-whittle one out of A2 tool steel just to enhance my point. Anyhow, when I asked three different hobby shops for "model boat fittings"... They all suggested the internet. This is akin to a prostitute suggesting a pocket-pussy.. Really folks? A town, located near the junction of the Ohio and Big Muddy cannot supply simple model boat bitsa? The mind boggles. Than I saw it. It. That one thing that set you off. The old(albeit rather nice)1/48 Monogram T6 selling for THIRTY DOLLARS. Much shit was lost. That was a three dollar kit, because it was of a trainer. No matter how absurdly good it was (for 1978), it's not a THIRTY FUCKING DOLLAR KIT NOW! Now I know why hobby shops complain about declining sales. Akin to a vampire who expressed displeasure by emo'ing out and slicing his veins.