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  1. Renegade334

    Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

    Chiefbrams on the Top Gun 2 set: For some reason it sports a DShK. You'd think that, with the US armed forces' blessing, the movie producers could afford an actual M1A2, but noooooo... Sauce: https://www.hollywoodpipeline.com/2018/12/15/tom-cruise-and-miles-teller-filming-top-gun-maverick/ And guess who makes an appearance after 13 years of retirement? P.S. Yes I know it's the wrong thread for the last two pictures.
  2. Renegade334

    Britons are in trouble

    It also doesn't look like the most practical place to add a mortar (if it were me I'd have it set on the turret roof behind the two hatches, where you could at least manually reload it) as its implies you have to traverse the entire turret to get it to bear onto its target. As for elevation, I'm not sure that wire sticking out at the bottom of the mount is meant to pull the tube towards the desired angle or if it's a data cable (in which case, I have to wonder whether the mortar barrel isn't actually some sort of antenna like a mini-CREW Duke, but then again...it's still a weird place to put such a device, since you could put that on the back of the turret). And besides, what is that mortar supposed to shoot? A large smokescreen canister? Chaff? Don't tell me it's just an HE shell, leave that stuff to the infantry.
  3. Renegade334

    The Aircraft Carrier Shitstorm Thread

    That "triple runway" carrier (though only the middle one seems capable of arresting planes) concept at 3:30 looks rather interesting, though for some reason it makes me think of an antique trireme. XD EDIT: finally posted in the right thread. Goldurnit.
  4. Renegade334

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    Mods, please delete this. My brain just doesn't want to work today; it makes me post in the wrong areas, repeatedly.
  5. Renegade334

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    Sorry, wrong thread.
  6. Renegade334

    UAV thread

    Isn't that just a bunch of pMHR radars strung together?
  7. Renegade334

    Britons are in trouble

    US tanks also occasionally have them, not just to protect the crew but also spare the topside equipment (such as antennas or even cameras) from being accidentally shorn off or damaged by low-hanging wires. Those wire cutters are usually more commonplace on helicopters (to protect the main rotor mast), though.
  8. Renegade334

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    That, and I guess the hull has probably quite some structural damage, both from when she was hit by the tanker and when she foundered on her side. And you have to replace a truckload of internal hardware that wasn't meant to enter in contact with seawater and get even slightly corroded (electronics, etc). So...yeah, at that point, the repairs could be so expensive and extensive it might make more sense to purchase a new ship of the same class.
  9. No, most image queries will be polluted with well-known pictures of the 120S (many of those pics will be screenshots from Armored Warfare; the devs have erroneously used the 120S pics to model their premium "M60-2000"), the Super M60/M60AX, the Magach and/or the Sabra. EDIT - an interesting detail: another AW forum member, Jarink, suggested the vehicle seen in the background here could possibly be a M1015 Electronic Warfare Shelter Center (based on the M548 chassis) due to the presence of a grounding rod on the front. ^--- M1015 with ELINT-gathering AN/MSQ-103 "TEAMPACK". Note the grounding rod at the front. ^--- M1015 with AN/MLQ-34 "TACJAM" communications jammer. Note the more modern grounding rod with square box, similar to the one in the first picture.
  10. That's a possibility, though that hulk is lacking the two "grooves" on the turret cheeks. Also, I don't think they ever put that M60 cupola on the AX's commander hatch. Additionally, the back face of the turret on the hulk is canted, whereas the back of the AX' turret seems flat. If anything, the hulk's turret has more of an early M1 turret vibe (with the short storage boxes on the sides and a pedestal for the wind sensor on the back) than an AX... It could however be some intermediary step between the two, a precursor to the M60-2000.
  11. Credits owed to Damian90 on the AW forums. Since there is some uncertainty as to what this truly is, I haven't posted it in the vismods thread (yet).
  12. Mike Sparks argument #225: the all-purpose Gavin will keep your children safe and deliver them to school when school bus drivers are on strike and courting the devils of socialism. Stupid Abrams can't even do that. #back2gavin #whatwouldjesusdrive Yes, I know it's a M59 and not a M113. Just let me fill my daily quota of cringey attempts at humor.
  13. Renegade334

    Tank Myths

    A 2013 study by Uhlig and Hummer showed that the outer part of a modern copper-based HEAT jet, in-flight, had a measurable temperature of ~800°C, though more dated experiments at getting temp readings in-flight showed lower numbers (~550°C). 800°C is still far from the melting point of copper (~1100°C) and given the short amount of time a HEAT jet stays in the air before striking its target, it's even more worthless against steel (for reference - depending on their respective grades, stainless steel alloys melt somewhere between 1,375°C and 1,530°C) . As Bronezhilet said, heat (the HEAT acronym really caused a lot of misunderstandings here) has nothing to do with the armor-penetration mechanism of a shaped charge. The HEAT jet simply a semi-liquid spike made from a very dense material (copper, lanthanum or any other alloy thereof), violently compressed by a chemical explosion and made to travel at hypersonic speeds in one very specific, narrow direction. The rest is just pure physical pressure. EDIT: the only part where heat (lowercase) matters is maybe post-penetration, because it means that whatever is on the other side will be hit by a spray of very dense, fast-moving material...and a hot one at that.
  14. That servicing aperture would be a rather inconvenient weak spot, especially if a mine detonates under the front part of the hull.