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  1. They aren't being ground into a burning trash fire so it's for Trump haters.
  2. General news thread

    Oh....oh....you have an opium epidemic from overprescribed pain killers? Oh....oh...that's too bad...
  3. Guys pls send halp. My two options for the house are a pro-amnesty shillbot and an ex-cia officer deeply concerned about the safety of Israel.
  4. Do you perhaps have a minor aneurysm every time Trump speaks? Do you hang on the word of the news media monopoly every day? Do you go to sleep every night in your bathtub with every door deadbolt fearing right wing death squads? I think you might know the answer. BUT SHE IS A WOMAN. IT WAS HER TIME.
  5. I just wanted to let you all know that we live in a timeline where Jared "Defender of the huwhite race" Taylor and Tariq "Melanin is Magic" Nasheed debate who is white on youtube to 5k people. Also this: https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/961761443828903936
  6. If you wanna get really deep into speculation, consider that virtually all (if not all) the insider leaks are from the first months.
  7. Fucking cucks. Also read your skypes
  8. More like they didn't think it was going to be released so decided to run their mouths. BTW Nancy Pelosi is a shitty leader.
  9. It doesn't involve putting people in jail for tweets or denouncing sexual violence victims as racist so it's outside their expertise.