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  1. Interesting to note that postwar,nearly all U.S. armor mounted towing pintles. I'd consider that an insult to SPG's...
  2. I'd be hard pressed to buy a "new" Glock (or any "new" handgun). Having worked in the industry, I simply don't have much faith in modern QC. Too much "our projected failure rate is.." versus "make sure they go bang when they are supposed to ,and no other time.".
  3. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Ask your "Swedish" friend.
  4. For the individual shooter though, they are really nice . A friend owned one and it handled well. Weird, but well.
  5. An aside, the use of 80 octane fuel by the U.S. meant that a lot of their mills were "overcarbureted". As in "running rich". The "jeep (MB/GPW) ran around on 80 octane mil-std with a ~ 6.5/1 compression ratio. I've shaved the heads and stems on one mill and had it run strong on the shit gas we have now. The radials used in U.S. armor could have run with higher compression (or boost ratios, since they had blowers), but it was felt that it would lead to excessive damage/wear if they had to run on other alliy's fuel. All that aside, the thought of a V-12 M4 tickles me in all the right places.
  6. Egregious Aviation Safety Violations

    Having dealt with Indian pilots when I was working on sailplanes, that is likely an "official" estimate. Really, really arrogant, and just convinced that "the air exists for them". Treated the maintenance staff like shit. Complete contrast to the Japanese I'd encounter.
  7. Scale Models Megathread

    THAT is looking really really nice. Sweet job! Oh for transparencies, I use (used) white glue. paint the edges of the opening with a metallizing paint, polish a bit then use a toothpick to fill the opening. For headlamps/tail-lamps you can use a twist of paper towel or a really fine brush, and once it's gelled a bit, poke it with a hypo and blow a wee bubble to make it look like a bulb in there. Otherwise just leave it be and hit it with flat once dry, cause I've NEVER seen shiny lights on any MV that ran. Again, for what you had to work with, that looks damn good.
  8. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Really, STOP playing WoT. Dear lord is it in the gutter. from where it was when I started to now? Wow. Really, stop playing. Play something else, anything, but not WoT. (or Warthunder cause they suck too). A month of two of abstinence should get the message through.
  9. Because for the most part, the '41 Johnson (and other U.S arms) are only scarce here because of absurd and idiotic import laws.
  10. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Reminded myself of why I quit playing both. Warthunder- Played straight basic/reserve.. Saw P-51's, Bf-110's, etc. WOT - "World of infinite misses". Meanwhile the premium tanks I shot at seemed to never miss, regardless of my 100% crew, and other addons. So , back to rolling dice and moving bits of cardboard and/or lead for a decent tank /AC game.