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  1. Got a vintage (1970's) fridge that is slowly dying. I really do not want to replace it with some modern POS, as this thing is huge, and has a giant herm that still wants to run. So. My plan is to evac the system, check for leaks, then service it with R-134. Any of youall done this kind of stuff before, and if so, how'd it work?
  2. Meplat

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    The new Bf110 is same as the old one. Clean, it's heavy, roll is okay but a P-38 will fucking eat it. If you have stores you are a bomber, treat it as such. Overall seemed to handle the same. Did not need to boot rudder as much, may have to do with the lack of external stores. It's not a P-38, and anything with reasonable firepower will smoke it.
  3. Meplat

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Ki32 handles like a Pawnee. But with shittier elevator response. Makes sense, it's a longer bird. You can toss it, but keep the power up. Manually roll flaps. Don't waste time stabbing "f". Tab out of cockpit view to minimize rage. It's another fucking placeholder.
  4. Meplat

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    If terms of enlistment in the Army are what I remember, that's half a tour. USAF minimum tour was four years. Makes me wonder if the U.S. is having issues with retention of a solid NCO cadre.
  5. Meplat

    North Korea, you so crazy!

    Meh, the last guy that pissed him off got fed to some dogs. (Or was it torn apart by AA guns? I forget.)
  6. Meplat

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Not sure why it ever had that. If it had trouble getting off the mat, don't allow it on that map, or lengthen the strip (durrrpJustGaijinThings).
  7. I guess it's better than "RAILS . ALL THE RAILS".. Still looks a bit odd.
  8. Meplat

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Sadly it looks like just another of the innumerable VW based "pan" kit-cars. That may have affected it slightly.
  9. That's ignoring the (likely) billions spent on marketing, lobbying, etc.. This is not a new thing.
  10. Meplat

    Gun Science Library

    Finally got around to looking at this. It's a blow forward. I forget what other GL design of that era was messing with that system of operation, but I know there was one.
  11. Meplat

    Aerospace Documents Collection Point

    Well, just dug out the old bitch, and I'd forgotten it's a SCSI interface. Other than being fuckhuge, (and good for the manuals I have) it's an antique (HP ScanJet 4P) with shitty resolution (300X300). I'll have to get something better. Sorry for the false flag.
  12. Meplat

    The Whirlybird Thread

    Had to turn on subtitles (I can read French better than I can hear it) but that was some silly fun shit. It does give a good idea of how helos "fly". By furiously beating the air into submission.
  13. Meplat

    Aerospace Documents Collection Point

    How dry are youall willing to go? I've a bunch of stuff, but it's pretty obscure. Things like maintenance training manuals for the J-47, and "USCG aircrew ditching procedures". I have a very large scanner, but it's a cantankerous old bitch. So if nobody is interested in obscure shit I'll let it go.
  14. Why would Russia (or any other nation ) NOT try and influence US elections? (By hook or by crook?)
  15. Meplat

    The Improvised Weapons Thread

    Interesting use of an old paint-gun/air gun.
  16. "When one needs a machinegun, one needs it very badly.".
  17. Not that such was not already an issue. There was plenty of work for barrel straighteners in the past on plain barrels. Some fluting on an already heavy profile barrel should not affect it any more than turning it to a smaller diameter, or the work of putting helical/radial cooling fins in/on it.
  18. Meplat

    The UK Brave Space For Shitposting and Other Opinions Thread

    "Tofu". I lived in Japan for ~two years. It's about as healthy as any other fried "stuff".. (which means I eat it). Also, Japanese bar food should be a thing here. Lots of fried bits of delicious stuff that you just gnaw on and do not question. It's slightly more healthy than gnawing on plutonium, but meh, life is 100% terminal.
  19. Meplat

    The UK Brave Space For Shitposting and Other Opinions Thread

    "Vegetarian Fried Chicken" -ERROR- FILE " LOGIC.EXE" NOT FOUND. PLEASE RESTART.
  20. You can also do longitudinal fluting with a horizontal mill and an indexing head. And you can just about automate the process with 40's technology.
  21. I'd consider it a good start, lacking only in ceremonial tarring-and-featherings .
  22. I'd figured "Old School" would involve a few thousand sandbags stacked about, some plank side skirts and every bit of kit short of a washing machine tied, wired or taped to it.
  23. Meplat

    The Whirlybird Thread

    One of my uncles mentioned doing the same with a UH-1. maintaining enough forward velocity for the vertical stab to maintain authority, and riding it down the strip, leaving a trail of sparks.
  24. Yes and no.. Engines of that time were (overall) pretty thirsty. Examples like the GAA were exceptions. it was not uncommon to have attachments to one's car that metered oil to lubricate the valves. So, for a radial aircraft engine forced into ground service, the 975 performed superbly. Oil consumption was not it's major issue. (I'd put hydrolock and plug fouling ahead).