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  1. Not that the 300D is a really great car (300D ="Taxi Cab" in much of the world), but even so, I'd bet 38 0f the 50 were high as fuck when they did that test.
  2. He has earned all the fucks he has so thoroughly worked for. may he enjoy fully, their bounty.
  3. Rather amused the Chicago PD did not dissapear the two hirelings. Guess his PR budget is not as large as it should be, to be playing such games.
  4. Only when integrated with a home HHO system.
  5. "Fortune" also owns stock in medical supply houses and physical rehab clinics..
  6. All that sweet power, for .005 of a second before it falls to the ground and ejacualtes oil and coolant into the blacktop. Don't forget the electric "supercharger" and the little spinny-ma-jig thing you stick in the throttle body for "moar boosts". Oh and magnets on the fuel line, gotta have those too.
  7. Why? Those old Lycoming eights were stupidly reliable, and having "ALL TEH POWAHH" would be useless unless you chucked the whole drivetrain to the curb. Kind of defeating the purpose of having a really neat old car.
  8. Not that I had much trust or faith in the FBI before this, but, "Fuck them. Fuck them with a running chainsaw".
  9. Okay, that is really neat.
  10. Honestly, I'm more interested in the ridiculous panoply of candidates the Democrats will offer in 2020. Simply because I'm sure it will be a freakshow of epic scale and scope.
  11. Considering their engineering skills, this may be real....
  12. I work with a guy who was a tank mechanic not so long ago (To where he is looking at re-enlisting in the KYNG). I basically said "most of the improvements will be in gunnery and targeting. You won't see shit in mobility". Sad to see I'm right. part of me still wants a Laumer style "tank" that masses a few thousand tons, but can make a Ferrarri look slow.
  13. That bitch is as dumb as snake mittens.
  14. As if the sound of the bolt closing was not warning enough. Based on Joe Biden's suggestion, I could make a "personal defense unit" that just replicates the sound of a (I assume) Remington 870 shucking a high brass double ought into the smoke-hole. I mean, "hey, the Veep suggested it".
  15. "ride" cars? Stick to dicks, ladies, because you're obviously too stupid to be around an automobile.
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