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  1. His anecdote about the pressure sensor on the bustle ammunition compartment's sliding door was fascinating. I love those little-known details. And lucky for him, too. Having your arm crushed by a quarter-ton slab of steel sounds like an extremely bad, career-ending day.
  2. There is a BMP-3 variant called the Kornet-T (9P163M-1), but it lacks the dual-cannon turret. It's actually kind of a Khrizantema, but with Kornets instead.
  3. ...Unless they're factoring into their equations the vehicles' respective dismounts and the theoretical AT weaponry the latter are packing (though I'm not sure RU soldiers would be packing something as big as the Kornet instead of a slimmer [and lighter] RPG-28 or RPG-32)
  4. That, or the bustle contains extra ammunition (or, more likely, the XM654 supercharged propellant cases). The previous cutaways we got suggest there are two different autoloader configurations considered from the M109A8 - a vertical one (more comparable to the one used on the Crusader) and a horizontal carousel (Meggitt-style). Who knows, maybe the current configuration uses a blend of the two, with primary (vertical) storage in the turret itself and extra charges (horizontal) and carousel in the bustle?
  5. AUSA 2018 Warriors Corner #19 Long Range Precision Fires Cross - Functional Team Update with Col. John Rafferty, Col. Chris Mills, Col. Will McDonough and Mike George https://www.dvidshub.net/video/embed/631880 58-caliber M109A8 test footage at the beginning of the video. Credits to Damian90 on AW forums.
  6. The War Zone just uploaded a series of pictures and an article covering the different items exhibited at AUSA 2018, including two Stryker mockups with the IM-SHORAD and 30/40mm RWS (the interesting part of that mockup was the Trophy VPS addon for the Stryker) turrets, a Bradley with Samson 30 turret, and more. EDIT: it's the right thread this time. Thank God, I was starting to wonder if I had recently contracted the Frank Drebin virus or something.
  7. /facepalm I keep posting in the wrong threads today. Still no breakthrough in brain cell transplant technology lately? I might be in need of good news here... Mods, please delete this.
  8. https://www.wearethemighty.com/news/army-artillery-doubles-reach-shot Well, they're getting close to that 70km mark. EDIT: article originally from Warrior Maven.
  9. ... ...No, seriously, I thought they had killed this thing.
  10. Not 120mm? The main gun should be the XM1202's XM360, not the XM35 or that 105mm Cockerill gun...unless GDLS settled for a smaller-bore gun since the last AUSA.
  11. Will it be an actual prototype or the mockup shown at AUSA the last time? GDLS has been very quiet about the Griffin since exhibiting its mockup at the previous AUSA, so I'm not sure they have already reached the working prototype stage.
  12. Renegade334

    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    ~Wrong thread, sorry~
  13. ...That's one big turret for sure. It's not B1 Draco-level, but still...
  14. Training for parallel parking on Mars? Uh...okay, sure. Is this legit or is it a publicity stunt for some movie or Netflix series?
  15. Not the first time we see this kind of graphics. Last one I saw was an Abrams with the Trophy sponsons (early concept) but no armor pack either. Not sure what's the purpose behind leaving out the HAP-3/NGAP cavities.