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  1. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    WTF , TWO? THEY MADE TWO?!? 87bajillion T-34's made, and they only make TWO of these.
  2. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    External cooler. If you know someone who can score one, an old aircraft oil cooler is the berries as a transmission cooler, and they tend to be very cheap.
  3. Dear easily frightened person. Nobody gives a fuck. In much of the U.S. you could paint yourself blue, wear a loincloth and march down the sidewalk playing "Scotland The Brave" on a kazoo, and most people would not give a fuck. Much of what you see on the news regarding the U.S. (or anywhere) is garbage meant to make you afraid and easily manipulated. As you have been. Nobody is going to beat you with a shoe because you look like you have an arab (likely to be taken as "mexican" or "cuban" in Orlando) hubby, nor are people going to insist you sit in the back of the bus. Quit believing the bullshit and try to enjoy yourself, for fuck's sake.
  4. "Vox" is in my round file, right next to "Salon", under the heading of "Bad Fiction".
  5. Businesses taking the attitude of "Fuck Thy Neighbor" in a circumstance like that, often experience some pretty serious backlash once shit returns to normal.
  6. Other than the "Blue Wave" the Ty D Bowl man experiences.
  7. Meplat

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Anytime someone brings up the "serious discussion about gun control", I ask them if they are next going to have a "Serious discussion about the inconvenience of the First Amendment" . That is the direction they are headed.
  8. It was pretty common for U.S. tanks to arrive with MG's separate. They'd ship the tank when it was ready and figure the rest was "plug-n-play" as far as the MG's. (For the most part, they were).
  9. This had me laughing, especially when the overinflated Hostess DingDong on stilts waddled into camera shot.
  10. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Some day I need to see if I can find my Super 8 vid of a "tug of war" between a M37 and a U404 UNIMOG. Oddly, the M37 won. By a massive margin. Granted it had a bed full of water tank, but still. It stalled out the Benz, and drug it around like a rented whore, basically saying "Fuck yo portal axles!".
  11. Meplat

    The Creative Side of SH

    "Doorknob Five -Two". From there I can't help much. But I have loads of tech on the P-38. (And I can really bore you on the J47.) One of my grandfathers really knew that plane. Went in the USAAC in 1938, and retired in 1968 as a CWO4. He'd held an "A&E" since the early 30's. He won a bronze star as a mechanic, for keeping P38's in the air under terrible conditions in Italy. He also had some association with the RAF "Eagle Squadrons", but was still in the USAAC and working on the Mosquito and Spitfire. (Never got a solid answer). I remember some Brit guys visiting when I was VERY young in the early 70's. I was just happy (at the time) that they talked to me about Spitfires (I'd seen the BoB movie ).
  12. Meh, just means a sale for my IRA. Buy when low.
  13. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Shoddy QC!. I can count the number of radiators I swapped in my Toyota, and have four fingers left! Over one million miles, on the same radiator. (And alternator). Those 80's toyota trucks were fucking stout! (Find the joke)
  14. Meplat

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Shit I gave up on RB and full sim long ago. I even had the gear to pull full sim (other than the VR shit).. The relatives/friends I played with have toasters for PC's so they could not have managed those modes even after I quit pub games (due to teleporting aircraft). Coming soon to Warthunder, once the Boris and Natasha obtain sekrit documents from Moose and Squirrel.
  15. Obviously, this means we need MOAR GUN CONTROL.