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  1. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Looks like an old Falcon. I like it.
  2. General cars and vehicles thread.

    If it's electric, why does it have that huge goofy looking grille?
  3. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Not when sober, and not for long.
  4. Coming soon to a craigslist near you, under "barter".. "Will trade for a 30 of Busch Lite"..
  5. Scale Models Megathread

    Other than the amusing error... IIRC that's an Italeri kit. AMT/ERTL was mainly a reboxer, other than the odd Hawk or Aurora kit .
  6. chest and shoulder straps look like he's being drug back into the thing. Also-"how do these things work in really rough, rocky/mountainous terrain?" Looks like he's clumping around on two metal footplates.
  7. Well, it -kind- of worked. A BREN would have been a hell of a lot better. Like a FN MAG.. Or a Vickers. Hell, a Gatling or Gardner would have been more reliable. One by Browning or Maxim (or Nagoya Arsenal even) would have served better and been cheaper.
  8. The Sovereign Citizen Movement

    From what I've read, what the Bundys did, paled in comparison to the prosecution's actions. When "the good guys" are bigger fuckbags than "the bad guys" , shit has gone pear shaped. The judge was right to toss it out.
  9. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Probably , M2 bitsa were common retros. My take on the Vega was constantly having to jump-start the one , one of my uncles had, while still under some absurd mandated extended warranty. This had to be 80/81, when I was 11/12, and old enough to know wheat from chaff. The Vega was long dead, but he was still, somehow, fucking GM on that warranty. After owning some later GM's I say "Godspeed Sir.".
  10. General cars and vehicles thread.

    In humid environments, air compressors naturally remove the water from the air. Unless the tank and the lines are drained frequently, you can get a lot of water in the system. Also, some ag equipment is intended to have fluid filled tires. I've got a little gizmo that lets me fill my lawn tractor tires with water from a garden hose. Gives it a bit more ground pressure. If you look at many larger tractor valve stems, you'll see the part that carries the actual Schrader valve can be demounted, allowing the tube/tire to be more easily filled with fluid. (usually a propylene glycol based compound now)
  11. That's how most radials are laid out. The real interesting bit is on the cranks for mills turning Hydromatic constant speed props, because then you need to be pumping oil to the front(splined) section for it's governor and to run the pitch change piston. If you're dealing with tracked vehicles of any kind it should be required reading. That chapter is great if you're wondering why you see bogged down excavators and tracked skid-steers. (other than cranial rectal inversion syndrome on the part of operator or supervisor).
  12. No, but you're understating said difference in "conditions".. The U.S. could actually manufacture quality en-masse, and the Brits had enough flexibility to allow people like Whittle (or Turing) to assist their war effort.
  13. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Good ones I've personally seen were - -The guy who filled his engine with oil, checking the wrong dipstick. Amazed that Honda still ran. It was full to the filler cap on the valve cover. -The guy who thought power steering fluid would work as brake fluid. It doesn't. Made every cup and seal swell like crazy. - the guy who solved a manifold leak, by coating the entire manifold and TBI with kool-seal (elastomer RV roof sealant).