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  1. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Does anyone has this publication ? Richard P. Davitt, "Design and Development of the XM578 APFSDS-T Cartridge for the 152mm XM150 Gun/Launcher: XM803 Main Battle Tank Program (U) ," Picatinny Arsenal Technical Report 4778, December 1975.
  2. Explosive Reactive Armor

    There have certainly been a technological transfert between the SNPE and Kaman but the BS-G2 bricks used on the AMX-30B2 Brenus are thicker than the ARA tiles and in addition, provide protection against armor-piercing projectiles fired from medium-caliber autocannons.
  3. Explosive Reactive Armor

    ARA The AMX-30B2 Brenus uses BS-G2 reactive modules, here is a picture of a scale model of a M60A1 fitted with BS-G2 :
  4. The Merkava, Israel's Chieftain?

    It's good to see you again, Serge.
  5. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    The Bundesheer uses unconventional sabot training rounds which omit the classical saddle/spool-type sabots design (2017 Strong Europe Tank Challenge).
  6. General AFV Thread

  7. However, both Vant and Mango APFSDS have a respective weight of 7,05 kg with their sabot.
  8. The Leopard 2 Thread

  9. The Leopard 2 Thread

    This armor configuration was designed to defeat 105 mm APDS, isn't it ?
  10. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Does a 57 mm APDs or APFSDS exist ?
  11. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    “ High quality powder which is extremely stable even in India’s capricious climate and penetrating power of up to 600mm. ” ABG told us. I do not see why ABG would lie about the penetrating power, the Ammunition Business Group (ABG) includes Nexter Munitions, MECAR and SIMMEL companies. This is just an exposure model, nothing more, I am not even sure that this life-size mock-up was produced by Nexter. This does not necessarily represent the finished product.
  12. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Different powder and penetrator technology, improved performances compared to the previous Giat Industries 125G1 APFSDS-T.
  13. Well, could you share the penetration values of armor-piercing ammunitions for D-10T and U-5TS tank guns ? So that I could compare with my own data.
  14. The penetration values (3BM9 & 3BM15 125 mm APFSDS) found in your comparative table are considerably higher than the ones given on Fofanov's website.