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  1. Back in 2010, they were already trialling a new, lighter, Hydrogas suspension. I've also heard this rumor. But I'm still very sceptical about this story, knowing that the FV4211 Aluminium Chieftain showed no sign of structural weakness after having covered almost 20 000 km over a period of six months. This was quite different, the hull of the MBT-80 was constructed of steel and aluminium welded together (IIRC, the the rear half of the hull was made of aluminium). So, the Vickers Mk. 7 was meant for the Egyptian army, interesting. Good deduction.
  2. The glacis layout of the Valiant seemed so much better than the one of the Challenger 1 & 2.
  3. I was making reference to the tankers themselves. Main battle tanks were seen by the Directorate General of Material Resources (DGMR) as heavy, fuel-hungry, Cold War relics which doesn't comply with a very tight budget. It's good to still have main battle tanks, but if you cannot even deploy them abroad, there's not much point in having them.
  4. Well, firstly, the DF90 was never intended to replace the Leopard 1A5BE, the purpose of the DF90 is to support infantry combat operations and, if necessary, providing an anti-tank capability. Secondly, no miracle is to be expected from a medium-pressure 90 mm gun against a modern Main Battle Tank. Thirdly, taking into account the additional weight, the running gear of the Piranha IIIC is push to its very limits. Indeed, there was this one rumor with the loosening screws and bolts moving between the hull bottom and the anti-mine double-floor of the Piranha IIIC but as usual, it's overly exaggerated by the press. Finally, I would say that budget cuts and wheels go well with each other. The Land Component believed until the last minute that they will get second-hand Dutch Leopard 2A5/A6.
  5. Titanium was one of the components of the D-Technologie composite armor package, right ?
  6. The Pandur is an old design, difficult to upgrade and it was never meant to serve until the 2020s.
  7. I've always liked his writing style : objective and well written.
  8. That's the TK 105 turret (same as the AMX-10RC). Its 105 mm gun is fitted with an old muzzle break from the 1950s. 8 km/h through the water
  9. Gunner and commander stations, main gun, 12,7 mm coax and autoloader.
  10. Based on the drawings, the propellant charges do not appear to be larger. Note that all of the D-91T (2A66) ammunition seemed to use the same propellant charge (the markings refer to the 4Zh77 charge) with the exception of the 9M125 GLATGM. Now switching topics a bit, Israeli 105 mm M111 (Hetz-6) and M413 penetrators (Hetz-7 ? @Mighty_Zuk ) : Conversion of M152/3 (Israeli licensed copy of the M456 HEAT-T) to the M152/6 (FUZAMAN airburst fuze, can also be adapted to the 120 mm M325 HEAT-MP-T ) :
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