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  1. Meplat

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    WT has it's own issues, (mostly with physics not based in reality and "Sekret Dokumentz"), but yes, at least one can say "fuck this noise" and just fly.
  2. That guy's camp was pretty hilarious as well. ^Make tent to stay dry, spend all night getting rained on by your own condensed moisture.^ And the first aid kit seemed to be geared more toward treating slivers and shaving cuts.
  3. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Lose the dinghy, and (what appear to be) the sliding glass quarter-windows, and give it a full width rear rack, and you'd have a really neat high-impact camper.
  4. Meplat

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Long ago, I predicted that the number of players picking up (and staying with) the game would drop, if WG did not encourage and reward low tier play, instead of making them stepping stones in a race toward top tier. Adding bots might be a temporary fix, but it's not going to solve things. Offering single player missions and play (perhaps at reduced XP/ cash payout) and making garage space much cheaper (if not free/unlimited) with cosmetic or equipment rewards, for actually putting some time in lower tier vehicles and learning the game, MIGHT remedy the damage and change the course the game is taking. Instead of it being a simple and depressing race to top tier, it might give it a bit of depth.
  5. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Amazingly clean, the plastic bits that "hide" the 5MPH bumper shock absorbers are not even rotted.
  6. And the repercussions for that were what? No head from the Hildebeast?
  7. I'm sure Clinton never had to deal with such nonsense. Oh wait. He didn't. He did what the fuck he wanted and got away, scot free.
  8. Meplat

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    ^looks at ticking watch^ Just a matter of time before the statspoleizi rolls into that county to "discover" some sort of corruption.
  9. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    First mistake? "Prius" . Only a WW2 era armored vehicle has less rear visibility. The second is not backing up when the silly bitch had obviously donned her hakimachi and thousand stitch belt.
  10. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    A relative who worked for Ford as a "contractor" mentioned that there was scuttlebutt about "looking into no longer "selling" a vehicle", instead you buy a "seat", allowing you to operate it for a length of time, similar to a lease, but the vehicle is constantly on the net. He asked what I thought about it. I said " I'd be looking hard at finding a Dodge WC series truck, and converting it to 12 volts".
  11. Meplat

    The Whirlybird Thread

    UH-1's will autorotate fantastically, long as you keep the energy up. That's the advantage of those fuckhuge mains. But once they slow down past a critical point (coffin corner) you're falling.
  12. Meplat

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    So far behind the tech curve, I find myself being forced to build another "gaming" box. FFS< I remember playing this shit on a W2K machine.
  13. Late to comment, but one Big Sandy at a post shoot campfire, we had a trio of very nice Brit shooters announce that "Oh after this we are going to spend tomorrow driving through Texas. (From basically Kingman, Arizona). Yeah, there was a moment of silence. "Y'all are not serious, Raight?" (Asked the obvious Texan). They were. They thought they could leave the shoot, drive through 2/3 of Arizona, all of New Mexico, and sightsee Texas, In a day. It actually took a couple hours to convince them that "No we are not fucking with you, unless you magically rent a B57, and say "fuck the fuel" ,it ain't happening".
  14. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Just a note for those who deal with them. Look out for new 5000 pound torsion bar Dexter axles, being shipped 2017/2018 with no grease in the bearings. At most, they had the shipping oil used to keep the bearing/race from rusting in storage. This is the third towable lift in a few months I've dealt with, that had absolutely fried bearings, with zero signs of lube in them. The last one, had a whopping 15 hours of operation on the clock before the bearing shit the bed.