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  1. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Could it be possible to have a more mature debate, please ?
  2. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    What munition exactly are they referring to when they're speaking of : 148 mm ATGM 81 mm HHIW 127 mm ATGM IMPROVED (the ITOW ?) That was an error on my part.
  3. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Where did this come from ?
  4. General AFV Thread

    That's a French one.
  5. Modern Tank Destroyers / Gun Carriers

    POrteur LEger
  6. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Does anyone has this publication ? Richard P. Davitt, "Design and Development of the XM578 APFSDS-T Cartridge for the 152mm XM150 Gun/Launcher: XM803 Main Battle Tank Program (U) ," Picatinny Arsenal Technical Report 4778, December 1975.
  7. Explosive Reactive Armor

    There have certainly been a technological transfert between the SNPE and Kaman but the BS-G2 bricks used on the AMX-30B2 Brenus are thicker than the ARA tiles and in addition, provide protection against armor-piercing projectiles fired from medium-caliber autocannons.
  8. Explosive Reactive Armor

    ARA The AMX-30B2 Brenus uses BS-G2 reactive modules, here is a picture of a scale model of a M60A1 fitted with BS-G2 :
  9. The Merkava, Israel's Chieftain?

    It's good to see you again, Serge.
  10. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    The Bundesheer uses unconventional sabot training rounds which omit the classical saddle/spool-type sabots design (2017 Strong Europe Tank Challenge).
  11. However, both Vant and Mango APFSDS have a respective weight of 7,05 kg with their sabot.
  12. The Leopard 2 Thread

  13. The Leopard 2 Thread

    This armor configuration was designed to defeat 105 mm APDS, isn't it ?