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  1. Maybe in some conception they were, but this was not comparable level of study as 1990-1991 Morozov's project (and not 490B) http://btvt.info/2futureprojects/490_21vek.htm They (the US 1968 project) just made a brief essay with only basic rudimentary study. For example the same - Questionmark III.
  2. On November 27, 1984, the MBT T-80U tank was officially accepted for service in Soviet army by order № 1184-301 of Central committee of Communist party of USSR and council of ministers. http://btvt.info/1inservice/t-80u.htm Also this day by the order № №П83-300сс of Central committee of Communist party of USSR and council of ministers T-72B was officially accepted for service in Soviet army. http://btvt.info/1inservice/t-72B.htm
  3. about the “Oplot”, I think this is a “triumph” of the T-64 series ... and its followers. But this is not a 21st century tank. Morozov’s followers on both sides of the border sawn the old concept, time showed how far ahead of time it was. But sometimes it is worth stopping and thinking about something new (I’m not talking about Armata and not even about T-95). Ukrainian BM Oplot tank in details – http://btvt.info/1inservice/bm_oplot.htm
  4. 1- building, 2 - superstructure, 3-crane equipment, 4 - coulter-bulldozer, 5 - hydraulic hammer, loading platform, 7 - left - driver’s workplace, 8 - right - commander’s workplace, 9 - landing hatch and landings of sappers, 10 and 11 - quick-release metal-ceramic modules, 12 - support stand of crane equipment, 13 - bucket, 14 - handle, 15 - quick-change mechanism, 16 - hook suspension with a maximum carrying capacity of 7.5 tons, 17-22 - armored protection covers hydraulic equipment of crane equipment, 23 - movable left wing of the opener-bulldozer blade, 24 - central plow of the opener-bulldozer, 25 - movable right wing of the opener-bulldozer, 26 - replaceable opener-bulldozer knives, 27 - unified combat module, 28 - 12.7 mm machine gun, 29 - compartment for camouflage kits on the summer vegetative background and on a snowy background, a DKMV control unit, 30 - remote control panel for excavator boom equipment, laid in a box, 31 - remote control panel for boom excavator equipment, laid in a box to the left of the machine commander, 32 - winch control panel, located with eva of the driver, 33 - blade pitch angle sensor, 34 - position sensors jib elements equipment 35 - matching device. http://btvt.info/1inservice/ubim158.htm (in Russian)
  5. This was 490A from late 1984 which was intended to use the variable shape propellant charge. It was also intended for 152 mm 477.
  6. Andrei_bt

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

    Hi! yes, very interesting
  7. Andrei_bt

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

  8. Hard to say - MLRS dispenses 28 AT-2 antitank mines a round.
  9. About the last Soviet tank design, some sort of "what if ...." - http://btvt.info/2futureprojects/490_21vek.htm
  10. BUK-M1 vs ground targets - https://btvtinfo.blogspot.com/2018/10/buk-m1-air-defense-missile-system.html
  11. 490A Rebel - competitor of 490 Poplar http://btvt.info/2futureprojects/490a.htm