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  1. People actually use shit like that article to decide what they take camping? FFS.
  2. She does, but I bet it never happens. Much like the bullshit surrounding previous huge DOJ fuckups, Congress still realizes "the facade must be maintained".
  3. "Thunderdome" would definitely sort out the "indefinite wait on death row only to gurgle your last under a huge dose of pentothal" nonsense we have now.
  4. One requires huge amounts of work in order to be homogeneous. The other can be made in small shops.
  5. "kind of".. The base engineering and then tooling and manufacture set up are. Once you have a decent manufacturing base though, they are very inexpensive. What IS expensive, are the fleshy bits that fly and maintain them.
  6. "Hanging", and "tarring and feathering", is where I would start..
  7. Already, this guy is being spun as "another right wing nutjob" and "this is why we need gun-control". Just as he planned, at least on the 2A front. Seems the folks pushing gun control are more than willfully illiterate, especially when it suits their agenda.
  8. That is a shockingly clean and elegantly simple car for Cadillac, of that era. If one replaced the greenhouse with a similarly styled steel roof with conventional rear window, it would look even better. Similarly, a convertable. Compare this to the offerings in 59/60 and 61, and you'll see what I mean. This looks very sharp.
  9. Odd, every time I hear of a new "Democratic Party" candidate, I hear this tune.. Needs more clown car.
  10. What scale is that in? It looks huge..
  11. The camo scheme T-2 has Misawa AB markings. The bluish scheme is "Blue Impulse", the JASDF version of the Thunderbirds, and the colors seem a bit off. (May look better on my "good" monitor). The Sabre "Bumblebee" is wearing the very early "Blue Impulse" aerobatic team colors.
  12. We may (very soon) get Constitutional carry in Kentucky. Keeping my fingers crossed. ETA- IT PASSED. Kentucky has Constitutional carry. 60 "yes" , while 37 found freedom "scary".
  13. The T-2 confuses me. I suspect they will change that to "F-1", as the T-2 was never really fielded as a full on combat aircraft, it was best thought of as an advanced trainer that could (and did) carry armament. The Japanese were still using the T-2 and F-1 when I was in Misawa. Japanese Sabres were often in beautiful color schemes. Somewhat looking forward to them, even if the potential MM will suck terribly (And the chances of them mounting AIM9's as they did in service being slim to none).
  14. I've worked on a LOT of AK's. "Junk" rarely entered the vocabulary (Save the handful of idiots who "took the challenge" and buried theirs for a year. When you have to beat an AK variant open with a hand sledge, it's likely achieved "junk" status). I've lost count of how many rounds I've put through PKM's . They are, by far my "This is RIGHT" machine. As few moving parts, doing as much work as possible, with maximum efficiency and minimal effort/stress. I have only seen one that was hamfisted, and even it was salvaged by a stout blow with a small hammer and a brass drift through the ejection chute. The owner had bludgeoned the charging handle to a twisted mess, but the gun would still shoot if you used a cleaning rod to shove the works back through the ejection chute/port. Love seeing the details on the variants. Brings a new appreciation to a fine bit of design.
  15. Meh couldn't taste much worse than kielbasa cooked via Allison J33. ("Strong hints of Kerosene, mixed with a touch of 100LL and a dash of Aeroshell")
  16. I see it does not affect belt fed weapons. I also see this working in ways the moronic writers of this bill never imagined. You were worried about 30 round "clips". Now you have 250 round belts to deal with.
  17. Translation issues and "not fitting the directed narrative" likely have a lot to do with it.
  18. Not that the 300D is a really great car (300D ="Taxi Cab" in much of the world), but even so, I'd bet 38 0f the 50 were high as fuck when they did that test.
  19. He has earned all the fucks he has so thoroughly worked for. may he enjoy fully, their bounty.
  20. Rather amused the Chicago PD did not dissapear the two hirelings. Guess his PR budget is not as large as it should be, to be playing such games.
  21. Only when integrated with a home HHO system.
  22. "Fortune" also owns stock in medical supply houses and physical rehab clinics..
  23. All that sweet power, for .005 of a second before it falls to the ground and ejacualtes oil and coolant into the blacktop. Don't forget the electric "supercharger" and the little spinny-ma-jig thing you stick in the throttle body for "moar boosts". Oh and magnets on the fuel line, gotta have those too.
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