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  1. ^-- Except Ramlaen posted pictures attesting to this turret extension (distance from turret edge to ARAT-2 mount and the fact that the turret cheeks now nearly completely cover the gun mantlet's sides). No need for a tinfoil hat here.
  2. I'm usually skeptical due to angles of capture and possible turret (which also happens to be assymetrical, as it is thicker on the right side to accommodate the commander and gunner stations) traverse angle, but the mount for the foremost ARAT-2 ERA is indeed farther from the turret cheek's corner on the A2C than it is on the A2B. While it is not bode well for the Abrams' weight, it is nice to see its protection is still updated beyond merely swapping the contents of the armor cavities. As for the hull geometry, can't tell on my little screen.
  3. Just found this in my YouTube suggestions today - the changing of the tracks of a Sherman Firefly, by volunteers at the Belgian tank museum in Bastogne. Dunno if it has already been posted (text is in Flemish, by the way), but here you go: The uploader also has a fair share of tank/army videos.
  4. Still not known, alas. We suppose it's some sort of anti-IED jammer though I remember seeing pics of an AMPV with that cylinder and a CREW Duke v3, so nothing's certain (unless they cover different parts of the spectrum). It's also suspected it acts in concert with that black bar that's standing next to the driver's hatch. EDIT: yep, it was an AMPV, Mission Command variant. You can clearly see the Duke v3 antenna behind that cylinder. EDIT bis: The only thing I found so far, that remotely looks like that cylinder, is something called the Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) - Mounted / Anti-Jam Antenna System (AJAS): https://asc.army.mil/web/portfolio-item/a-pnt-mounted-ajas/ The antenna cover's texture is similar, but it's obviously squatter.
  5. Okay, but that Scammell Pioneer is wearing an optional chain to help it navigate soft terrain. It's not like it's wearing it all the time around its rear tires, only when it needed to increase its traction potential.
  6. *blink* Tires under the trackbelt. Okay... I guess it's a hybrid wheeled-tracked vehicle, then? *insert philosophical raptor meme here*
  7. Well, that's an improvement. It's made by the same guy (Kwadwo Safo Kantanka) who built these for the Ghanaian military: That...illuminated human, who also calls himself an "Apostle" and also goes by the nickname of "Star of Africa", also designs...uhm...helicopters: ^--- Note where those tail "missiles" are pointing. Don't worry if you can't even, it's normal. And he also "designs" indigenous cars that in reality are Chinese cars whose spare parts are imported, then assembled in Ghana.
  8. Not too familiar with how you can extract an image URL from an Android browser. Maybe download the picture on your phone (temporarily) then reupload it on imgur or some other filehost then paste the new link here? EDIT: in Chrome, long-press the image you want to repost, then "open image in new tab" then long-press the URL and "copy". Go back to SH, long-press the editor field then "paste".
  9. As for why your URL wasn't working...there is a difference between: 4l-image-85.jpg and 4I-image-85.jpg One is a lowercase "L", the other is an uppercase "I". Sauce: https://www.army-technology.com/projects/wisent-2-armoured-support-vehicle/
  10. At least you're not resorting to using condoms for, well, protection... *cough*Desert Storm*cough*
  11. Not my intent to derail the thread, but when initially looking for more information on SLERA, I often came across contradicting descriptions, wherein the "energetic material" is either full-blown explosive (though either in small portions or the amount of movement imparted to the reactive components is physically limited by the SLERA container) or something "passive" by NATO standards. Either way, I view it as some sort of mild, internal ERA-NERA hybrid (where the gas-producing substance or rubber layer is mixed in with explosives). Dunno whether SLERA offers good multi-hit capability, though. P.S. By the way, was the side armor of the Merkava 4 turret officially categorized as SLERA or pure ERA?
  12. Factor of 3. I stand corrected, it's been a while since that topic's been broached.
  13. Yes, Challenger and Abrams (just to cite two) use some of their multiple fuel tanks (side sponsons and the entire hull area around the driver, respectively) as makeshift protection against HEAT-based weaponry. The fluid simply slows down the HEAT copper jet. I don't have the number in my head right now, but IIRC 8cm of fuel in a HEAT jet's path is the rough equivalent of 1cm of steel (and you have two advantages here: that [filled] fuel tank is obviously going to be lighter than a solid slab of steel and you don't waste internal volume, instead using it to transport more fuel and therefore extend your operational range). You need to ask Bronezhilet for dead-tree and online literature, though.
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