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  1. This was 490A from late 1984 which was intended to use the variable shape propellant charge. It was also intended for 152 mm 477.
  2. Andrei_bt

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

    Hi! yes, very interesting
  3. Andrei_bt

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

  4. Hard to say - MLRS dispenses 28 AT-2 antitank mines a round.
  5. About the last Soviet tank design, some sort of "what if ...." - http://btvt.info/2futureprojects/490_21vek.htm
  6. BUK-M1 vs ground targets - https://btvtinfo.blogspot.com/2018/10/buk-m1-air-defense-missile-system.html
  7. 490A Rebel - competitor of 490 Poplar http://btvt.info/2futureprojects/490a.htm
  8. Andrei_bt


    History repeats - in 1984 it was finally decided to chose 152 mm (490 and 490A were equiped with improoved 125 mm gun, like on Armata). Then they returned to 125 mm and will soon go to 152 mm.
  9. Andrei_bt

    Tank Layout

    Partially survived - only the hull which was used to test molot engine. The turret was used for fire trials, so it has obj 476 turret and add onn plate to imitate weight.
  10. Andrei_bt

    Tank Layout

    490A has crew separated from ammo, but has no blow off panels. late variant of 490A had also autoloader separated from crew only by a steel case.
  11. Andrei_bt

    Tank Layout

    You are talking about obj 490, not 490A. Both 490, but completely different.
  12. Andrei_bt

    Tank Layout

    The first version had "big ass turret bustle " for 1400 mm long round and charge, but then they - On subsequent version with a double-flow automatic loader with separate loading rounds was proposed. The projectile and charge were placed in turret bustle and hull sequentially (… round-charge-round …). http://btvt.info/7english/490_eng.htm This made loading a bit longer, but the turret bustle length was 2 times shorter.