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  1. I can't read russian or ukraine language so the range of information is very limited for russian AFVs. I'd like to have information about how fast turrets of soviet IFVs rotate. Especially BMP2, BMP3, BTR-82
  2. I heard Merkava tanks have revolving magazine for main gun loading. Magazines hold 6 rounds for Merkava I, II, 5 rounds for Merkava III, 10 rounds for Merkava IV. After emptying the magazine, how is the procedure for filling magazines with stowed rounds?
  3. delfosisyu

    T-80B Accuracy Test and Russian Ballistic Computer

    Thanks. Notice me when you find it.
  4. Hey guys. This is my first post in this forum. I want to find out sources for 2 information. Firstly, a friend of mine told me about the accuracy of T-80B tested in 1980s. T-80B 1000m 1500m 2000m 87% 66% 46% I asked him where he found this data. But he told me he forgot where he did find this since too much time passed from that moment. The Second one is about Russian ballistic computer's range-finding rate. One day, one of my friends who speaks russian quite well showed me a product info. of russian(maybe ukrainian) gunner's primary sight. It was written that range-finding rate of the sight after laser fired-off 0.3~3.0 seconds. I totally forgot the address of that product brochure. I'd be very appreciated if you help me finding links of these information.