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  1. Sovngard

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Opting for a petrol engine with a front-mounted transmission was already questionable.
  2. Meanwhile at Eurosatory 2018 : The Euro Main Battle Tank (EMBT), a private venture project intended for the export market.
  3. Sovngard

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Did the A-technology ever existed ? Considering that the B-technology composite armor belonged to the first generation.
  4. Sovngard

    French flair

    For ou English-speaking community :
  5. Sovngard


    Found on my hard drive :
  6. Sovngard

    Tank Layout

    I demand to see the transmission of this thing.
  7. What's the name of the ERA mounted on the turret ?
  8. Sovngard

    French flair

    " When you like APFSDS but the only things you have are mortars. "
  9. Sovngard

    AFV Coax Thread

    Early Chrysler XM-1 validation phase model with a coaxial Bushmaster weapon system :
  10. Sovngard

    General AFV Thread

    At one point, the Belgian army had two Leopard 1A5BE fitted with MEXAS composite add-on armor :
  11. Sovngard

    Tank Layout

    I've heard that this is especially the case regarding the commander's seat (in terms of lack of comfort). For what purpose ? More tools ? More space for the crew personal equipment ? Or just fitting the tools currently mounted outside (towing cable, entrenching tool, sledgehammer, ...) inside ? So, it would be a kind of lightened version of the SEPAR kit ? Notice the difference in weight between the TC 2 (53 metric tons, two-man turret) and the TC 3 (58 metric tons, three-man turret) concepts.
  12. Sovngard

    Thermal signature of AFV

    Few more :
  13. Sovngard

    Israeli AFVs

    @Mighty_Zuk Well, with all these information, you should write an article on the Mk. 3 armor right now.
  14. Sovngard

    AFV Engines

    Here :