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  1. T-90A during offensive against terorists in Southeast of Hader.
  2. T-62M destroyed by ISIS ATGM near Abu Kahf, Hama governorate.
  3. FSA captured T-62M on the hill of Khazna in the southern countryside of Idlib.
  4. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    This is a PS picture of the Su-57 (T-50-11) with two Izd.30 engines.
  5. Battlefield surveillance mobile radar complex SNAR-10M1 (1RL232-2M) has been delivered to the 90th Guards Tank Division(GvTD) in the Central Military District (TsVO). https://function.mil.ru/news_page/country/more.htm?id=12155914
  6. T-72AV, AMB-S and BMP-1 on Harasta's Vehicle Base front, Damascus.
  7. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Slovak International Air Fest 2017
  8. New footage of SAA T-90K in western part of Aleppo.
  9. New footage of SAA T-90K in western part of Aleppo. Link to working video: https://ok.ru/video/332284170746
  10. ISIS operated T-62M currently in use in Deir ez-Zor. ISIS T-62M in Hama 2 weeks ago.
  11. [GRAPHIC] - Just in case. Knocked out T-90A - driver and commander