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  1. Sovngard

    DRDO; India's Porsche

    This thing is as long as a TOG II.
  2. Sovngard

    T-80 Megathread: Astronomical speed and price!

    How does the T-80 transmission differs from those of the T-64/72 ?
  3. Sovngard

    General Mechanised Equipment

    Vickers MARRS (Modular Armored Repair & Recovery System), the basic idea is that a MBT (here a Patton) can be quickly converted into an ARV at less than half the cost of a new purpose-built ARV.
  4. Sovngard

    DRDO; India's Porsche

  5. Sovngard


    The T-14 was supposed to use weight-saving 44S-sv-Sh steel alloy.
  6. Sovngard

    DRDO; India's Porsche

  7. Sovngard

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Going to the 24/7 supermarket in Israel be like :
  8. Sovngard

    M8 Buford Is Back

    I'm nostalgic about the Teledyne Continental Motors armored gun system (it's the modified General Dynamics Land Systems-Teledyne Continental Motors AGS on the picture below)
  9. Sovngard

    French flair

    54th artillery regiment open day, Hyères, France, 2014
  10. That is not quite true, Belgian and French 90 mm low-pressure gun can actually fire APFSDS and high-velocity HEAT rounds. The French even designed APFSDS for their mortars...
  11. https://www.docdroid.net/
  12. Sovngard

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Its gun cradle is hollow, right ?
  13. Sovngard

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Good but not exceptional, the work is somewhat uneven, providing good details on the Omani Challenger 2 but very few about the engine and the ammunition, for example. It's complementary to the book of Simon Dunstan.
  14. Sovngard

    French flair

    Its SOFAM SAVIEM 8GxB was a flat-eight engine. Pictures courtesy of @DarkLabor