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  1. General AFV Thread

    Does anyone know the composition of Add-on anti mine belly armors? Like those installed on the Abrams TUSK upgrade.
  2. Israeli AFVs

    I think the bulge is an Engine air intake? The cage might be a stowage basket.
  3. Israeli AFVs

    BTW does anyone have sources on Merkava 1 turret armour?
  4. Thats not a DShK... still seems pretty stupid.
  5. Tank Layout

    Whilst not exactly concerning tanks, do 20mm autocannons need a coax MG in your opinion, a lot of cold war APC/IFV seem not to have one, like the HS.30, Schutzenpanzer 61/73, the US 20mm M113 prototypes and then there are the swedish APC´s.
  6. AFV Engines

    Didn't T-80UD originally use a diesel, not a turbine?
  7. Israeli AFVs

    Does look like Trophy to me
  8. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    What allowed the 105mm M68 to be so compact compared to the D-10T? was it primarily in the design of the Concentric recoil system or was the steel used in the M68 stronger to allow it to be lighter, and if the difference was in the steel alloys used what were they, trying to use google to find information on tank gun design and the steels used and trying to find patents of M68 and others seems fruitless.
  9. How stupid is this idea: Replace 12.7mm HMG with 20mm autocannon firing ammunition like the 20mm SHVAK, giving better lethality against infantry with HE and firing Sabot against AFV´s.
  10. General AFV Thread

    So, whats wrong with the K2 other than the automotive problems? seen people being negative about it a lot lately.
  11. General AFV Thread

    Sort of what i imagined then, given the armour of A-32 and the T-50 light tank, which if i remember correctly were considered "Shell-Proof".
  12. General AFV Thread

    So, this might sound retarded, but what sort of thickness of good ol´ regular steel do you need to stop 75 or 76mm HE shells? assuming good quality armour steel of course, not German "shatters like glass" types of steel. I am losing sleep over this. I am assuming that it is 30mm or so given the side armour of tanks like AMX-30, Leopard 1 and Type-74, as i assume that the designers would not be stupid enough to leave the tanks vulnerable to one of the most common weapons in soviet inventory.
  13. Given that today 6.5mm ammo is talked about like its the second coming, why the hell did the japanese switch from a 6.5mm to a 7.7mm round, given that the 6.5 seems perfectly adequate?