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  1. Given the growing tensions on that side of Europe and the need for an appropriate counterweight, there are a lot of armor-related developments that are being fast-tracked, the most notable being the Stryker Dragoon, which was also fielded quite rapidly. EDIT: there's at least one source for this -- Edit 2: and --> https://pl-pl.facebook.com/gdziewojsko/posts/1994552590555156 ...just by searching Google Images...
  2. Poland. Saber Strike 2018 exercise, where a few of the Trophy-equipped Abrams have been sent.
  3. Well, nobody wants hot beer instead of cold beer. No wonder they asked for a refrigerator.
  4. Renegade334

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Well, that probe does act like an aerospike - it basically creates a bow shock (AKA detached shock) in front of the shell's body to reduce aerodynamic drag. You can even see the ring near the tip of the probe that helps form an optimal detached shockwave that doesn't enter in contact with the shell body.
  5. So that's where the Aussies store their Tooheys', hm?
  6. @Mighty_Zuk: you've probably seen the CREW Duke 3 around, it's very recognizable thanks to the "fat antenna" that Ramlaen mentioned. The Stryker in his latest post even has one.
  7. It's certainly not one of the CREW Dukes, that's for sure. Maybe this one is more space efficient.
  8. Isn't that the IED jammer, similar to what the Challenger 2 "Megatron" has on its turret roof? You can see it here:
  9. Renegade334

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Like the risk of ammunition cookoff? That's one concern I often hear whenever the G11 (and true caseless ammo) is discussed.
  10. Renegade334

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    The CTA looks more an evolution of the H&K G11's rotating chamber concept than the LSAT LMG actually does, even though the latter is supposed to directly draw from G11's lessons (though I believe Textron primarily paid for the caseless ammo technology rather than the gun internals' patents, seeing that the LMG's rotating chamber is a bit different from the G11's --- as seen at 1:23 in the video below). Dunno whether Textron's design, scaled up to AC size, would be better. At least the ammo wouldn't be forced to pass through the trunnion and it might be a bit easier to switch calibers without changing too many components (barrel and feeding system excluded). EDIT: Didn't realize someone had posted the same video in the Small Arms thread - this is maybe unnecessary/redundant. :-/
  11. Renegade334

    Tank Layout

    Nope, that's not FastDraw. Meggitt's horizontal autoloader is actually more akin to the XM91 that was supposed to be included in the CATTB. GDLS' FastDraw had two horizontal bustle carousels, each equipped with its own actuator (the RALS or Robotic AutoLoader System) in order to extract and align the round with the breech. Just for reference, the vertical autoloader carousel in the TTB could handle 44 120mm rounds, whereas FastDraw could take 36 (2 cylinders containing 18 rounds each, with what looks like loading ports built in the turret sides). A hypothetical FMBT autoloader (see figure 5) could have 40 rounds in a conical vertical carousel, with 23 reserve rounds in a rear compartment (though IIRC that was a paper tank designed for some DARPA study and not an Abrams successor project meant to produce an actual vehicle). --- --- --- --- FastDraw: The XM91 (note: 140mm ammo, not 120mm): Meggitt's autoloader: Apologies for the wall-o'-pictures. Also, Tovarish here? My god...that means...the memes are coming! *dons flak vest and jumps into a foxhole*
  12. Renegade334

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    Tridents? Aren't those supposed to be containers (AKA Virginia Payload Tubes or VPTs) containing six Tomahawks each? Like the two units currently being outfitted inside the bows of Flight IIIs and onwards? (thus replacing the twelve VLS tubes inherited from the 688s) Or have they recently decided to load Tridents on Virginias?
  13. Renegade334

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    Any reason why the VPM's missile deck would be raised rather than perfectly flush with the rest of the hull? It's not like the tubes in the front ballast compartment protrude from the bow. Is it for structural reinforcement? (that's a long wiener we've got there) Or does it hide other cavities to stow SEAL/SF hardware...or is it a potential mount for a Dry Deck Shelter?
  14. Renegade334

    Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

    Is that the new Palestinian hovertank? The one that doesn't use wheels?
  15. Renegade334

    Fucking NERA everywhere

    What about resilience to HEAT jets? Do the air bubbles help with that or is the mitigation negligible?