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  1. I only vote for winners. Also the endlessly hilarious factoid is that my state senate district had been blue for 139 years. Oops. For a good long time one of my neighbors had their wifi network named "Beto". I was utterly confused by that for months, that is until I started getting the campaign ads. My god the campaign ads. I could build a house of all the poster paper.
  2. "What do you mean you don't trust the mainstream news outlets? Are you a conspiritard?"
  3. News media is largely trash today. It consists almost entirely of sitting on twitter and trying to jump on trending fast enough.
  4. "three unidentified US officials and two other people briefed on the investigation told NBC"
  5. "Why does noone trust the media #235454523"
  6. Mein sides. The damage the media is doing to the mental health of people in this country would be funny if I didn't have to live with these people.
  7. Hilary, Obama, Bush, Bill, Reagon, all of them lived in bubbles that prevented them from talking to or having anything to do with non-Americans. Unfortunately we had to take the cone of freedom off.
  8. I don't recall the fashion of Saudi Arabia pre-1980 being big into the stylings of 19th century American settlers...
  9. Handmaid's tale is an apocryphal tale in feminist thinking where women lose all rights and become the biggest caricature of "u buy waif 4 2 goats? virgin gud yyes?". Just imagine Saudi Arabia on religious steroids with a Mormon flavor.
  10. The protest is against the FACT that Kavanaugh is the first step to creating the Mormo-Islamic Polygastate!
  11. Which is the one for blocking information about POWs left behind in SEA?
  12. You're thinking of the Ford Escape. The Focus was the compact sedan. Mostly it was just over priced long before Trump got near office. I remember indepth car shopping for a compact in 2013 and then again in 2016 (when my 2013 Mazda3 was totaled). Both times it was near the upper end of the compact cars in cost. It chevy was way superior in cost and features with both the Cruze and Sonic and ofc the Japanese always have great compacts. Just...an uncompetitive car.
  13. That can easily and likely is intended to be read as the current laws being so bad that they're practically just useless text for show. But you know, "GOTCHAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
  14. Lostwingman

    General news thread

    You might even say that this funeral is going to...crash and burn.
  15. We must subpoena everyone in the FBI/DOJ named Ivan. For Democracy!