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  1. IIRC the closest they got to that FARS concept is the XM2002 RSV vehicle meant to accompany the XM2001 Crusader: ^--- That outgrowth on the front of the XM2002 is an automated resupply boom.
  2. I know this is a Soviet tank thread, but since you're an Abrams tanker, Plazma, I guess the following video should illustrate just how much of a hassle it is to mount a full ERA complement on your tank...and why you don't want to do that too often: So, yeah, sometimes it's best to leave the damn things on rather than have to take them off then put back on with every even or odd mission.
  3. Renegade334

    General AFV Thread

    ... ... ...Are those solar panels on the 2035 tank?
  4. Renegade334

    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    The Brandon? I didn't know the US would stoop so low as to give one of their AFVs a name worthy of a TV soap opera character. :-)
  5. Late stage meiosis, mayhap? (can't be mitosis - I refuse to believe the guy has the right number of chromosomes)
  6. So TB 2019 will be sponsored by Aeroflot or Smirnoff? ... ...That said, I'm surprised those Evel Knievel shenanigans are still allowed in the biathlon given the structural toll they impose on those hulls. The crews should be told "you break it, you pay for it" from the get-go or forbidden to listen to hardbass while driving around.
  7. It can easily be argued that the ACT3205 would be more lethal than an Abrams just by virtue of its main gun, the XM360, which can accept higher pressure ammunition (meaning, it can shoot more powerful/heavier rounds) than the Abrams' M256. USAR has been meaning for quite a while already to replace the M256 with the XM360E1, but several setbacks such as the FCS cancellation and other budgetary constraints got in the way of that (not to mention, when the FCS program was still alive, the plan was to mount the XM360E1 on the Abrams once they finalized the A3 version...and we have no idea whether we'll ever see a M1A3 or merely get another sarabande of SEPs and ECPs instead). As for protection, since it doesn't have a crew, it frees up space for electronics and/or stuff like spaced armor to protect the said digital vitals. Of course, one can argue that a remote-controlled tank brings its own caveats (see the multitude of troubles the Russian Uran UGV went through in Syria, such as intempestive disconnects and reduced visibility/attack range), but it has also its own perks (not risking any crew).
  8. So...are they bringing back some of its tech for the ERCA? (the Crusader's autoloader was quite different, though, so I doubt we'll be seeing some of that back) Or is it just one of these "lemme show you what we did in the past" guided tours for visiting politicos and Pentagon officials?
  9. So...a blown-up BAE Black Knight with Buford steroids, eh?
  10. Doubtful. Those simulators have four welded plates per turret "cheek", which is consistent with the simulators added to the Trophy-less M1A2 SEP v3 preproduction units: Looks like USMC is looking to add NGAP/NEA to its M1A1FEPs.
  11. Renegade334

    Bash the Pak-Fa thread

    http://uk.businessinsider.com/russia-admits-defeat-su-57-not-going-into-mass-production-2018-7?r=US&IR=T Alright...I guess it means the Monino Museum will get a new outdoors exhibit. *blink* what is this excuse I don't even ...Seriously, is this piece of news accurate? BusinessInsider isn't exactly my go-to source of military information and I'm wary of such clickbaity articles.
  12. Renegade334

    General AFV Thread

    Had a quick glance around and those two vehicles are surprisingly averse to being seen together (and yet I'm pretty sure there must be a picture out there showing them side by side, in one of these typical "the evolution of our hardware" photo shoots). I even tried Hunnicutt's Bradley - A History of the American Fighting and Support Vehicles or turning to Desert Storm footage, but nothing turned up for me. The only pic I found that kind of illustrates the difference in size between the two was lifted from a modelling site, and even then it must be taken with a ULCC-sized dose of salt. That said, while looking around I found some rather exotic stuff such as this German StuG-like conversion of the M113. Would've been perfect for the "Name that AFV" thread except I don't have an official name to slap on it.
  13. Renegade334

    Britons are in trouble

    *sigh* At this point, I wonder if they can even afford new bearskins for the Trooping the Colours. What's next? Putting HMS Victory (remember, it is STILL officially in commission) back to sea as cost-saving measure for the British armed forces?