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  1. It's a pretty good video. I did zone out at times during that professors diatribes though.
  2. Saw that Sargon video earlier. It's almost mind boggling how deep the shit goes. It never ends.
  3. And people wonder "why don't people trust the infallible media anymore! Why is it so hard to agree on facts!" Idiots.
  4. Yea I wanted to put edit in quotes there because it really isn't besides the visual effect.
  5. Man, this is the best edit of this podcast ever.
  6. I was at work, but I had the metokurs stream running my whole shift.
  7. God Emperor Trump must reclaim the Heaven's Will by sweeping through the Middle Kingdom this week.
  8. Turns out basing your midterm election on presidential election conspiracy theories and maintaining a fever pitch hysteria for 2 years is a shitty plan. I'd be surprised if the DNC wasn't a fucking shitshow.
  9. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    I live off of 87, ~20 minutes the other direction. Nuts that something like this happened so close. Apparently nearly half the dead were children and this had to do with him targeting his fucking mother in law. As much as I want to be relieved that it wasn't racially motivated and that I won't see riots around me, I just can't with the level of inhumanity in that act.
  10. What is it about marketing that attracts retards?
  11. My favorite thing about this is how much of it was made up and manipulated.
  12. This one has to be a bargaining chip. It's a pretty bad idea. "Hey you, paying off your loan, get fucked."
  13. It's practically masturbation on my fb feed...