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  1. Is it just me, or does every time Pelosi speaks in/at an interview, she sounds completely sloshed? As in she just guzzled a fifth of vodka, and is just rambling off on some nonsensical tangent that in her head, makes sense but to sober people (or those who can hold their drink) sounds like she is completely sliding off the barstool?
  2. When I was 10, I really wanted a Remington 552 for Christmas. Relatives even said I deserved it. Parents were "oh we're not sure he should have a gun". Yeah, that should have been my clue. I got a sweater. Not even a good one. Some gaudy synthetic Monkey Wards shit that immediately got used to stuff the cat bed. Just a tip, "don't go holding your breath in anticipation, for shit that likely will not happen".
  3. Dont be angry, but I used to have some neat M240 bits. Rail "forend", some odd topcover NODS mount (I think for a PVS-4, it was huge) a couple tank/armor barrels, a couple of T&E's. Tried selling them at a couple SAR shows, but was offered cents on the dollar. So I gave them to a good friend who had one of the semi-auto ones, for helping me move to Kentucky.
  4. Warthunder introduced Phantoms. The circle is complete. Unlock the sixth gate, and release the demons.
  5. The system used by the Mg42 and G3 has a lot of issues regarding "less than optimal" ammo. In that "it does not. It shits the bed". Even the Pig will choke, hiccup and fart, and a bit of twiddelery-fuckery will persuade it to work. Not so with the Mg3. If it farts, shit has gone pear shaped, and you now have a club.
  6. I can see why they did not go with it. Looks like a fucking baby eating monster. Sad, the interior looks nice.
  7. Oh that COE. What great lines.
  8. "AC Delco" is a "Zombie Brand", and has been for a while.
  9. A warning "Delco" is not what it used to be. And "Self fusing tape" is the berries, if a bit expensive.
  10. "Imagine thousands of simultaneous boating accidents, involving the loss of entire collections, all within the span of a week or so.". All humor aside, the logistics of such weigh against it. Whole states would rebel. (which I suspect is what some want).
  11. At best we'll see drawn butter for his crab legs at the goon-gressional hearings.
  12. At this point, it's "business as usual". I had zero faith in the FBI/DOJ, and have had zero faith in them for a very long time. Unless they decide to start hanging sonsofbitches from treelimbs, I forsee no change in my attitude nor opinion.
  13. Huh, did not know that. Neat! Much as I like the OH-6, the '58 actually went somewhere.
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