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  1. Sovngard

    Turkish touch

    I thought that this engine only existed in Challenger 2 fans wet dreams.
  2. Sovngard

    Turkish touch

    What is the difference between the MT-883 Ka-500 and the MT-883 Ka-501 ?
  3. Sovngard

    Turkish touch

    ...but with what engine ?
  4. Sovngard

    Documents for the Documents God

    I found it ! http://pogoarchives.org/m/ns/m1/appendix-d.pdf
  5. Sovngard

    Documents for the Documents God

    I can't find the old article which demystified the so-called M1 Abrams flaws anymore. I don't remember who had posted it on the forum, maybe @Walter_Sobchak
  6. Sovngard

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

    Note that the hull sides of the STRV-2000 should have included 150 mm-thick composite armor.
  7. I have just some questions regarding the M1A2 SEP : Regarding the SEP v2, what do they exactly mean by upgraded transmission ? Why the SEP v1's UAAPU was replaced by 6 Hawker batteries on the SEP v2 ?
  8. Sovngard

    French flair

    Note that this magazine was published in January 2008.
  9. Why not upgrade its AVDS-1790-8CR engine (1050 hp) to the AVDS-1790-9A standard (1200 hp) ? Or even better, the AVDS-1790-10 (1500 hp), if it's possible.
  10. What are the other new features of the M88A3 ?
  11. Sovngard

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Avco Systems Division XM815 105mm HEAT-MP projectile. Its muzzle velocity of 1174 m/s was the same as that of the M456 projectile which it was designed to replace but, because of the lower drag of its pointed nose body and the stability provided by its slender pop-out fins, it proved significantly more accurate.
  12. The French considered such system at some time.
  13. Sovngard

    Transmissions and final drives

    This needs clarification :